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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Killed a player in a car and his body got stuck in the driver seat and wouldn't disappear. When I tried to drive the car his body was in my face and blocking all view and forces me to go first person even though I kept pressing V it wasn't changing back to 3rd person.
  2. This will be short. 3rd person leaderboards is not working the same way that the 1st person leaderboards is. Yesterday I played 5-10 games in 3rd person and though i wasn't player partially good, I still got top 5 3-4 of those games and my rating increased. However this is not the main concern. The issue is that the stats are not changing after almost an entire day all of my stats in third person leaderboards have no changed what so ever. My KDR was and still is 1.25. My longest kill did not change despite getting a much further kill. Not sure if its just some simple bug but thought i would say something.
  3. In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  4. Mouse Y axis stops working if the game is being reopened (like alt+tab) right before\after deploying to plane. I can see left and right, but up and down doesn't work. If this bug happens the 1st person will work just like usual, but its an huge disadvantage in a 3rd person match
  5. Dear PUBG Support, i encountered that the settings of FoV are able to abuse in any state of gameplay. The current settings allow to set the FoV from 80 to 103 in the game. But you can set any FoV in the .ini files like you want to. Any value under < 80 makes everything bigger and give you a Zoom effect in first person. You're able to spot enemies from long distance. As example: 4x and 8x zoom are possible in first person without any scopes!! This effect allows to spot any enemy in easy way (without any efforts) when you switch 3rd and 1st person. Also people could abuse them in first person only when they tweak their FoV in the most zoomed and comfortable position. It's something that need to be restricted asap!
  6. A player got in the front passenger seat and I killed him, maybe as he was shifting to driver's seat. I got in the car, but 3rd person camera wasn't working properly and it looked more like 1st person. The camera was being blocked by his dead body. Even as I started driving it didn't work correctly and all I could see was his head flailing around. His body never disappeared either.
  7. sKILLsEw


    I believe it has to do with the motorcycle. Road from Mylta power to Georgopol and noticed the 3rd person cam was zoomed further in and offset to my left. I recorded it. You will see the problem with said bug. https://plays.tv/s/LGpr5-0gsu-j
  8. Hi, I get this strange bug there if you hold right mouse button and shoot at a close range in full auto it sometimes jerks off to the ground and this is not a recoil or anything. It just aims directly at the ground and there it would be a defined kill ends up being you shot by other person. Whats up with this? The first bullet hit hits the target but then your character decides to look down like he had some stroke. It happens often with auto-shotgun and SCAR.Any ideas? I will try and make a video of it, but it is hard to catch this happening.
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