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Found 187 results

  1. Ben ; Amd Fx 8350 8 CPU's 4.0 Ghz 8 GB Vengeance 1600 Mhz 8 GB Asus Rx strix 480 256 bit 128 gb Samsung SSD , ye sahip bir oyuncu olarak ilk defa bu şekilde fps düşüklüğü aşırı şekilde bir drop la karsılasıyorum forumlarda görüpte mantıklı olduğuna kanaat getirdiğim bir çok işlemi gerçekleştirmeme rağmen sorun hala devam etmek de . 1 ay lık uğraşlarımın sonucunda buraya bir topic açmaya karar verdim yardımcı olursanız sevinirim .
  2. Hello everyone, I have posted a link to a short video I have edited with several clips showcasing what I believe are problems I have encountered with shots not registering correctly and/or a connection type issue. I never see this type of stuff happen for other people so I don't know what is going on. These videos have been saved over just a couple months. It seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot, but these clips are the most obvious to me that something is wrong. If anyone can point something out that I'm missing or has a way to fix it I would really appreciate it as every time I play I feel like I have a huge disadvantage. If you believe it's personal error in one of the clips let me know what's and wrong and what I need to do differently! There is a short black screen after video #1 as I deleted a clip and forgot to fill it.The clips are regular speed followed by slow motion. Each clip is also numbered, if you can leave the # of the video in your comment so I know what you are talking about. Some of the clips are moving pretty quick even in slow motion so you might have to re-watch them a few times. I will leave a list below with what I think the issue is in each clip! Video Clips Here! Clip #1 - Head shot not registering. Clip #2 - Head shot not registering. (Even though the other player slightly moved when I fired, it looks like the bullet almost passes through the right side of head?) Clip #3 - Head shot not registering. 2nd Bullet possibly going through his head? Clip #4 - A few consistent shots not registering. (I noticed I shot the pan on his back twice, I moved the reticle up to his back right after and got 1 out of 2 hits, I also believe I should have got the second hit as he is running down the hill.) Clip #5 - Possible Dsync issue, if you watch close I fire my second round before he fires the kill shot. Clip #6 - Multiple hits not registering Clip #7 - Hit registration mostly on his feet, (the guy I'm firing at also suddenly disappears around the time 2:08) Clip #8 - Hit registration, this one is more debatable to my own error Clip#9 - Hit registration, other player lagging around Clip#10 - Hits clearly not registering Clip#11 - Body shots and clear head shots not registering Clip#12 - Mostly the shots with the vector not registering on this one, again another debatable one Let me know what you guys think, I am open to anything! Also let me know if I am missing any important info to help, Thanks! Troubleshooting so far: Updated to latest Nvidia drivers, all other drivers up to date, Game files validated, latest version of windows 10 Computer specs: Intel Core i5 3.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 (not overclocked), Crucial 500GB SSD, 8GB Rip Jaws Ram, Windows 64 bit.
  3. ok so i was going thu the settings trying to get better graphics and i did a setting i think full screen and it put my muse click about a inch under the actual mouse arrow thing and now i cant play or change the settings and such soo im hopeless and i love your game and i dont want to wast 30$ plz help me. thank you..
  4. Boa noite meus amigos, meu pc é um i3 6geração, 8 gb de ram e uma placa de video rx 460 4 gb 128 bits, o jogo sempre rodou super bem no pc, só que essa semana formatei o pc dai quando instalei o jogo novamente, não tem condição nenhuma de jogar, fica super travado dá nem pra começar uma partida e reinstalei com o mesmo windows que estava.
  5. Before I start what I'm about to say, from what I have played, this game is amazing. I really wish I could play more though. The first problem was the Network Issue where when I would get out of the plane and fly down, my whole computer would freeze even though I have the right requirements for the game. That was easily fixed by some firewall issues. Then after that I played one round and the ping was pretty bad even though I am in AUS and I played on a AUS server but it was playable but soon after that when I logged back in, I would fly down and everything would be fine until it started loading structures. When I first go down, there would be structures on the map but not in game. I could run around but I would see players floating mid air since they have buildings loaded. 5 minutes later, the game would freeze up. Again, 5 minutes later it would unfreeze and the buildings would be very low poly and ugly. It would do this again and again until I would die and have to turn the computer off and on. I managed to take a couple of screenshots while it was happening but that's all. https://imgur.com/a/XlPaL Specs- CPU- Intel i5 6400 Video Card- GTX 950 RAM- 8GB Storage- 1TB Network- Alienware Wireless Network Thanks. If you need any questions, I'll be happy to reply.
  6. Before the update, the textures wouldn't load from time to time and it would usually take roughly 30 seconds for them to load. Now, the textures never load in properly and they take up to five minutes to load in. On top of this, whenever I enter a game, I don't spawn in on time (I don't spawn in on the island I spawn in already in the plane halfway across the map. The plane is very laggy and jumpy). When I jump out of the plane, everything is normal until I approach the ground. Most times, I won't even be able to see the buildings (I just see the ground) and the shapes of the buildings won't load until a few seconds after I reach the ground. If I come into contact with where the buildings are supposed to be, I'll stutter. When the shapes of the buildings load in, the textures don't load for another five minutes as I said before, which forces me to wait outside the buildings completely defenseless for a good portion of the early game. This bug has gotten to the point where I can no longer play the game. I have a pretty low end computer but I could at least play the game before this stupid update. My specs are as follows: AMD - FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor MSI - 970 GAMING ATX AM3+ Motherboard 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 RAM 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked Video Card Please fix this issue so I can play this game again
  7. I was looting next to the safe zone in a house. I randomly froze for like a second and I ended up in the corner of a wall in side a house, wedged between a radiator and a wall. I couldn't move from this no matter how hard I tried. I told my friend to revive me but I was still stuck.
  8. Seems changing my settings from lowish (thinking id get higher frames) to high/ultra has fixed the map/inventory freezing issue. I'm guessing it was CPU bottlenecking, whereas now the map and inventory is fine with no freezing at all... I still get the ADS freeze/stutter occasionally but this seems to be tied more to a Network Lag Detected error than my input. (maybe, will need to test it more) Either way it's no where near as much as before, I jumped into a game to test it and got 4 kills without ADS lag/freeze and a comfortable top 5 finish without thinking about the issues I've been having, including Map and Inventory usage, when I had low settings it was almost unplayable and my CPU in resource monitor was consistently 90%+ If your GPU can handle the settings try bumping everything except foliage up as high as you can without compromising the frame rate of course. Seems to have worked for me so far. Looks like Low settings put a massive strain on the CPU, whereas pushing it a high/ultra combo moves that load onto the GPU, and removes the bottleneck as my CPU now runs at about 60-70% under load during gameplay. Hope this helps some of you who may have been having the map/inventory lag and sometimes ADS lag issue like I was, I was pulling my hair out over this and nearly f'n reinstalled Windows to see if it would help!
  9. Hi I have an issue that whenever I am running, walking or jumping every two or so seconds my player will jump forwards as if i have lag. None of the other players appear to be doing this and it is only when I am moving, running and jumping fps seems to be okay its just jumps forwards or sideways every so often. I am running a 1080 8gb card with latest drivers, i7-6700k standard clock, (2x8)16gb ddr4 2133mhz, have a predator z35 running at 200hz (same at 144hz and 60hz) The game is installed on an 238gb nvme M2 ssd and my main drive is also a sata ssd (I have tried messing around with page files to no avail) motherboard is an asus z170-a I have tried it on lowest graphics and it does not change. I don't get network issues come up I have not enabled intel rst yet I am waiting on another ssd to run as the cache. Not sure what to try or whether it is a software issue (it is an early access game) rather than hardware/drivers. Any help is much appreciated. Many thanks.
  10. Date Seen: Every time i open the inventory Server: Live server Error Message: No errors. Other Information: I get perfectly playable framerates when i do anything but open my inventory, other than houses taking a long time to render this is pretty much the only game breaking bug for me. Troubleshooting Attempted: -Turned every graphical setting to the lowest possible. -Attempted to spam the tab key in order to see if it'd fix the inventory lag issue Launch Options: -Attempted to run this game in DirectX10 mode (via the -d3d10 command in launch settings) -Tried the "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" command in launch settings -Tried the malloc=system launch command in launch settings -Tried the -sm4 command in launch settings System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 750ti 2GB (Factory overclocked) CPU: AMD FX-6300 (Not overclocked) Ram: 8GB DDR3 (Couldin't find exact model name of ram sticks) Video (extra):
  11. please check and help, i BOUGHT GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL CRATE #1, i lose 1200 but i dont get the crate. Please check it for me.
  12. Olá, meu computador claramente alcança os requisitos mínimos do game, mas mesmo assim há alguns problemas, como lag durante a partida, as estruturas demoram para renderizar, tempo muito alto na tela de login da partida e entre outros erros, já tentei fechar processos que não estão sendo utilizados, também deixar os gráficos no mínimo e mesmo assim os erros continuam, sei que o jogo esta em uma versão não oficial, mas meus amigos que tem uma configuração de pc inferior ao meu conseguem jogar tranquilamente, se alguém pode me ajudar agradeço. Config do meu pc : Processador : Inter Core i5-6500 3.20 ghz Memoria: 8 GB de Ram Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  13. Since the last update I see enemy's lagging like never before. Everything else is just fine now, my own character doesn't lag and the bullets don't lag either. I just see my enemy's teleporting from one spot to another, therefore I can't really kill them as fast as I want too. Anyone else has got this problem or has an idea on how to solve this issue? Please help
  14. Now this is a bit of a strange one but came across to me as a bug so bizzare it appears to be most likely a hack. Esentially I was looting my first cluster of houses with no issues when all of a sudden the game froze up. Eveything else on the computer was fine and my connection was fine. After about 30 seconds the came unfroze, coming up with a "network lag" message briefly. At that point I literally teleported to somewhere completely different and was presented with a death screen with no details other than my user name. My body remained standing and animated, but it was clear that I had died as my loot box was bellow me. It just so happened that where I teleported was directly beside another player, who then promptly looted all of my stuff. Upon leaving the game I was given the option to rejoin, but was presented with an error message whenever I tried. Screenshots bellow
  15. Hey So i am new player, and i always getting lag detected and it will just freeze and because of that i need to reconnect, then the game will work fine, but if i will win or die whatsoever i won't get all my money, in my first win i was so excited i won and i had to get 1k BP, got only 100... This lag happens every time, and i won't get my money every time i will reconnect. Is there any fix for that ?
  16. Character will be "teleporting" "frame lagging" while running or sitting still. Will random jump character 3-4ft in any direction, randomly. Quite a frequent event, makes it hard to play. Thanks for all your help IT team! Gamertag is TexasQueso
  17. oyunu akıcı oynuyorum(loot yaparken kendi haraketlerim) ama sadece oyuncuları göremiyorum sürekli ışınlanıyorlar 5.. 10 metre. kimseyi vurmam mümkün değil. ve hiç görmediğim adamlar beliriyor önümde birden. yani oyuncuların her adımı 5metreye falan tekabül ediyor . bir evden çıkarken gördüğüm adam 1 sn öbür evin içine girmiş oluyor
  18. Date Seen: 8/4/2017 Server: SEA Error Message: Not yet crash Other Information: Plugged Razer Naga Hex v.2 mouse ,Enter game Normal FPS around 40 but by moving the mouse FPS drop extremely to 1~5 FPS.I do it with other mouse.There's no more FPS drop. Troubleshooting Attempted: Done , not working So I use Logitech mouse to play Launch Options: -malloc=system +mat_antialias 0 window -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=16000 -force-feature-level-11-0 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GeForce 940M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U @2.20 GHz Ram: 16.0 GB
  19. I was crawling around on spawn then got teleported to plane, once I dropped on ground I went automatically to crawl mode and my game just froze, I was waiting but ended going on task manager and force close game. I was playing third person duo if that means anything.
  20. So, about 3 or so weeks ago after an update, I presume, whenever I shoot ANY weapon, my FPS drops to 1, and then shoots back up to normal again, making firefights almost impossible, as well as making the game not so fun to play. I have looked into fixes everywhere, but none seem to offer a solution. Anyone else having this issue? Or anyone got any suggestions on how to fix?
  21. My normal Fps in game in Very low settings around 50 Fps. I just bought mouse called Razer naga hex v.2 So I plugged it in.By moving the mouse in lobby and gameplay FPS are extremely drop to like 1~5 FPS.So I unplugged it change to other mouse. FPS raised to normally. Is this a game bug or something?
  22. Still having an extreme amount of lag does not look like anything has changes since the patch. please revert patch maybe test it on the test server for a few days before you go live. as for now the game is now unplayable.....
  23. Date Seen: Daily since download, 08/05/17 most recent, Todays date. Server: Live Server, NA Other Information: Within the first four minutes of a match, the game will sometimes lose all sound entirely. The reason I suspect that this is an audio driver issue, is that anything i have in the background (such as music), will stop, or stutter at an extremely low rate as well. This also causes lag within the game, especially when moving my mouse along the horizontal axis. The issue will sometimes resolve itself after a long delay (sometimes upwards of 10 minutes, at which point it is not immune from happening again, often just moments later), but I usually have to restart the game. HIgher Graphics settings increase the chance of bug occurring. Even minimum graphics settings do no prevent occurrence of bug. Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified Integrity of Game files. Windows up to date. Turtle Beach Headset, no drivers to update. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: MSI Gaming Core 2 GB Nvidia 750 Ti CPU: AMD Six Core 3.5GHz Ram: 16 GB
  24. Bug Description: Since yesterday (01/08/2017) the game has major issues for me. It doesn't start up as fast as it used to, I load for so long, that I skip the entire loading area. The first thing I see in game is me on the plane (without any sound). When I jump out of the plane my mini map looks fine, but the map itself is one big landscape of greenery. When I've actually landed (God knows where..) I see nothing still. The only thing that helps is opening my inventory. The game completely freezes for about a good minute and a half and reports a server lag, thats when I get to see everything. I'm loaded, I see the buildings but my character won't turn around with my mouse. I have to alt + tab for that to work. Meanwhile I'm getting messages from my PC that the game is using a full 100% (!!) of my CPU, which it has never done. My PC isn't warm, isn't lagging (I can alt+tab and do other stuff perfectly fine). Date Seen: 01/08/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: I've restarted the game, restarted Steam, updated my graphic card to the latest version (Nvidia GTX 1060) and restarted my PC several times. Since I've always played on Ultra mode, I've also tried lowering the settings to a full all low. I've also just tried the ''Verify Integrity of game files'' through Steam. Other Information: My PC is only 3 months old Launch Options: No System Specifications:
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