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Found 27 results

  1. Greetings, First of all, English is not my first language, so i will commit grammar mistakes. If i say something that doesn`t make sense, just tell me what part is not understandable and I will try to correct it right away. Secondly, I made this same post in general help because i don`t know where this issue fits better. My name is Yuri and I`m having some issues with in game gameplay. Anytime that i`m playing 1vs1 and i need to use a red dot or to use the right click zoom i lose the fight because the game freezes for around 1,5 seconds. This is making the game almost unplayable and i would like to see it solved on my game. I have already checked the game files. Any help is welcome. Best regards. PS: If someone knows a easy way to record it (without the necessity to be recording the game in full time) like Nvidia Shadow Play I can try to reproduce it.
  2. There allot of bugs in the game im still crashing just not as much, pain when your dead because your in a vehicle stand still making loads if noise just asking to get killed but what my main issue is and its a big one is the aiming cursor whenever your tilting left in 3rd or 1st person than after to aim in 3rd (hold LT) person your cursor isnt in the correct position its on the left the amount of time i been in battle and hold LT but my aiming cursor is on the left and i cant aim properly my player right handed yet the cursor is aimed as if he left handed becasue i tilted left earlier for my cursor to become in default position (on the right) i would have to tilt right and than its back in the same place when i aim holding LT in 3rd person ads, if you dont know what i mean try it play in 3rd person than hold aim and tilt left and let go than just aim like you normally would hold LT in 3rd person and you see the aim curson isnt on the right like it should be becasue my player is right handed and holding the weapon in his right hand not left but the cursor is aimed on the left as if he left handed with the gun in his left hand and not in the default position really bad when i come to shot emenies because i forget i have to tilt right again for my aiming to go back to normal but by than i do that and i die got no time for that when your getting shot at, please fix this bug.
  3. I have playing PUBG on the PC for a few weeks and have noticed the games targeting system is not accurate. I have not been able to target and achieve predictable results. In an effort to discover what I am doing wrong I have watched every 'Death Cam' feed after a confrontation (I lose every one regardless of number of rounds or weapon). I have notice more times than not my opponents are aiming behind me to hit me. Are there plans to fix this issue?
  4. I've played this game for a while now, and honestly the one thing that has killed me the most other than the constant crashes is the third person aiming. For example, my aiming reticle would be right on the enemy, and my bullet would hit the ground or wall right in front of me. I don't understand why you would make this a feature in the game. If you are to have a aiming system in place for third person, at least make sure it works correctly before launch. Since you rushed the game to the xbox preview page, you should have at least just made it straight first person because it make absolutely no sense to implement a third person aiming system that doesn't work properly. P.S. I had high hopes for this game getting released on xbox, but the developers have proved everyone wrong by publishing a game too early for release. PUBG being available on xbox preview is no excuse either, especially if you are putting a price on a unfinished product. It's like me purchasing a car, but it doesn't have a steering wheel AND frequently shuts off when I am on the freeway. Good luck fixing this garbage dump of a mess devs.
  5. This has happened to me twice in the test servers where every time I aim down my sights and when I take a shot, my character just goes back to hip firing. This happening on single shot or bolt action weapons is fine, but for automatics is just unbearable.
  6. Have had this problem before but then suddenly it went away, now it is back again. While ingame switching to aim trough sight or scope ( right mouse button ) it doesnt do anything, i have to click 3 to 4 times to make it work, but moslty i'm already shot then ;(
  7. Hi! I've looked in main bug topic and couldn't find this, so posting it up. Bug Description: Was playing on the regular server, when I noticed that I am unable to aim down my sights with my VSS, it only let me ADS partially. Also realized that I am unable to fire my weapon. Then it happened to the rest of my weapons. If this wasn't bad enough I couldn't move to the right via "D" button, nor allow my character to move South, even if using mouse to point my character in said direction. (was trying to get a vehicle and could only walk away from it, ended up getting run over lol) Date Seen: 11-29-17 | 7:34 CST Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried dropping weapons, picking back up, reloading. Kept trying to ADS, or even hip fire wouldn't work. Other Information: Fellow player said he experienced something similar several months ago. Also did not do anything in particular such as pick up weapons, or shoot when this occurred. I believe it happened while sprinting. Launch Options: No command line options changed for game play. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 560ti (2gb) CPU: Intel i5 - 4590 | 3.30Ghz Ram: 8Gbs (7.76 usable)
  8. Bug Description: During a rain game on the Erangel in FPP, I flipped my Dacia in the field southwest of Gatka, and since I was close to the circle I stayed in my flipped vehicle. I get in the passenger seat which was closest to the ground and decided to aim down my sights. I was able to see through the ground and even shoot at houses that were far away that I couldn't see if I was outside of my vehicle due to there being a hill in the way. It worked with both weapons that I was carrying: AKM with RDS and M16A4 with x4-Scope. Here are some screenshots I took. Date Seen: 11/28/2017 Server: Test server (US): Solo FPP Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried changing sights between weapons and it didn't change anything. I couldn't move the car due to it being flipped over. Other Information: As I was testing the aiming through the map, I found that the ground acted like a wall. It was like when you are too close to a while trying to ADS and your weapon is held up or down. System Specifications:
  9. for FPP only (I don't know for 3rd person because I don't play this mode) When aiming at close range (when covered up), although the sight is pointing over a box or throught a window: if you shoot you will hit the box or the wall under the window (so under the sight) I never saw this in any other FPS games... and it is big gameplay problem that needs to be fixed. if the sight is not pointing at the wall, it shouldn't hit the wall but hit where you are aiming at!
  10. Pretty self explanatory. For instance: If you moved your actual mouse 1 inch on the x axis, on your desk, the crosshair in-game would move a certain amount(lets call that distance "α") If you moved your actual mouse 1 inch on the y axis, on your desk, the crosshair in-game would move a certain amount(lets call that distance "β") Now, in this game the values for α and β are NOT equal. In almost every other PC game I have played, the axis sensitivities are set at a 1:1 ratio. And when they aren't, there is usually a way to set it so they are equal(for example, in Fallout 4, you can set each axis separately in an .ini file. They were not set to a 1:1 ratio by default). However, especially with all the confusion over editing the .ini files for this game(PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS), I cannot figure out how to resolve this issue, and I can only assume it in unintended and, therefore, a bug. I am not certain what in-game setting affect this behaviour, if any. I have read some users claiming that the in-game FOV setting, or the in-game resolution settings affect the input sensitivity ratio, but I cannot confirm or deny that. Some users also claim they do not experience this issue, so it might not be apparent on all setups. I am 100% sure I, and other users, are not simply imagining this issue, as I and others have experienced this issue in other games previously, and have been able to resolve them.
  11. While leaning, my gun repeatedly shot in an entirely different place than I was aiming. Extremely frustrating.
  12. Found this bug while playing a classic game in squad, fog weather. I was going for a boat in the area between Ridge Complex and the left bridge when suddenly my character started running in the water while being able to shoot and aim with ironsight. This happened sporadically and for brief periods of time, but the time was enough to aim down to an enemy and kill him. I encountered this bug only in the fog weather. Hope this can help.
  13. Is any one getting this black Square in there aim of sight when aiming down the sight of any kind? of sight that is on there gun encountering a black blinking Square just rapidly blinking. I'll get a video latter
  14. i mean when you are aiming, the pulmons can hold the breath x time,but when you are swiming under the water you can hold the breath x4 time WTF!!!!! maybe is a game balance change but is totally unreallistic dude
  15. When playing a duo in FPP my VSS began doing this whenever I scoped in and I was unable to recitfy it in game. Esentially as you scope in the view is fine for a fraction of a second but the view was then blocked like this. If I recall correctly I might have been wearing either a ballistics mask or full gasmask so it could have been caused by this, and it seemed to happen mostly when I was prone (as I recall it being an issue when prone, but being able to use it breifly without issue when crouching). As this bug got me killed I didn't get much chance to test it unfortunately!
  16. When you aiming down the sights (iron sight and optics) the sensitivity is too low and its hard to follow a target too shoot him down especially if he is close enough to you. Is there a way to change this through the options of the game ? When i shoot through 3rd person view it seems ok and fast but when i go 1st person its extremely slow and it makes the CQC awkward. It seems like a bug to me.
  17. Had a glitch where after landing on the game I was unable to aim up and down, but my characters animation seemed (relatively) normal. Here is a clip of it happening: GPU: GeForce GTX 760 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM (7.88 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  18. Hey guys, So after downloading the new patch I went out for a solo match and found out that my camera was stuck Here's a video of it, is there any solutions for it?
  19. I expect this bug has already been logged, though I did not find a specific thread for it. Forgive me if it has been dealt with....included is me in spectate mode, watching my partner - her guns were floating above her. Further to this, when she aimed, it went directly to the grass (for me), yet she was shooting at enemies in the distance.
  20. so i got in the passenger seat of the buggy and while we were driving i decided to aim down sights with my Kar98 (2x scope). The usual ADS was not there. Please note that i have not tested if this occurs with other guns or attachment combinations.
  21. Bug Description: Occasionally, when switching to sights, I can't exit them with another click for several seconds, as well as my firing is blocked. I can look around still, and move, it's only my weapon that "locks up". This is pretty game changing if I'm in a heated combat situation. Date Seen: 28 - 30.03.17 (including after update) Troubleshooting Attempted: Spamming my right and left mouse button until it unlocks, and then it's fine again, until locking up again. I haven't noticed specific cases to replicate the issue, it seems random. Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? - Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 860m CPU: i7 Ram: 16gb
  22. nVoid

    Lag while ADS/Aim

    Hey guys, since the big content Update end of may I got a issue. Every one in the while my game will lag when using ads or inventory. Inventory is a known bug afaik but ads seems to be new. --- Bug Description: Game freezes for 1 - 3 sec when clicking RMB to aim. Holding RMB not affected. No pattern when this happens, every once in a while. Date Seen: Last today. Pretty much since may monthly update. Server: Normal servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: Turned graphics to low, freed up every bit of RAM. Kept an eye on my CPU/Ram usage, doesn't appear to spike. Other Information: Also got issues with the inventory randomly freezing. No idea if they are related. Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i5 4670 Ram: 8 Gb
  23. After aiming down sights and shooting the reticle slowly rises i have to fight it by constantly looking more and more down it stops after changing the sensitivity then stars again after aiming again. its like its constantly applying the recoil even when not shooting
  24. Hi, I get this strange bug there if you hold right mouse button and shoot at a close range in full auto it sometimes jerks off to the ground and this is not a recoil or anything. It just aims directly at the ground and there it would be a defined kill ends up being you shot by other person. Whats up with this? The first bullet hit hits the target but then your character decides to look down like he had some stroke. It happens often with auto-shotgun and SCAR.Any ideas? I will try and make a video of it, but it is hard to catch this happening.
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