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Found 41 results

  1. First off, the Aim of the Game. This have been annoying to me and for many people for a long time now. Choco also describes it here in a short clip. If it is intentional or not we do not yet know. The ADS is slightly off and can really turn things around when you engage and start shooting. When it comes to desync and shooting. For instance, even tho you shoot someone first, the enemy player can hit you, aim punch you and it will effect your shot even tho you shot before getting aimpunched, making the whole experience totally flipped, which is broken in many ways. Please PUBG take a look at this matter... Also Please take a look at how shots register and let shots register after a person dies. I would really like bullets to register ever tho you die making it possible to get ties in game.
  2. Hi, So the new update is great, but I have noticed that you guys didn't update controller sensitivity settings sliders. Or maybe you just forgot to update them. There are 2 new scopes, and also a vertical recoil sensitivity setting (which is great, its something that was needed) They are on the mouse and keyboard slider settings, but you didn't include sliders for controller layout. In the past I was a heavy console player and played a lot of fps, I was good, 25+ kill streaks good, but now I spend more time on the pc, and so play pubg on pc, so I'm in the bad habit of using a controller, yeah its gay and lame and I'm a pussy and what ever else people have to say about people who play with controllers, who cares, I'm happy with it. Id even say that I'm better than the average mouse and keyboard player too, so I don't care what other people think, but it would be really nice if we could get those extra sliders on the controller settings menu please. I know I'm not the only person who plays controller, even if we are a minority. Its really needed. The main problem is the Aim acceleration is broken, the slider doesn't work properly, when on 0 its on max, when on 1-10 it doesn't work at all, It affects all scopes ads and horizontal movement so its crippling the game. Cant turn fast enough. I just got a 3x scope, both standard sensitivity and vertical sensitivity are way too strong, its impossible to control at all, Its like using 10x speed on a 4x or something. Both new scopes and the vertical recoil sensitivity are the same, their sensitivity sliders are needed as they are too strong. This is more important than fixing spelling mistakes. I posted already but must of been to a wrong part of the forum, because I think you would of put out a quick fix already.
  3. I noticed that my aim suddenly spun in the opposite direction when I ADS on an enemy and I have found how to recreate this glitch. Whilst tapping Alt + Right click + Move mouse, it will always instantly spin your view to face East every time, I have been able to recreate it multiple times and even got a friend to do it. It's just unfortunate that this glitch happens when you need to quickly turn and kill someone.
  4. Hello Bluehole, It's been a long time since 1.0 release now, and I can still quite honestly say that you ruined the game for me with your 1.0 release. I won't start about the desert map, since atleast THAT is fun to play once in a while. No, why I'm making this post today has a very different reason. Ever since 1.0 got introduced to live servers, I have been the victim of: extremely pixelated sights; ranging from the Red Dot Sight to the 2x Scope, as well as including the Crossbow default ADS. These sights are SO pixelated that they aren't playable anymore. It looks like the sights are "loading". Also, the blue zone has the usual lightning/electricity, but it becomes SO pixelated I can't even look through the zone anymore. Lastly, 200M+ distances and the water from out of the plane look SO blurry I have no idea what's going on. I have tried all fixes I could find, I've been trying fixes since 1.0 RELEASE. I'm really getting sick of it, I have been playing PUBG since last year, I never had trouble like this before Bluehole released the "1.0 official release" patch. Sometimes during a game, the scopes will fix themselves for a couple of minutes, as will the blue zone lightning. Every time this happens I feel so happy, because suddenly, I get my pre-1.0 accuracy scopes back and make it to top 10 almost always. But alas, as soon as I switch to another gun and ADS with that (usually a 4x/8x scope), the fixed scope is back to the fuzzy, pixelated format and the blue zone has such pixelated lightning that I can't see anything through it. I will once again say that I had ZERO problems until the 1.0 release. In fact, PUBG became my favorite game. Now? Every game where I feel like I have a chance, this stupid bug will come and instead of a small Red Dot Sight, I get a huge Red Square made of pixels. Same all the way to 2x Scope (including Holographic, Crossbow default, etc...) This is unplayable AND an EXTREME disadvantage to players suffering from this bug. I know I'm not the only one, just check this forum to know what's up (including screenshots): Now, so far I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, all the way to Windows reformat, I tried Windows 7 to 10, disabling/enabling DPI/screen scaling, ... This is a problem on YOUR end Bluehole, because I NEVER had this issue before patch 1.0 Yet not even a whisper of a response from Bluehole? They fucked up a game I paid 30€ for and could run perfectly, now it's a pixelated piece of garbage where other players have an advantage over me because they are lucky not to have this bug? Sorry but it's been over a month and NO WORD from Bluehole. I would understand if they had said "ok yeah, we understand and are looking to fix it", since I never, NEVER, had this problem when the game was Early Access. I'm sorry if I'm wrong for what I'm saying Bluehole, and I truly hope I am; but it feels like you have given up on PUBG and cashed in your prizes (combined with a couple "new" lootboxes to maximize the profits) while taking PUBG out of Early Access because you KNEW you wouldn't be able to fix the problems and wanted to cash in. Just like Day-Z. Sorry if this seems like I'm a little upset, but the game worked PERFECTLY up to 1.0 patch, and I'm really down that I can't enjoy my favorite game anymore. TL;DR: All I feel is frustrations because of this bug, because Bluehole REFUSES to answer to ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THIS BUG, it seems like they are denying/ignoring it exists. THIS is the reason I am so let down. Yeah, you put new lootboxes and keys in the game, but you let others play with ADS Sights so pixelated and blurry that I have to play without Red Dot, Holo, 2x, Crossbows, AND can no longer use a strategy around the Blue Zone? Where is the fix for this Bluehole? Do you want to make a proper game, or die like h1z1 in about 6 months? If you don't fix your bugs, and this is a MAJOR ONE, you will end like h1z1. You nor I want that to happen, I love PUBG to the core. Please make it so I can play PROPERLY again, without pixelated sights or bluezones, EQUAL chances? I beg of you... Rarely has a bug in a game affected me this much, it really makes me wish for the Early Access version again. Thanks for reading and I hope you fix it soon. PS: I have tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, from reformat to new drivers to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ versios, to DPI Scaling, etc... I've been trying stuff over a month, this is a PUBG problem. There are A LOT MORE posts about this issue, just google "pixelated sights pubg". I even read that a lot of people have this issue on XBox, the same issue!!! BLUEHOLE PLEASE FIX!!! I really hate Fortnite, but I gotta admit, their game is a lot more stable than this. I would never have said this when PUBG was still in Early Access. Sorry but you guys just rushed PUBG to 1.0 so you aren't obliged to fix the tons of bugs still remaining. I hope I'm wrong, please let me be wrong about that and make PUBG as awesome and bug-free as it used to be before patch 1.0, PROVE me wrong, but if not... It's pretty isn't it? TL;DR: Unplayable Sights/Blue Zone/200m+ distance, NO public fix works.
  5. There allot of bugs in the game im still crashing just not as much, pain when your dead because your in a vehicle stand still making loads if noise just asking to get killed but what my main issue is and its a big one is the aiming cursor whenever your tilting left in 3rd or 1st person than after to aim in 3rd (hold LT) person your cursor isnt in the correct position its on the left the amount of time i been in battle and hold LT but my aiming cursor is on the left and i cant aim properly my player right handed yet the cursor is aimed as if he left handed becasue i tilted left earlier for my cursor to become in default position (on the right) i would have to tilt right and than its back in the same place when i aim holding LT in 3rd person ads, if you dont know what i mean try it play in 3rd person than hold aim and tilt left and let go than just aim like you normally would hold LT in 3rd person and you see the aim curson isnt on the right like it should be becasue my player is right handed and holding the weapon in his right hand not left but the cursor is aimed on the left as if he left handed with the gun in his left hand and not in the default position really bad when i come to shot emenies because i forget i have to tilt right again for my aiming to go back to normal but by than i do that and i die got no time for that when your getting shot at, please fix this bug.
  6. hello bluhole i have a problem after you relles the game in the 2.0V i have problem in the aims in this case red dot holografic and 2X scooup i add 2 pic of them to show you how i see the red dot and holo please do something with this its a big problem and not only i have this all so couple of my friends to and its the time to fix it tnx and hope you read this and replie me in Email
  7. Have a soapy aim With the update of the game to 1.0, I had a problem. Holographic, red and x2 sights became soapy and ladders. What you need to do to restore the sights. The settings are minimal without blurring. The resolution is 1366x768. On ultra settings, the sights are the same. The video card amd HD 7750 2GB. I seee that this have a more players . If i play with 70% scale 3-4 min i will have with 100% scale good aim on 3-4 min. Can you fix it now with edit models for resolution. Get update with 5 MB , cant paly with others players!!!=( ScreenShots Holographic Red Sorry behind bad English.
  8. Player name: Clearlove799 Obvious aim hack, sniped me through 2 km of terrain.
  9. I was in the bathroom trying to kill that guy in a jeep: And this guy dropped me: In relation to him, I think I was here: I got the sound that he is shooting that white fence next to the house, but last 2-3 hits somehow killed me. I never saw something like this in my 200h+ gameplay in this game. Maybe I was outside that house for him but I still cant see what the hell he is shooting. I cant see my self on his screen. God knows what happened there.
  10. can any one or pubg tell me what the happen for my reddot aim ??
  11. As seen here: https://i.imgur.com/58NOS8d.mp4 Sometimes when player is leaning the screen rotates back and forth in a way that seems to be a glitch. This only happens under the following conditions (but not every time): Player is leaning (I have only noticed this when leaning left, not sure if it can happen when leaning right) Player is aiming down sights Player is firing an automatic weapon Player is being shot by an enemy I don't believe this is any kind of bullet flinch as it is not consistent. This is on the live server, not the test server. The date/time of this video was 12/12/17 8:21PM EST.
  12. It is impossible to aim at the target above yourself in case you are lying sideways close to the wall.
  13. Hi! I've looked in main bug topic and couldn't find this, so posting it up. Bug Description: Was playing on the regular server, when I noticed that I am unable to aim down my sights with my VSS, it only let me ADS partially. Also realized that I am unable to fire my weapon. Then it happened to the rest of my weapons. If this wasn't bad enough I couldn't move to the right via "D" button, nor allow my character to move South, even if using mouse to point my character in said direction. (was trying to get a vehicle and could only walk away from it, ended up getting run over lol) Date Seen: 11-29-17 | 7:34 CST Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried dropping weapons, picking back up, reloading. Kept trying to ADS, or even hip fire wouldn't work. Other Information: Fellow player said he experienced something similar several months ago. Also did not do anything in particular such as pick up weapons, or shoot when this occurred. I believe it happened while sprinting. Launch Options: No command line options changed for game play. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 560ti (2gb) CPU: Intel i5 - 4590 | 3.30Ghz Ram: 8Gbs (7.76 usable)
  14. So I noticed that in the test server the shots don't land always land where you aim. This happened with M16 and 4x scope. Every other shot missed the standing target completely, the sight jumped way before the bullet left the barrel. My friend said something similar happened to him with M24 and 8x scope. The problem cannot be zeroing as you'll see from the video. Link to a video.
  15. Bug Description: When aiming, ADS or 3rd person, my camera will aim strait down when I get shot. This causes my shots to miss and I die. I had a previous thread on this issue but it was moved to archives. There was another thread somewhere stating that this could be a desync issue when dying server sided. I am unable to find that thread. Every time this bug occurs I usually die within 100ms or so, so desync makes the most sense. This would mean the server is sending the killed message late. Date Seen: 9/15/17 Server: Live, NA Troubleshooting Attempted: Other Information: Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  16. Is any one getting this black Square in there aim of sight when aiming down the sight of any kind? of sight that is on there gun encountering a black blinking Square just rapidly blinking. I'll get a video latter
  17. Bug Description: On one of my PCs sometimes the game requires double right click to switch to ADS from third person. Other times a single click will work for ADS. When double right click is needed, a single right click does a short zoom in. When this bug occurs it guarantees another issue will also happen. Normally when you move your mouse continuously and shoot, your aim will follow your mouse movements regardless of taking shots. When the bug occurs, shooting prevents the mouse movement from registering temporarily and then after the firing animation finishes, the aim will track against the mouse movements again. This results in very jerky aiming making it very difficult to fight at close combat due to the frequency of mouse presses. It's as if the act of shooting causes the game to stop receiving/ignores information from the mouse. This occurs in single fire, burst and full automatic on all guns. In the most recent example, it stopped working after 3 games. Before the 4th game, I changed matchmaking server and the very next game it stopped working. This was all in one session without shutting down the game. Date Seen: Every day since I bought the game a two weeks ago but only on a particular PC. Server: NA and Oceanic Troubleshooting Attempted: When it happened I immediately switched mice and it didn't make a difference. Mice I've tried are Corsair Glaive RGB and Logitech G502 RGB. Both mice haven't caused issues playing PUBG on another PC. Tried different USB ports including 3.0 and 2.0. Remapping the Targeting key. Deleting configuration ini files. Uninstalled PUBG and reinstalled. Uninstalled corsair CUE software. Rebooting the PC sometimes fixes it but not always. Changing From Windowed to Fullscreen. Other Information: Inateck Superspeed 4 Ports PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card with Oculus VR plugged in. Mice are plugged into motherboard USB but wondering if it's causing issues with USB mice. Drivers are all up to date include mice firmware. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Graphics Card: MSI GTX 1060 6gb CPU: i7-3770k RAM: 16 GB DDR
  18. Starting yesterday I've to tap my rmb twice to zoom in or tap twice and hold to shoulder aim. It's literally unplayable because I'm used to just tapping it once, anyone have a fix? My mouse works perfectly outside of the game.
  19. I was playing a game earlier this week where I was duoing with a friend, and we were in two pretty distant locations (still could see each other on the minimap, but we were by no means close). Right as I revealed myself behind cover I got instantly headshot, and my duo partner did too. From the same guy. But we were very far apart. My conclusion is that A) he's hacking, or B) there's a bug where if one person goes down then you both die instantly. Either way it would be much appreciated if it got addressed. Here's a link to the video I posted on my channel about it:
  20. Всем привет ! Давайте поговорим о дистанции пристрелки в прицелах ? Кто этим вообще пользуется ? На какой прицел какую лучше ставить ? Лично я сам пока не разобрался особо , на х8 иногда выставляю 300-400м когда знаю что будет перестрелка на дальних...Просто вроде хорошая механика, но как мне кажется немного лишняя - большая часть перестрелок происходят внезапно, примерить расстояние на глазок нереально , а пристреливаться , меняя этот параметр тупо некогда)))
  21. If you have a controller and disconnect it, you are unable to ADS or mark map with right click. Pressing right click is interpreted as slightly depressing LT, not pulling it down all the way. So aiming with the mouse only slightly zooms in, not using the sights. There seems to be no way to fix this, even if you unplug the controller and restart the game using mouse/keyboard. I think adding controller support made the game thing that right click is analog, so clicking it is interpreted as a half-pull of ADS even after going back to keyboard/mouse. I have a 360 controller and G600. This completely breaks the game, so hopefully you guys can fix it.
  22. Note the reticle pointed directly at the enemy's head. Note the spark of the shot impacting the wall a couple of feet above the reticle. Things seem to get wonky in general when you are so close to an enemy that you're touching.
  23. I need to double click to activate the scope. Even after updating the game yesterday the problem persists. I have already checked the files twice and also tried to change the button that I use to aim, but nothing solved.
  24. This is what my Aim Down Sight (ADS) looks like: I'm on a 3440 x 1440 (21x9) monitor. This bug has only just appeared as of yesterday and is 100% repeatable while wearing the pre-order hooded jacket. If I go prone and ADS my view is 100% blocked, even with scopes. EDIT: just read this in your most recent patch notes "Added more support for non-standard aspect ratios. The game will now display at the correct FOV on aspect ratios ranging from 4:3 to 21:9". Yeah you broke it, change it back please thanks.
  25. Bug Description: When other players are aiming at you, they do not aim up or down. Their vertical aiming is locked. This makes it difficult to tell who the player is shooting at. Date Seen: 7/2/17 Server: Every Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I don't have access to the source code so I can't troubleshoot. Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
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