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Found 58 results

  1. Since the update, I am unable to do anything... the game is stuck in the lobby screen and after 30s or so, I see an error saying: Your client version is . Please exit the game and update I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, got no launch options set, reinstalled clean and latest nvidia drivers, checked game consistency in steam and tried pretty much any trick in the book... no luck... Is anyone facing the same issue ?
  2. at first it looks like the UI is not loading. but if you wait long enough it will. for me it took upto 5 min to load the ui. and seeing the other topics its not just me.... so temp fix... just wait
  3. After i died in the new pc 1.0 release i came back to the lobby - then the rejoin button appears, saying „match still in progress“ and asking me to rejoin ?!
  4. Readying in Duo's takes away Partner's ready check but starts Match searching. Both players can see the other players check mark until they ready up. After the second player ready's up, the other avatar's check disappears, matchmaking starts at the bottom but you never find a match. Have tried restarting steam, reloading lobby, leaving/rejoining teams.
  5. Hallo zusammen, seit etwa 3 Tagen habe ich massive Startprobleme. Die Kollegen aus dem englischen Bereich haben den Fehler auch bereits aufgegriffen. Zugegeben, der Fehler trat in der Vergangenheit auch auf, allerdings nur sporadisch. Nach 2,3 Neustarts des Games ging es dann aber. Das Problem Ich starte das Spiel und es läd. Es erscheint das PUBG Logo und man gelangt zum bekannten Hintergrund. Oben links steht nun eine URL in weiß, diese verschwindet nach ca 10 Sekunden und es erscheint das typische "dreieck" Allerdings ohne textur. Diese wird nach weiteren 5 Sekunden bevor nach weiteren 5-10 Sekunden dort letztendlich steht "Playerunknowns loading" Nun muss ich fast 2 Minuten warten bevor der screen umspringt. Hier werden nun die Infos angezeigt mit den belannten Logos und ich gelange letztendlich zur Lobby, die allerdings so langsam läd, dass ich erst nach einer weiteren Minute invited werden kann. Das Spiel läuft letztendlich flüssig nur das Öffnen von Türen buggt manchmal so, dass ich 3 Sekunden nachdem ich "f" gedrückt habe, eine offene tür sehe ohne Animation. Das ist auch nervig, da sich, drückt man innerhalb dieser 3 Sekunden wieder "f" (weil man sich nicht sicher war, ob der Befehl ankam), die Tür wieder schließt. Es fühlt sich so an, als hätte ich ein 65k holzmodem. Dabei nutze ich eine 150 Mbit Leitung (per LAN kabel). Was ich schon versucht habe: DNS auf Google DNS geändert. Keine Besserung. Wo tritt der Fehler auf? Live und Testserver. Weiß jemand was ich noch versuchen könnte? Danke vorab
  6. ktoś mi powie o co cho z tymi reklamami? (blokują możliwość wcisnięcia "play")
  7. I have recently upgraded my SSD drive and have fresh Windows 10 64bit running, all drivers and updates installed. Now pubg loads GPU to 100% when in lobby. In my opinion being in lobby should not load that much GPU & CPU. There is no problem when playing (20-80% GPU load in match). This is how it looks on all graphic settings set "High" Thats how picture changes if i set all settings to "very low" (static 83% GPU load + ~60% CPU load):
  8. When going back to the lobby after loosing I think the most common is to want to play a new match using the same server and team mode as previously. The team mode does however seem to be reset at "Solo", at least after "Solo FPP". This is not a major issue but irritating.
  9. I can click on only the settings,power and refresh buttons and refreshing doesn't change anything. This problem has remained after two updates and I have checked the firewall removed bit defender reinstalled the game over 5 times on different drives and there seems to be no fix.
  10. Dear Players and Developers, I am inside a network where all HTTP traffic is passed through a Proxy server and I am not able to change this. HTTPS however is passed through directly without interference. As this Proxy malfunctions frequently, sometimes my Battlegrounds lobby won't load properly. Changing the default landing page from http://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html to https://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html would alleviate my issues. Is there any possibility on doing this at this point in time? Thanks for your time. EDIT: For anyone else with the same problem it seems like I have found a workaround: Use "-LobbyUrl=https://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html" as a launch option.
  11. I have been getting odd messages at the end of some of my matches (not all but more than 25%). Not game breaking but a little annoying. The most common one is when I leave for the lobby after being killed I get this confirmation box: This is in the lobby, not in the death screen. The other message I get (less frequently) is this one: Again, this is after I have been killed and exited to the lobby. If I hit CONTINUE, I either get the "You are dead: Confirm" box, or I am sent back to my death screen where I am asked if I want to exit to the lobby. If I hit CANCEL, it usually just leaves me in the lobby.
  12. The bug is pretty much explained in the title, my friend and I launched the game up and our characters weren't wearing our clothes. Our items were there in our inventory and still equipped, but we couldn't see their images on their clickable icons (where you equip/unequip them) and clicking on them did nothing. The same goes for chests. We found this bug on 08.07.17 (MM/DD/YY) We are NOT on the test server. We tried refreshing the lobby UI, which did not work. Unequipping an item makes all clothing appear (this worked for me, but not my friend). This bug is an issue as it blocks players from opening their crates.
  13. Witam, W grze w lobby nie widzę wszystkich moich znajomych a chciałbym z nimi pograć. Ktoś wie jak to rozwiązać ? Albo napiszcie jeżeli też macie taki problem...
  14. So I joined a lobby and everything was fine, then I disappeared randomly and I couldn't move the camera or anything. Just like when you die in the main game. Here are some screenshots to show what I'm talking about: Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. i was starting the game and its just loading in the lobby, i can only press the option button, refresh and exit, any other than that really didnt pop up and i am not playing on the test server i already tried the cmd ipconfig stuff, firewall, and verify integrity cache and i just bought the game earlier, so can anyone help me?
  16. Reposting this bug. Basically, friends have correct statuses when they are in the lobby, like "lobby", "party", "matching" and sometimes "ingame", but if they are in-game and you press "Refresh" they are shown as offline until they are back in the lobby. So you can see sometimes that somebody goes in-game, if you were in the lobby yourself, but you can't see it if you just opened the game or if you press "Refresh". I had this 'bug' from the start. I can invite them no problem, it is just that their status (in-game) is not displayed correctly.
  17. Playing duo's with a friend. While i was running to the plane in the lobby i was Killed? Then i had to Spectate for the rest of the game lol.
  18. I have been having this problem where if 1 teammate crashed during lobby before timer starts and the rest of the team backs out, it would register as a loss but my other teammates who backed out would not have the issue. This started after the server issues 2 days ago. I lost a lot of rating/points because of having to back out when someone crashes. There are others with the same issue and others without it.
  19. LeScray

    Offline Lobby?

    Hi, just right now i wanted toplay with my friends (they have been ingame before) and we cannot. we have in the left corner no Play button it says OFFLINE Battelgrounds we trieds restart game and steam and i searched for server reports but all are online can someone help?
  20. So i was playing a game with my friends and as we queued up, i tabbed out of the game. I am unsure of exactly when i tabbed out of the game which may be a reason to why it happened. So as i tabbed back into the game, i spawned onto the island completely still, like when you load into the lobby as one of the first few before the counter begins and your player is frozen still. However this time was different, my friends and the whole lobby were in the plane whereas i was temporarily frozen on the spawn island when i joined. I was soon free to move around on the island as seen on these screenshots where i am in the top left island and my friends are jumping out of the plane, you can see that all 100 people were alive. I did not have to parachute out, i had just spawned in here. I then went on to loot the island before a teammate came and rescued me with a boat and took me to the mainland. From my assumption, i tabbed back and loaded in at the exact moment the game transitioned from the lobby to the plane, and therefore i was stuck in the middle however i have no confirmation. We have tried to reproduce this many times but have been unsuccessful. We have tried tabbing out and in again at different times during the loading screen but have unable to do it again. This may have just been a one-off as i have never seen this happened before or even be mentioned. We did end up winning this game though:
  21. Bug Description: After a game is complete and I choose to return to lobby, the game will display the lobby but not load buttons or menu. The process must be ended to close the game. Date Seen: For the past week up to and including today 6/23. Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Problem is intermittent. Sometimes it happens on the first game of the session, and other times it may take several games. Other Information: Happens in fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode. No other significant applications or processes running. Launch Options: None. System Specifications:
  22. This problem since the first day I started playing the game, all my friends too (with different gpu). Why in main menu must be loaded video card?
  23. Bug Description: After my 1st game, every time i die in a round, the UI to allow me to exit to lobby does not appear and thus i am forced to exit via menu->exit to lobby. This causes my round statistics not to be saved, so even though i played 5 rounds, it shows that i only played 1 round in my statistics. Kills, assists, etc ... are not saved either. I tried restarting the game multiple times, but it didn't help. Date Seen: May 13th 2017 Server: EU server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting and playing multiple rounds. Other Information: N/A Launch Options: Nothing changed. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB CPU: Intel Core i5-7300 HQ Ram: 8 Gb
  24. Hi everyone! Every time I start the game my lobby doesn't show up. I cant get into matches nor see the leaderboards, etc. I'm basically stuck in this screen with "Loading" on the up left corner forever. I've already reinstalled the game and it didn't help at all. Also when I press the refresh button nothing happens. Someone please send help, I appreciate it (:
  25. I have came across a reoccurring issue, of which my in-game voice will stop working (I can no longer use the chat system and can't hear others) When I exit to lobby after this happens, the game will be stuck at a blank lobby screen with this link in the top right-hand corner, "front.battlegroundsgame.com/index/html" With the three top right buttons (refresh, options, and close) It hasn't been just me, multiple of my friends have came across this bug. We try to turn on and off Voice Chat and no luck. At the lobby screen, hitting the "Refresh" key just bring me back to the blank lobby screen. Forcing myself and others to close and restart the game. Thank you very much.. -Love the game
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