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Found 58 results

  1. Ok, so went you wan to cancel the countdown, almost always it doesn't work it says "Canceling" but it doesn't and keeps counting until the "5 seconds starts" and even if it says "Cancelling" it doesn't cancel and put you in a game, please fix this, this is something that is been way long before Vikendi came and haven't been reported, I'll later send a clip of the problem
  2. Frequently, when the user clicks the Cancel for matchmaking, in the lobby, nothing happens. The game should cancel matchmaking. I haven't seen this bug in a while, and today is the first time I remember it happening .. 04/07/2019 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2019.04.07 -
  3. Не давно я сделал своё лобби я хочу узнать понравилось ли вам это лобби
  4. Minor usability issue (though I suppose this could also be intentional) but still worth a report, I think: when you're looking for players to add to your team and hit the refresh button in the menu, the game always seems to reset the tab to "Recent" which can get kind of annoying when you're waiting for a friend to reach the lobby and keep hitting refresh while on the "Friends" tab (and then need to tab back to "Friends" after each refresh). No biggie, just thought I'd mention. Oh, here's a brief video of it in action:
  5. PRE REQUISITES... 1. XBOX One S, Verizon hotspot on samsung s4... 2. You are in a group and in the game. Steps... 1. Hold start and exit to lobby, or just exit to lobby after dieing. 2. Either ready up before or after your team exits the game to lobby. Either your team exits group, or stays in. 3. Have everybody ready up by start tpp. 4. Note the yellow circle is spinning, but no check mark displays above charafter heae, and the game never starts.... Work around: Always exit the group after ending a game, and then re-invite.
  6. When I start the game it stuck to this screen, the background is running but cannot go to the lobby (just stuck just like in the screenshot), tried verify the game, restart steam, computer, and internet connection and it's still the same. A help would be Appreciated. Thanks Sincerly GotArrow
  7. Bug Description: Me and several friends can't see each other on the in game friends list (wont even show when searched) I can't see either of them, they can see me and they cant see each other. one is playing through steam family share (they aren't family sharing with each other), and the one that is family sharing i don't see the shared account either (they just appear offline) Date Seen: 1/16/18 Server: Not test Troubleshooting Attempted: searching for them via the in-game search (this finds them, but they appear offline or "busy"). Sometimes appears to work, need to do further testing. Verifying integrity of game files removing and re-adding friends via steam changing regions toggling block/unblock invites inviting via the steam friends list (the option doesn't appear) restarting the client (obviously) Setting profiles to public Other Information: Only recently started playing again and never saw this issue before Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home 64-bit Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 980 CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k 4.0 gHz Ram: 8gb
  8. It's as simple as that, whenever i exit to lobby the game freezes during loading of main menu, and I cant tab out of the game and use anything but my arrows, enter and tab buttons, so what I have to do is ctrl+alt+delete and use my arrows to navigate to task manager and from there also manage down to TsiGame.exe and press delete and restart the game from steam again, and again, and again after EACH AND EVERY SINGLE GAME. This only started very suddenly, around 11:30 pm CET 01/15/2017 after several games previous to it on the same evening. It does not happen to my friends. Got an intel i5 something 4750 idrlk, an MSI 1060 6GB, 8gb RAM and I have it on an SSD with more than 70 GB free space. No other applications but Discord and Steam running whilst playing and I prefer to minimize graphic settings for max FPS, but still 1080 with medium render distance and texture (literally 2 FPS difference between low for me so I prefer the whole lotta better gfx than tiny little fps gain). Do take in mind i have not had any issues with loading stuff in this game these past 5-7 months.
  9. In the erangel lobby, where people can pick up guns, some fucking idiots take up crossbows and shoot you in the eyes with them. The goddamn crossbow bolts then procede to be stuck there impeding your vision for THE REST OF THE DAMN GAME. For christ's sake. Fix it.
  10. Was shot in the face with a crossbow in the lobby. Loaded in to the match with the bolt still in my face, obscuring my sight. A bit funny, but also not an ideal for visibility.
  11. Hello. My game gets stuck on Main Screen Theme (Attached a photo) always, i can press options (settings) below right and restart lobby but still does not work. Please is there any fix? I tried verifying my integrity and turned off everything on my PC. Please help me out with this? Thank you!
  12. So I have been playing a lot of duos lately. So I was going to play a bit of solo. I just left the team lobby I was in (I was the leader), and I think I also exited the game. After going back to the game, the button saying solo was already clicked, so I just went in thinking I was gonna play a solo game. Turns out I was put in a duo game, and I realized that after I shot a guy and only knocked him... So I go out of that match and again the solo button is clicked (I thought I accidentally had it on duo in the previous game) so I went in another time, and again it was duo... Please make it so it either actually is a solo game it puts you in when the solo button is clicked, or change the button to what's actually clicked and selected. I have now clicked solo myself, so I'm gonna test if it actually puts me in a solo this time, or if I have to click a button that's not already clicked, then click solo again.
  13. In pregame lobby for Erangel, if someone shoots you in the face with a crossbow, the bolt will stay stuck and remain in their head all game. Depending on angle, this can block the ability to ADS or use scopes. A second, less serious bug, when playing FPP solo, the main menu lobby reverts back to TPP mode every game.
  14. I thought at first there was a typo on the lobby but it seems that the word "Play" in the bottom left corner will drop different letters. sometimes the a will be missing and sometimes the y. Also, I've seen my username in the top right missing letters.
  15. This problem occurs to me since july. After every match i tap 'exit to lobby' it takes tooooo much time to load interface or initialize. I turned off firewall/anti-virus all, deleted gamesettings.ini, installed pubg on ssd. This bug is very frustrating
  16. After automatically downloading the latest update when starting the Steam client today, I've noticed that a letter is missing from my username when I'm in the PUBG lobby screen and also some letters are missing from other text. If I go to the player cosmetic customisation screen there are also some letters missing there when I click on various different items. Screenshot attached showing this. PC version, latest PUBG Live update from 03 Jan 2018.
  17. I prefer to play first-person perspective. I am forced to re-select the FPP option from the lobby with every game, rather than the game remembering for me.
  18. Olá, venho enfrentando um problema onde meu jogo abre normalmente porem após as telas de PUBG CORPORATION e etc trava no processo de inicialização, que deveria ser feito o processo e então ser aberto o lobby, onde escolho meu personagem, tipo de partida e etc..O interessante é que o jogo não parou de funcionar, pois fica tocando a musica do lobby e o FPS fica rodando normal (entre 80-120) e aparentemente não é um bug fixo, pois teve alguns momentos em que consegui entrar no jogo. Acho realmente que seja algum problema de conexão, então tentei desligar o firewall do Windows e o antivírus iniciei o jogo e não funcionou também e para terminar acabei de excluir o jogo e irei tentar reinstalar porem vi em alguns fóruns e estavam falando que reinstalar não funcionava então não estou muito esperançoso em reinstalar o jogo. Prints da tela do jogo -
  19. Last couple days we had some problems with squads in the lobby. After finishing a game, we all press ready. However, everyone sees it different sometime. Example: Player A sees: A: ready B: ready C: not ready D: ready Playber C sees: Player A: ready Player b: not ready Player C: ready Player D: ready The above can change from time to time. So basically, everyone has pushed ready, but in some clients one of the squad members isn't ready. Therefore the client doesn't start matchmaking. Resetting the lobby cures the problem, but it's definitely annoying.
  20. As to my excitement I’ve been given PUBG for Xmas! Woohoo!!! Happy days! So I’ve downloaded the game and as I load it up I get past the (select A) screen, but a shame I get past that I am stuck on this white screen with small text on top left on my screen. The text says - loading - lobby. ive been sat here watching this white screen for 15 mins. Definitely a big report.
  21. PT-BR: estou tendo um problema em que o jogo é iniciado normalmente, porem ele congela a imagem logo após iniciar. Toca a musica do jogo, então o jogo não parou de responder. Já tentei varias coisas, como tirar o firewall do Windows, atualizar drivers entre outras coisas e o que eu não entendo é que esse problema não acontece toda vez, tem hora que consigo jogar normalmente. EN: I'm having a problem where the game starts normally, but it freezes the imagem right after it starts. play the game music, then the game did not stop responding. i've tried several things, like getting the frewall from windows, updating drivers among and other things. What i do not understand is that this problem is time that i can play normally. This is a screenshot of the Frozen screen
  22. so i exit the match after getting killed and it loads back and says i need to exit and update the game but i am fully up to date on the game and this has happen more than once so i am not sure if others are having this issue but i wanted to bring it up in case it hasnt been posted. and Sly is the best in the world she needs a raise
  23. Everytime i end a match, when i going to lobby, why its taking longer to load the lobby???
  24. Hey, When I start game loading lobby page is taking a long time. Sometimes 30 secs, 1 min... Please fix it.
  25. at first it looks like the UI is not loading. but if you wait long enough it will. for me it took upto 5 min to load the ui. and seeing the other topics its not just me.... so temp fix... just wait
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