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  1. First off, the Aim of the Game. This have been annoying to me and for many people for a long time now. Choco also describes it here in a short clip. If it is intentional or not we do not yet know. The ADS is slightly off and can really turn things around when you engage and start shooting. When it comes to desync and shooting. For instance, even tho you shoot someone first, the enemy player can hit you, aim punch you and it will effect your shot even tho you shot before getting aimpunched, making the whole experience totally flipped, which is broken in many ways. Please PUBG take a look at this matter... Also Please take a look at how shots register and let shots register after a person dies. I would really like bullets to register ever tho you die making it possible to get ties in game.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug as such but if you set ADS to HOLD and hold down right click when any Animation is active it will not ADS you when the animation ends, you have to release right click and repress. This is kind of frustrating when changing weapons or even reloading. Can you set up some kind of input-queue for HOLD keys?
  3. Now, i don't have any actual footage of this, mainly because i can't be bothered to go into a replay and find those 3 or so games where i had this happen, but MAY get a recording in here later in the form of a reply. Anyways, i've recently started to see an occurrence where the game forces you out of ADS at random and i don't mean the cases where the the weapon is pulled back when you're close to an object, the game actually cancels your ADS out of thin air. Out of those 3 cases that i clearly remember, 1 was actually fatal, but the other 2 also caused me some problems later on. God i miss that lvl 3 helmet... Jokes aside, this is really annoying, and even impedes the gameplay by quite a bit. This occurred more or less when the skin cases came out. I'll actually try to find the most recent game where that happened and i'll post it in the replies. Also, as a side note, my mouse is fine and i have ADS on Toggle, so it doesn't have anything to do with my hardware.
  4. I'm using shift as Hold to ADS button. If I do some action like jumping or switching weapons and press shift before the animation is finished, the ADS will not engage after the animation. This has been a bug since "hold to ADS" was implemented, and I have seen it reported multiple times. It's been on the "known issues list" on 02/23/2018, in "under investigation" section, but then it disappeared in all subsequent updates.
  5. I love the game, as you can see from the amount I've played. I wrote down some of the issues I think would be most beneficial to fix quickly. PRIORITY #1 Looting with the "Interact" button is fundamentally broken If you aim at an item and hit the Interact-key, you will attempt to pick it up. If you only do it once and then wait, you will pick the item up no matter how much you lag. But if you keep hitting the key, the pickup "event" is restarted and the previous one is aborted. The more you lag the more likely this is to happen. It means that if you keep hitting the key fast enough, you will never pick the item up. I have seen beginner players get extremely frustrated because of this and obviously it has caused me issues as well. Hold to ADS isn't truly "hold" If you are holding the ADS button and the ADS is disabled for some reason, for example you fall for a very short distance, it won't be re-enabled unless you let go of the key and press it down again. Or if you're reloading and you want to ADS as soon as the reload is done, you can't press down the key WHILE you're reloading, because it won't work. You have to wait until the reload is done and ADS is "possible". Then you can press the key and it works. Right now it's more like "press down to enable and let go to disable". For reference, "walk" is like I would prefer HOLD TO ADS to behave. As long as you're holding the key, you will always walk unless you let go, it won't be disabled by anything. Sure, it can be turned off if you fall or whatever, as it should. But when possible, the character should re-enable ADS if the key is still held. This same issue exists for hold to lean as well. You can't lean while reloading either, and you can only press lean after reload is finished, otherwise the key press is ignored.
  6. Проблема заключается в том, что центр прицела "от бедра" не совпадает с центром прицела в режиме "ADS". UPD: Разрешение = 1920х1080, FOV = 98 Подробнее в видео:
  7. I notice that as the game progresses things like ADS I lose a lot of frames - 1-2 seconds worth. Then late game I will often die outright due to mass missing graphics frames. I've always been able to run this game between 120-144 fps. PC :Ryzen 1700 M2 drive (faster than SSD) 32 GB RAM 1080ti, 1440p ASUS ROG 144hz monitor Things I observe. 1. Laggy ADS (it goes from starting to completing in about 1-2 frames - so I literally have sub 1 frame per seconds). 2. Getting shot will freeze the game for about 2-5 seconds. 3. If you spray full auto it sometimes also freezes for 1-2 seconds. 4. This happens more late game than early game fights. Worst is if you get HIT you completely freeze for 2-5 seconds...often I come back to the death screen in the top down view (I don't even see the transition to the death screen!) Here is a link of me getting shot and getting away with it, usually it's WAY worse than this. For the last 2-3 weeks without fail every top 10 has ended with me having massive lag of 1-5 seconds freezing in game. This isn't a video encode issue, this is actually what occurs. Usually it's WORSE than this, I lived this time. https://youtu.be/DpDInzkFa6Y Workaround: I've tried changing all graphics settings. I've refreshed the cache - no issues found Iv'e turned off shadow play - no difference. I haven't reinstalled graphics drivers - no other games experience ANY issues.
  8. Hello Bluehole, It's been a long time since 1.0 release now, and I can still quite honestly say that you ruined the game for me with your 1.0 release. I won't start about the desert map, since atleast THAT is fun to play once in a while. No, why I'm making this post today has a very different reason. Ever since 1.0 got introduced to live servers, I have been the victim of: extremely pixelated sights; ranging from the Red Dot Sight to the 2x Scope, as well as including the Crossbow default ADS. These sights are SO pixelated that they aren't playable anymore. It looks like the sights are "loading". Also, the blue zone has the usual lightning/electricity, but it becomes SO pixelated I can't even look through the zone anymore. Lastly, 200M+ distances and the water from out of the plane look SO blurry I have no idea what's going on. I have tried all fixes I could find, I've been trying fixes since 1.0 RELEASE. I'm really getting sick of it, I have been playing PUBG since last year, I never had trouble like this before Bluehole released the "1.0 official release" patch. Sometimes during a game, the scopes will fix themselves for a couple of minutes, as will the blue zone lightning. Every time this happens I feel so happy, because suddenly, I get my pre-1.0 accuracy scopes back and make it to top 10 almost always. But alas, as soon as I switch to another gun and ADS with that (usually a 4x/8x scope), the fixed scope is back to the fuzzy, pixelated format and the blue zone has such pixelated lightning that I can't see anything through it. I will once again say that I had ZERO problems until the 1.0 release. In fact, PUBG became my favorite game. Now? Every game where I feel like I have a chance, this stupid bug will come and instead of a small Red Dot Sight, I get a huge Red Square made of pixels. Same all the way to 2x Scope (including Holographic, Crossbow default, etc...) This is unplayable AND an EXTREME disadvantage to players suffering from this bug. I know I'm not the only one, just check this forum to know what's up (including screenshots): Now, so far I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, all the way to Windows reformat, I tried Windows 7 to 10, disabling/enabling DPI/screen scaling, ... This is a problem on YOUR end Bluehole, because I NEVER had this issue before patch 1.0 Yet not even a whisper of a response from Bluehole? They fucked up a game I paid 30€ for and could run perfectly, now it's a pixelated piece of garbage where other players have an advantage over me because they are lucky not to have this bug? Sorry but it's been over a month and NO WORD from Bluehole. I would understand if they had said "ok yeah, we understand and are looking to fix it", since I never, NEVER, had this problem when the game was Early Access. I'm sorry if I'm wrong for what I'm saying Bluehole, and I truly hope I am; but it feels like you have given up on PUBG and cashed in your prizes (combined with a couple "new" lootboxes to maximize the profits) while taking PUBG out of Early Access because you KNEW you wouldn't be able to fix the problems and wanted to cash in. Just like Day-Z. Sorry if this seems like I'm a little upset, but the game worked PERFECTLY up to 1.0 patch, and I'm really down that I can't enjoy my favorite game anymore. TL;DR: All I feel is frustrations because of this bug, because Bluehole REFUSES to answer to ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THIS BUG, it seems like they are denying/ignoring it exists. THIS is the reason I am so let down. Yeah, you put new lootboxes and keys in the game, but you let others play with ADS Sights so pixelated and blurry that I have to play without Red Dot, Holo, 2x, Crossbows, AND can no longer use a strategy around the Blue Zone? Where is the fix for this Bluehole? Do you want to make a proper game, or die like h1z1 in about 6 months? If you don't fix your bugs, and this is a MAJOR ONE, you will end like h1z1. You nor I want that to happen, I love PUBG to the core. Please make it so I can play PROPERLY again, without pixelated sights or bluezones, EQUAL chances? I beg of you... Rarely has a bug in a game affected me this much, it really makes me wish for the Early Access version again. Thanks for reading and I hope you fix it soon. PS: I have tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, from reformat to new drivers to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ versios, to DPI Scaling, etc... I've been trying stuff over a month, this is a PUBG problem. There are A LOT MORE posts about this issue, just google "pixelated sights pubg". I even read that a lot of people have this issue on XBox, the same issue!!! BLUEHOLE PLEASE FIX!!! I really hate Fortnite, but I gotta admit, their game is a lot more stable than this. I would never have said this when PUBG was still in Early Access. Sorry but you guys just rushed PUBG to 1.0 so you aren't obliged to fix the tons of bugs still remaining. I hope I'm wrong, please let me be wrong about that and make PUBG as awesome and bug-free as it used to be before patch 1.0, PROVE me wrong, but if not... It's pretty isn't it? TL;DR: Unplayable Sights/Blue Zone/200m+ distance, NO public fix works.
  9. Right after my game crashed and I was able to get into the match again, I was unable to zoom in or shoot any rounds. They were being depleted from my magazine, but no contact, noise or otherwise other normal actions were being used. I assumed that the other player could hear my shots because he was able to respond and fire back to kill me. Thank you. Attached is a copy of the pictures of the before and after. When i zoomed in that was the ocean that I saw.
  10. Unable to cycle weapons using mouse wheel when ads even though i have changed the 8x/15x zoom function and holo/red dot brightness to another key that is not scroll wheel. Scrolling the scrollwheel when ads produce no effect. Wondering is there a fix for this problem?
  11. I don’t know if it’s a bug or intentional but I use hold ads and when I snipe with kar98 and with some other guns when I stop holding ads then try again it doesn’t work or there is a major delay. I have to let go of right click and try again and it will work like normal. It’s really only if I try and go fast with it
  12. Date Seen:24th December 2017 Server: Live server Error Message: No error message, this happens on a restart after crash, the bug is in the restart code unrelated to the crash Other Information: See youtube video. The wielded weapon is not getting attached to the player skeleton on a restart so is missing in the scene. ADS (aim down sight) positions the eye under the terrain indicating that the weapon is positioned at the world origin (identity matrix) and is not getting animated with the player skeleton. Troubleshooting Attempted: Pressing x twice to un-equip and reequip weapon fixes the problem during gameplay as shown in the video. Launch Options: no changes System Specifications: See attached dxdiag screenshots In the video the weapon is missing from the beginning, ADS bug can be seen at 1:08, the first key-press 'x' at 1:15 fixes the problem by reattaching the weapon to the player skeleton.
  13. Cycling weapon not working when in ADS even when zoom function key of 8x/15x is not set to mousewheel scroll up/down
  14. So I decided to play the live servers after playing in the test servers, seems fine right? Nope. Every time I try to ADS by right clicking once (I have default keybindings) it doesn't do it. However, holding down my right button does ADS and it does it like the test servers. The only problem here is that it messes up with targeting and every time I unscope by letting go of right click it makes it so that I move slower because targeting is on and I have to tap right click to disable it. This is really inconsistent and causes me to lose fights I shouldn't have lost.
  15. Не новость, но всё же хочется добиться хоть чего-то. Очень жаль, что разработчики не откликаются на просьбы игроков добавить опцию "Прицеливание через прицел по удержанию правой кнопки мыши", а так же полного отключения фокусированного взгляда (в текущем варианте при зажатой ПКМ). Пожалуйста, добавьте опцию ADS=Hold, даже если нужно будет убрать 3DS (при включении вышеописанной опции). Как вариант - активировать текущий режим 3DS при использовании шага автоматически. И не совсем понятно: почему в режиме игры от 1-го лица (FPP) нужно удерживать ПКМ для фокусированной стрельбы? Смысл? Игрок и так сфокусирован на прицеле, он не находится в режиме от 3-его лица и не может на него переключиться. Лучше пусть срабатывает режим фокусированной стрельбы если персонаж идёт пешком - это гораздо логичнее и нативнее.
  16. As seen here: https://i.imgur.com/58NOS8d.mp4 Sometimes when player is leaning the screen rotates back and forth in a way that seems to be a glitch. This only happens under the following conditions (but not every time): Player is leaning (I have only noticed this when leaning left, not sure if it can happen when leaning right) Player is aiming down sights Player is firing an automatic weapon Player is being shot by an enemy I don't believe this is any kind of bullet flinch as it is not consistent. This is on the live server, not the test server. The date/time of this video was 12/12/17 8:21PM EST.
  17. I've suddenly been getting A D S in the menu; When I start the game, it loads, connects and then boom! "CLICK HERE TO WIN 1000$!!!". Seriously what the hell? EDIT: I can't click anything or else I get pop-ups. What am I supposed to do? I've ran several virus-checks on my computer, but I've got no, zero, nada of viruses or ad-wares.
  18. Bug Description: When I'm ADSing and leaning at the same time, and I'm hit, it causes my view to bug out and suddenly glitch between different angels. Example: Date Seen: This week, the two clips I recorded were on 11th and 14th of October Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: N.A. Other Information: N.A. Launch Options: N.A. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Ram: 8GB
  19. I filmed a video, which I will edit and can update with the video - but not sure it shows much. When I first purchased the game ADS would get stuck sometimes and when I would try and shoot someone - I would get nothing. Just mouse clicks = no shot, and maybe one out of the fifteen clicks would register a shot. One of the updates erased this bug and I haven't had any issues since this past update. Now it's worse than before. As you can imagine, this makes PUBG almost unplayable. I had a guy (my video) unsuspecting get out of his vehicle and headed to the house I was looting. I aimed - clicked 23523 times and fired one shot. Then got stuck in ADS for a moment until about the 15th right click. I hope the Devs can isolate this issue and help me out. I was hoping to have some friends over to play the game this evening, but I can't imagine doing that with this major issue. Thanks for your time. AMD RX480 8Gb, i5-6500, 8gb DDR4.
  20. Bug Description: Occasionally, ADS doesn't activate on double click, so I have to repeatedly click RMB until it does. Then, occasionally, this will make ADS stay locked, so that it is the default (no button press required). Double-clicking while bugged will activate general aiming again, but then revert to ADS when buttons are no longer pressed. It requires repeatedly clicking RMB to fix issue, which usually results in me dying Date Seen: Since I started playing 3 months ago. Every patch. Server: NA/AS Troubleshooting Attempted: Reinstall game Launch Options:None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Asus Strix 1080 CPU: i7-2600k Ram: 16GB
  21. https://pubg.gamepedia.com/AttachmentsAngle foregrip- 20.00% Recoil Pattern- 20.00% Horizontal Recoil- 15.00% Vertical RecoilVertical Foregrip- 20.00% Recoil Pattern- 20.00% Vertical Recoil+ 10.00% Faster ADSbut, in this video, Angled' ADS are Faster than Foregrip's ADS. (01:50) I have doubts about the rest of the spec.Please correct it as soon as possible. thx:)
  22. Seems changing my settings from lowish (thinking id get higher frames) to high/ultra has fixed the map/inventory freezing issue. I'm guessing it was CPU bottlenecking, whereas now the map and inventory is fine with no freezing at all... I still get the ADS freeze/stutter occasionally but this seems to be tied more to a Network Lag Detected error than my input. (maybe, will need to test it more) Either way it's no where near as much as before, I jumped into a game to test it and got 4 kills without ADS lag/freeze and a comfortable top 5 finish without thinking about the issues I've been having, including Map and Inventory usage, when I had low settings it was almost unplayable and my CPU in resource monitor was consistently 90%+ If your GPU can handle the settings try bumping everything except foliage up as high as you can without compromising the frame rate of course. Seems to have worked for me so far. Looks like Low settings put a massive strain on the CPU, whereas pushing it a high/ultra combo moves that load onto the GPU, and removes the bottleneck as my CPU now runs at about 60-70% under load during gameplay. Hope this helps some of you who may have been having the map/inventory lag and sometimes ADS lag issue like I was, I was pulling my hair out over this and nearly f'n reinstalled Windows to see if it would help!
  23. When ADS or FPV from behind cover, My full head and body has to be exposed far beyond the weapon itself before the animation of the gun being pointed forward (from held vertically to not poke into object in front) will stop obscuring my view entirely and let me see the enemy and shoot. In other words, 3PV: I see enemy he sees me, I duck behind cover he approaches. ADS: I strafe right and a long playing gun aiming animation blocks my entire view, while exposing me entirely to fire, I'm head-shotted. Which doesnt make sense as the gun is held at my head, yet I cant aim down it.
  24. While being prone and Aiming Down Sight with a VSS and while wearing a coat (in this case I was wearing a grey one) the scope gets covered up and you are unable to see down sight. The one picture that you can see down sight is WITHOUT the coat equipped, the other picture you cant really see anything, is WITH the coat equipped. Finally the last two pictures are my current graphic settings in case that has anything to do with the covered up sight. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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