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Found 12 results

  1. The Loot crates & the different season passes still remind me of the harsh grind on different MMOs. Tera as an example. After 1500 hours played, I have been talking to alot of friends who have played around 1000-2000 hours and we all can agree that pubg is still too grindy when it comes to balance of loot percentage in crates and the different season passes. Reaching the areas of 4000 points and above, to achieve 5000+ rank is where most of us really loose interest of the game. It aint simply worth the time investment and this is where most of the game dies off and we get bored. It feels like we play so much but gain so little out of it in the end of the ranks and the loot crates and bp feels utterly useless. We feel that if there is a huge overhaul of loot crates and bp balance, ramping up the feeling of worth of the crates can do alot of the community and fashionistas out there in the pubg world. When it comes to the ranks, we feel that the latest season pass, the wild card was a good start in the right direction for balance of missions and challenges and would love to see more weapon challenges with more hefty and juicy unique skins, and not just the same across all. It really feels like a lazy move. The ranks can be tuned down a bit more to make it a bit easier and more rewarding to win games and also get into top 10 situations in the game, the rank points can be buffed a bit more to give us players that feeling of a reward after each match. Best regards and thanks for reading this feedback folks. Cheers!
  2. Hello! I was recently in a game where I lost in second place due to a serious hit reg problem. It would have seemed that i shot my enemy 6 or 7 times and no blood splatter had appeared. I had an AK and was crouched shooting the enemy.(10 meters) Replay Video: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iuhtc3s9vcdyozi/HitRegReplay.zip
  3. I am going to try to explain everything as cleanly as possible. There are a lot of parts to my problems. Basically, upon game start, the major bulk of text before coming into the lobby shows up, and usually all of the logos load in below it, but they do not in mine. Then, it switches to screen "connecting" and never connects. Then it says "Connection failed" and "reconnect" but that never works either. THE ONLY WAY I CAN EVER CONNECT IN IS BY ALT TAB-ING OUT, WAITING A COUPLE SECONDS, AND COMING BACK IN. That is the only way I can get in to PUBG, load into games, and load the lobby out of games. It will not load normally anymore. Also, when I do connect in and I hit refresh for the UI, I get a message that says "Your client is . Please exit the game and update to 2.6.48 to join game". There are no updates popping up, and I have already verified my files and nothing is coming up to update. When attempting to load into the game, it also times me out of things like Teamspeak. This game does not want to load at all for me unless I tab out. I do not have network problems on any other game or internet service. So, here are my 2 problems in short. 1. Nothing will load unless I tab out, and I keep getting "reconnect'. 2. My client needs an update I can't find lmao. Can someone help me at all? Thanks
  4. When I try the test servers, it always says connection closed so maybe you can help me because I feel like I'm missing out
  5. When I try the test servers, it always says connection closed so maybe you can help me because I feel like I'm missing out
  6. Hello, this is the second post related to the late loading textures on hard drives disks. for every one to be in context should read this before. once you read this, if you have problems with the scripts. here is the sample script. # MyDefrag v4.0 default script: Defragment only # # This script is part of the standard MyDefrag distribution. Title('Defragment only D:') Description("Defragment only description") // See the "Settings.MyD" file. /* Do not ignore wrap-around fragmentation. This script is advised for people that want to compare with other defragmenters, and other defragmenters do not know about wrap-around fragmentation. */ IgnoreWrapAroundFragmentation(no) WriteLogfile("MyDefrag.log","LogHeader") ## SELECT THE VOLUME DISK WHERE THE GAME IS VolumeSelect Name("D:") VolumeActions MakeGap(0) AppendLogfile("MyDefrag.log","LogBefore") FileSelect ##HERE WE PUT THE FULL PATH OF THE GAME, LOOK THE VOLUME DISK USED, MUST BE THE SAME FullPath("D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG","*") FileActions Defragment(Fast) /* Quickly defragment files that are smaller than the largest gap. */ Defragment() /* Slowly defragment files that are bigger than the largest gap. */ MoveDownFill() AddGap(RoundUp(ZoneEnd,VolumeFree * 0.01)) FileEnd VolumeEnd AppendLogfile("MyDefrag.log","LogFooter") your MyD file should be like this. just copy and paste this script and update the path to your PUBG folder, remember to put the Volume Disk correctly so the defrag can find it. if correctly used the game should be fine and without problems.
  7. Hey guys, I made video when i show this problems. When u fall on ur front wheel, ur bike want to kill u. Pls check this and may be fix)
  8. I was about to play PUBG with my friends and everything looks good until i get into the match. I have some screenshot since i have no idea what is going on! I could walk around and hear shots/people and my friends could see me but my game was just totally bugged out.
  9. Guys really i need 1280x1024 in this game... When i set it UI is very badly composed i cant see weapon slots and anything... I have new monitor with native resolution 1680x1050 but all games that i play they are running on 1280x1024... why? Because i cant hit a shit on others i try 1600x900 1440xidk ... but they dont work for me. So now you litteraly want to make me choose kills or guns modification... please fix UI this game is good and i like to play it but without UI and my resolution its just not going to work like this.
  10. Decoy22

    Game Problems

    Hello i got problem if i start game and i give find match i have loading screen i listen steps and any sounds but i cant see game still have loading screen and i must quit game . Thanks for all answers
  11. My game randomly crashes sometimes but i get a warning sign first that says terminate program. And when i am in game and open my inventory my game crashes. I tried updating AMD but half into the download my whole computer crashed and now it says error when im trying to update, and it made my whole computer slower. I cant play the game and i hope someone helps me or fix this in game or i wont be able to play PUBG and wasted 29£.
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