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About Me

Found 58 results

  1. Good afternoon, since I bought the game, I can not get out of the lobby, it's already the 3rd update and nothing changes, please someone help me. And after a long time waiting to load the match, the game returns to the home screen and the loss of connection with the amphitheater.
  2. I played several hours ago, I go to login and the screen has me + 2 of the other 3 party members still together. I am unable to click "leave team" the 4th member is active and playing also with his partner
  3. Bug Description: After the match ends it automatically enters to lobby and it stuck thare, thare is no hud only background thare is no sign of "loading" in left upper angle of screen, i can hear the sound of game. When i try to close the game by task manager i can't because the game is always on top of the screen and i cant click on anything other then game only solutions restart PC. Date Seen: From 08.04.2017 until now (21.04.2017) Server: EU Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: My friends experience the same problem. Launch Options: none System Specifications: Operating System:windows 10-64bit Graphics Card:gtx 980 CPU:i5:4690k Ram:8GB
  4. I play on the OC server. Every time I start a new game, it defaults back to AS. Why doesn't it remember the last server you played on? Chances are this option will never change once you set it. You could set this up as on option the first time you start the game, then hide it away in options instead of having it next to solo/duo/squad.
  5. DottieTT

    Frozen in lobby

    When loading into a game lobby about 50% of the time my game freezes. I can still see some people and some textures but I cannot move and have to restart.
  6. 4ndr3

    Loadingscreen Bug

    With me the charge screen disappears too late. In the lobby I can walk around and box. I can jump into the game and jump out of the plane but the charging screen remains simply displayed and disappears only after 3 - 5 min. What makes playing almost impossible. Please help thanks in advance. ----------- Bei mir verschwindet der Ladebildschirm viel zu spät. In der Lobby kann ich rum laufen und boxen. Ich kann ins Spiel joinen und aus dem Flugzeug springen aber der Ladebildschirm bleibt einfach angezeigt und verschwindet erst nach 3 - 5 min. Was das spielen fast unmöglich macht. Bitte um hilfe danke im vorraus.
  7. astromarkus

    Game Freezes

    Had a issue last closed beta, and now with lauch on steam, when finished a match and going to lobby game stays on death screen, only way to get by this is to use task manager and kill the application. Was also monitoring CPU and Memory with task manager and was not exceeding any high numbers. Cheers! Running windows 10 i5-4590 3.30Ghz 16 GB ram DDR5 Nvidia Asus strix 1080 video card.
  8. Bug Description: Getting back to lobby (main menu) after a game is quite slow. Almost 10 full seconds. Date Seen: Last seen 2017-03-24 01:00 Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing, don't know enough yet to try things. Don't want to break things. Other Information: I acknowledge the lobby should be cleared when the memory is needed, but I have 16GB. I do think there's room to keep all lobby asset ready to use Yes I can guess it's a low priority enhancement. But please, pretty please, don't forget about it down the road. Launch Options: Using -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 970 CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K Ram: 16GB Win & Steam & Game on ssd. Just in case, internet is 27m/1.7mb/s. No other internet activities at the time.
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