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Found 9 results

  1. U can watch my vid on YT, where u can see bug twice. Hope it will fix soon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yGiTgU-Kh8
  2. I was going for the airdrop and it dropped it on the roof! Important to know, this happened NorthWest to Los Leones in Miramar. I even tried to jump with the motorcicle on the hill that was too rocky, but I didn't manage to get to the roof. This is nonsense, please make sure this never happens again to me!!! It happend on Wednesday January the Third, 2018. My friend was watching and laughed at me for this
  3. so its been happend like somewhere like north east by Severny. these 2 drops are stuck like in 800m away from the edge of the beach. ps. sorry for bad image quality.
  4. Me and my friend were hunting an airdrop but he actually stucked in the air IF you need an mp4 file were you can see it clearly just tell me.
  5. Описание бага: Уже не раз писали о том , что велика вероятность деплоя ящика с дропом за карту , где он благополучно застревает в воздухе. Но как видно это до сих пор не пофиксили. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 15.08.2017 Сервер: EU Другая информация: Я думаю все же нужно освежить логику выбрасывания коробок из самолета и проставить пару дополнительный условий по выбору точки дисантирования.
  6. Zailink

    Airdrop bug

    Bug Description: As could see in the pictures, the airdrop landed in a house roof, and there wasnt any way to reach it or open. Spended like 10 minutes tryharding to reach it but it was bugged as hell. Date Seen: 30/6/2017 Server: Oficial server Troubleshooting Attempted: We tried everything, jumping above my mate to try to reach the roof, tryed to open it clipping from below inside the house, looking to the interior roof but it was completly unrecheable. Other Information: No more to add, an airdrop landed in a bugged and unrecheable spot Launch Options: Only Useallavailablecores System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1070 G1 Gaming CPU: Intel Core i5 3550 3.6 GHz Ram: 8132 MB RAM Edit. Grammar mistakes.
  7. I was on my way to collect an airdrop that had landed and was emitting smoke when I was attacked and as I shielded myself with the airdrop crate I was killed from "falling". in no way did I fall, the airdrop was not moving and had landed a good 20 sec before. please fix. very anoyjing being fully geared and getting killed mid combat by a crate.
  8. mansoura


  9. ShatterNL

    Small buglist

    After playing PUBG for 150 hours and making the ShatterNL's PUBG Map you can see I really like this game alot. Coming from DayZ/H1Z1 this game feels like a perfect mix between those two, but there's still lots of work to be done and that's why it's in Early Access of course! Here's a small list of bugs that I encounter sometimes that I feel are unknown (aren't mentioned in the stickied known buglist) that could help the developers. Buglist: Airdrop RubberLanding: Air drops rubber band up and down in the air lots of times, especially if dropping in the ocean: Ocean Airdrop Rubber Banding Exiting Vehicle Wall: When stepping out of a vehicle that's parked too close next to a wall, you end up endlessly falling between the vehicle and wall. Leaning Inability: Bug (unsure when or how it happens) where a player can't Lean (Q/E) in First Person mode while Aiming Down Sight/Scope, there's no fixing this bug by dropping weapon or anything. You won't be able to lean the entire round. Circle Position UI: The last 2-3 circles show the "Player Position to Circle UI" of the player incorrectly as "out of circle", while actually in the circle. Free Looking Movement: When using Alt to Free Look, releasing the button will make your character move as if the mouse is being rotated from the Free Look location, this makes it that your character's gun/model can stick through walls Free Looking Landing: While parachuting and Free Looking around, the camera makes a 180 while landing when you release Alt. Free Looking Gun: When releasing Free Look button before you ADS the camera sometimes aims up to the sky, or down at the floor?
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