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Found 22 results

  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/348659951167602700/537511143850115072/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/348659951167602700/537511264650395659/unknown.png Match ID: 1BC2AA - sa They can get behind the wall, where you can't see them, and shoot you through it. Just let me know!
  2. Wo ist der Punkt um einen Wallhack zu melden?
  3. You don't need cheats to see through walls in squads. In this match one of my buddies got stuck under stairs, and the other one left him to go for the circle. They were pretty far away from each other (2-3 km), when I noticed that when you switch between them (I was dead and spectating), buildings on the map take a good few seconds to load and during that time you can see people through walls because characters apparently render instantly. Fix plz?
  4. If you crawl under the rock on this location south east of Los Leones you can freely move around and see through walls! pls fix
  5. When you reconnect to match, your gun becomes invisible. When you are trying to aim with ADS, your camera goes to the end of map. When you turn off ADS, camera goes to normal position, but you can see through the walls 3-4 seconds. It can be used as a cheat. When you are shooting or switching weapon, gun becomes normal.
  6. So I was playing the game today and suddenly it froze and I got an error (I can't remember what the error said). After I opened the game again it asked me if I want to join the game that I left. I pressed yes and thought, that I am not alive anymore. But I was and then the glitches started. Everytime I scoped in (ADS not Hipfire) there were strange clipping bugs and sometimes I could see through walls and see the enemies when I cancelled the ADS view. Switching the weapons helped a little bit but there were still some clipping bugs after that, but at least the "wallhack-bug" was fixed. I didn't abuse this bug. I have recorded the bug with Nvidia ShadowPlay but I am not allowed to upload such big files. That's why I'll upload them on my Youtube channel:
  7. Hey Guys here is an PUBG BUG you can see threw the roof here is Link
  8. I've found a bug on a new map. You can see a gap where you can shoot from to enemies and the bullets are going through it like it would be a hole. I found a lot of plasces like this on the whole map (around 10). Hope it will be fixed.
  9. https://gfycat.com/HalfBigKakarikis Pretty easy to exploit and repeat with a lot of walls in the game. Happens consistently when backing into a wall, in first person while unarmed, and spinning around quickly to face the wall.
  10. I couldnt see any building and I could cross them. sorry for the quality of the videos but i didnt have the shadowplay on
  11. So I was playing with a friend when I got to severny and the buildings there had no walls, so I could see everything through the walls, like a wallhack. I recorded it and posted on youtube, here's the video:
  12. When standing on any of the objects NW of the school on the second floor you can watch over the roof giving you a clear visual on Rohzok hill and several other spots
  13. When you are already dead and one of your teammates die in squads, you can see over the dead teammates body. It's like an overview of the whole situation, which allows dead teammates to info about everyone nearby. This is very bad at an ending near the chicken dinner. Happened to me earlier today: I died, my mate died, I kept speccing him so I could see where all the 3 last enemies were. Please fix fast
  14. While i was waiting on the hills i found a guy walking near buildings. Since i was using a 8x scope it was easy to follow him. I hit the guy at least 1 or 2 times but unfortunately it didnt killed him. He then hid in the building on the first floor far right window. First he didnt knew where the shooting was comming from. Then he started moving with his head out of the wall. So i made like 3 headshots but it gave me the wall hit effect instead of blood. He then knew where i was and just ran off.
  15. Hi! Last round i didnt see the houses or something else, i only saw the items. And i think i could walk through these houses, at least i think so I allso saw the enemys through the houses and i could shoot them. They must be thinking, that im hacking
  16. I just entered a game in the new single player first person game mode and in lobby everything was normal. but by the time i parachuted down to the ground i notice that not a single building had rendered, even though my settings were on ultra. by the time i landed i saw all the loot on all levels of non-existing buildings. i was able to walk through everything and even shoot people. i didnt make any screenshots because im an idiot pls dont ban me :3
  17. Date Seen: 6th August 2017 Server: EU live server (FPPduo) Error Message: None Other Information: What happened : I picked a buggy, joined my mate, made a drift in front of with to turn back. He shot the buggy with a shotgun and my screen froze. Then all buildings disapeared, and I could see people through walls. I could drive the buggy (with my mate as passenger) through buildings tho'. When he died, my mate, as a spectator, could tell me when to shot them and not walls instead. I forgot to take screenshots, my bad... If this happens again, i'll edit this post. Troubleshooting Attempted: None Launch Options: -sm4 -mallow=system -USEALLAVAIBLECORES -maxMem=8000 -force-feature-level-11-0 +vt_maxPPF 8 reshade System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 64-bit Graphics Card: GTX680 2Go CPU: i5-4670K 3.40Ghz Ram: 8Go DirectX : 12 See topic
  18. I just played a game and in that game i killed 4 people through the bridge. I know it wasn't ethical to abuse an obvious bug that happened to be in my favor but my team would have died otherwise and i didn't really think. What happened was that a lot of buildings from the bridge area just didn't load in on the right spot of the map. It kind of shifted to a different place and that allowed me to see through buildings and also shoot through them like there was nothing there. I might have gotten reported for this since i was literally shooting them from under the bridge with a S12K shotgun. I have a shit computer so this happens from time to time and really needs to be fixed, it is simply game breaking. Im sorry for the guys i killed, we won the game literally only cause i killed them and that allowed us to get over the bridge.
  19. Please fix, or give a confirmation if this is a bug/glitch or just a random occourance.
  20. I was playing battlegrounds... Then this happened. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=922709527 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=922709512 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=922709496 I wanted to see how long it would last, so I stuck it out until I died. Turns out, the way the game was made makes this seemingly small glitch INSANE. I couldn't traverse through walls, but I could pick up items through them. If I ran into a wall I would do a weird jitter backwards. I thought "Man, this blows" But then something amazing happened. I figured out that hit registry... is clientside. This allowed me to shoot literally anyone, behind anything that I couldn't see. In the middle of a city behind 4 houses and 28 walls? Too bad, you just got headshot. At Georgepol behind 13 shipping containers? Too bad, just hosed you down with a Vector. I stuck it out until the end of the round and ended up killing 8 OTHER ENTIRE TEAMS ON DUO AND HALF OF THE REST OF THE MEMBERS ON 3 OTHERS. And I still died at #9! Needless to say, this is some crazy stuff that needs to be fixed immediately. People probably thought I was wallhacking, botting, something. Nope. Gotta fix this one ASAP devs, I almost won an entire match all by myself, my partner died 5 minutes after we landed. Sincerely, A Concerned Gamer.
  21. I don't actually own this game but I saw this watching Timthetatman's stream. Nobody seemed to notice it in the stream but I did. I don't know if this bug is replicable or not. Heres the clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/AnnoyingSuperCasetteRiPepperonis It happens at 17 seconds for about 10 ms every tree, piece of grass, and bush vanishes. All you're left to see is yourself, the ground and players. Here's a picture of the frame it happened in:https://gyazo.com/40dae0da8dbc2291f37af4a1c52dc2e8 Best of luck <3
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