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Found 187 results

  1. every game about 5 min my game freezes for exactly 30 sec and then it says network lag detected. then i can play again. this is very frusterating. AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six Core Processor 16gb 64 bit windows 10 Nvidia gtx 660
  2. When ever I click the in-games settings button, my game lags, as well as my computer.(The mouse lags as well.) Whenever I'm in a voice chat it will lag as well. Hopefully someone has a solution to this. Thanks
  3. Hello there everyone, I'm experiencing a rather difficult issue with the game at the moment. As detailed in my previous post I had some problems with lag when pressing down any button. I managed to somehow make the issue less annoying by disabling key repeat in the Windows settings, however this did not really solve my problem. While I can now enjoy running in the game and picking people off from the distance, close quaters fights still are nearly impossible for me to win as my framerate immediately drops to about 10 FPS when I start quickly pressing keys or clicking repeatedly. I guess that this is related to my previous problem in so far as this happened every tenth of a second or so before because of the Key Press events whereas now it only happens on Key Up or Key Down. If anyone has any suggestion as to what to try out I am open to try anything. I would really appreciate your help as I am kind of lost right now and don't know what to investigate next. Best Regards, The Kaltur
  4. Fala Galera, Vi várias pessoas reclamando do fps e jogando no full low com vários lags. Então assim como muitos fiz várias pesquisas e tentei inúmeras vezes melhorar o desempenho no game até que, consegui rodar o jogo muito mais liso. Então aqui vai algumas dicas que deu super certo comigo: 1: Instalem o Windows 10! Isso mesmo, o sistema usa menos memória comparado ao win 7 o que diminui o gargalo no game. 2: Atualizem o drive da sua placa de vídeo! Pode não parecer, mas uma versão desatualizada pode conter erros que prejudicam no game. 3: GPU'S que utilizam 4GB de Vram rodam muito bem esse jogo, se pretendem comprar ou trocar sua placa de vídeo, recomendo gpu's acima de 4gb! Porém com 2 gb você consegue rodar. 4: Memória Ram, é incrível a quantidade de RAM que esse game usa, então 8 gb já não são ideais, mas mesmo assim você pode rodar legal com 8 gb! Para quem quer saber a configuração da minha máquina vou listar aqui em baixo, sei que muitos tem a configuração melhor e mesmo assim estão tendo problema, creio que essas dicas possam ajudá-los a terem menos dor de cabeça com o jogo. Porém, vale salientar que o game não está 100%, muitas atualizações estão por vir (espero) e que resolvam esse grande problema de drop de fps. As informações do MSI Afterburner em amarelo representa como estava antes. As de cor azul, é como está agora. Lembrando que antes eu usava tudo no full low e agora no médio com apenas as sombras, vegetação e efeitos no low. Obs> No início do game após formatação do sistema, o jogo pode travar um pouco pela alta configuração que já vem pré definida! Abraço, espero ter ajudado!
  5. Hello everybody, my friend has the following problem, whenever he is playing pubg he is getting crazy network lags. So we tried to search for a solution, and started to constantly ping (eu server frankfurt). Seperatly we pinged an euw league of legends server. So we had constant pings on a league of legends server and a pubg server(both EU). Whenever he starts a game of pubg the ping to both servers went up super high. Above 500 and higher. This only happened when he started a game of pubg, when he played any other game for example league of legends both pings to both servers went up super high again. Summary: Everytime when my friend starts a round of pubg it causes the ping to the pubg server and every other server increase alot! When not playing pubg he doesnt get any network problems! edit: he said he has this problem since the last weekly patch. Help needed, thanks in advance!
  6. Echoskull

    Extreme lag.

    Game will not let me shoot, click on any menu button consistently, drag things in and out of my inventory, etc. But i can still walk around, open doors, pick up items with F, Drive, etc. I have tried to reinstall the game several times and there is no lag in any other steam games.
  7. Hi, starting this evening, I'm unable to play the game after it worked fine this afternoon. I can get into a game, it loads up, I'm on the island, then get onto the plane and sometime then, usually about 20 seconds after getting onto the plane, the game stops responding, stops doing anything. I can't open the inventory, menu or do anything inside the game, and I can't even close the game via task-manager. It just stays open, unresponsive, sound still going. Then after about 2 minutes, "Network lag detected" shows up, stays for about 30 seconds, then I get thrown back into the main menu and get the error message "connection timeout". This has happpened eight times in a row now, with me trying to fix stuff after every game. I restarted, I went from WLAN to LAN, verified the integrity of the game cache, checked windows settings, driver updates, went from EU servers to NA.. Nothing. The freeze + error keeps coming every game, which means I can currently not play the game at all. The game ran fine so far on medium settings, I tried playing with everything on low, and changed the resolution, but to no avail. I am connected to my town's university network, I have about 100 mbit/s download and 80 mbit/s upload, and my internet is working fine right now, so that shouldn't be the issue either. My system specs: Intel i5-4460 GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 8 GB RAM Windows 10 If you need anything else to try and help me out, or have the same problem right now, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm extremely tired of this and just need some help. For the love of god, please someone tell me what this is and how to fix it. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HNYi2URW4s&t
  9. So I just got PUBG yesterday, and anytime I get in a game and play it I'm constantly lagging and rubber-banding around the place every step I take. Obviously it's extremely, extremely annoying. I checked the minimum requirements for the game and I'm pretty sure I check all the boxes. The only thing I'm not absolutely 100% sure about is my space. If anyone could tell me a good way to check how much space I have I would definitely take a look. Thanks
  10. Hi. I was in game of duos. It was the last zone with me and my teammate alive and another enemy (3 alive). We tried to rush him, as it was 2v1. We couldn't see him, but we heard him and his teammate on the voice chat. He was in the middle of the final zone. We could hear them mocking us and playing troll songs, we shot everywhere but couldn't hit. Eventually the match end timer ticked down and the zone started coming. The guy was laughing and calling us morons. I started panicking and drinking an energy drink, I saw in the "chat" my teammate died and so did the enemy. My energy drink saved me with like 1% health giving me a win, the guys then started booing me, saying I was cheating. Was that a hacker or a bug? Is anyone else having it? Please respond ASAP.
  11. Bug Description: I get a brief freeze and the message "network lag detected" after releasing alt while running. It doesn't always happen, but it is very frequent. Date Seen: Everytime I play. Server: Normal server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing. Other Information: - Launch Options: Allowed all available cores of my processor. System Specifications :
  12. herthis

    Multiple bug

    Hello, first my cfg: motherboard z170a i5 6600k gtx970 4g 32gb ram 2133mghz ssd install windows 10 100m/b fibre optique I have the last update of all drivers. I try everything but nothing works. I can't enjoy the game... 1- Launching the game and returns to the menu after the game is really long... 1-2 minutes 2- I have multiple bug sound already reported ( mostly the one in beggining of the game, sometimes while I play the game) 3- I have a message of server lag issue for 2 sec sometimes 4-5 I have really a game who lag or ram a lot, I can't shoot someones because of that... It's not smooth... I have already try everything in the wiki and some others post I found... Nothing is working... How can I help you to fix that ? How can I fix that ? I can tell you all the thing I already try if someones care
  13. In the first 5 minutes of every match the game is nearly unplayable for me. My fps drops between 1 and 10 and the game freezes. Buildings don't render either. After about 5 minutes the game smooths out and my fps goes up to about 50. None of my other games do this and I run them on high/ultra but I can barely run PUBG on medium. Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening?
  14. Date Seen: 6-18-2017 Information: Windows 10 Nvidia 1070, Intel i5 6600k, 16gb RAM ASUS AC56 USB network adapter Bug Description: Match starts, but after about 60-200 seconds I am kicked out of the game with the error "Client Not Responding 2.3.30 - d82ee5" I've been able to play on this same machine/config for last 2 weeks withouth problems. Issues is happening in 100% of my games today Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Updated NIC drivers
  15. For the past 2 days I have been recieving a lot of lag in PUBG. It like rubber banding, but it doesn't make the game unplayable, just really really annoying and not optimal. I just ran a speed test and I am getting (19 ping, 39.35Mbps down, 9.13Mbps up). My old build/ISP was running the game fine, but I moved. Before my speeds were (36 ping, 34.56Mbps down, 6.79mbps up). I also changed my PC specs. I now have: i7-7700k, Upgraded from 4790k MSI A Pro z270, Upgraded from some random micro ATX Intel board. 16GB ddr4 Ram, Upgraded from 12gb ddr3 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, Upgraded from EVGA 980 FTW This game and Overwatch lag a lot, but Overwatch doesnt rubber band or anything and just lags. It lagged with my old internet as well. My FPS stays solid when the rubber banding happens, so I dont think it is a issue like that. I have the game installed on a Samsung SSD, so no issues there. I have a wired connection to my router. Games like BF1, H1Z1, CSGO, and LoL dont have any stuttering or lag issues. Just this game and Overwatch. I have a the latest drivers for everything on my system, and I have restarted my PC multiple times This is what it looks like (Not my video), but my FPS is good (above 90)
  16. Since the patch I have been having alot of problems with rendering during squad games after landing on the ground. When I play solo matches I do not have this issue at all. When I play squad I usually have to wait about 4-5 minutes for the game to render so I can see doors and windows and whatnot. I do not understand why it only does this during squad and not during solo or duo. Can anyone shine some light or comment if they are having the same issue? Thank you.
  17. TLDR; every time i jump or fire a gun my game is freezing for about a second and then catching up with actions im doing in that time. this has started since the last update, which my general FPS way better, lag at game start, way better. but the game is unplayable for me at the moment, if i see somone the moment i fire the game freezes for about a second then catches up, this means i cant adjust my aim but i can empty an m16a4 mag in burst mode in a second, im not sure if anyone else has experienced this but if anyone has, does anyone have a fix? my computer is more than capable of running the settings i have it on, iv checked my network and its not network lag.
  18. Hello I got some pictures and videos where you see me exactly aiming at people, shooting, and not hitting. But as you can see in the videos or the pictures the bullet or bolt should hit them exactly. Maybe you can correct me if I am wrong, but IMHO all these shots should be kills, shouldn't they? Especially the two last ones where you even see the white dot which is the bullet, before it disappears. Fix that please.
  19. Hello!Let me start off saying, all of you at Bluehole are doing a fantastic job at this game, and should continue to update it, and work on new fixes.Side note before starting: I can run this game fine before the update, nothing was wrong with it before, and It ran fine.So, This new update is great! I love almost every bit of it. But, Recently, I have encountered a new glitch where when I go to open up my inventory, the game, and ultimately the server (for myself) Will lag up to 15 seconds before I can access my inventory. Because the inventory is one of the most crucial parts of the game, it makes the game nearly un-playable.Now onto some different lag.Recently, I have built my self a new PC. (Specs Below) And honestly, I've downloaded a lot of new stuff. Drivers, Songs, Games, Anti-Virus, School stuff, the list goes on. And yes, My internet does have a cap on it, yet its pretty high up there. I can run everything on my PC fine, Until I get into a match of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.This is what's going on per-matchThe screen for joining is fine, and I'm loaded into the lobby fine, My inventory is fine, and everything is okay.I'm put into the plane, a little audio lag, nothing out of the ordinary. I decide to jump, and for about the first second to second and a half, I'm fine, and then that's when the lag hits. My screen is frozen, the falling audio is repeating,Eventually, the lag catches up, and I'm either on the ground, or I'm still getting onto the groundFrom there, everything seems okay, I pick up a gun, Some attachments,I open up my inventory to attach said attachments, And the lag is real. My game lags up, for a good 15 seconds, and then I can manage and do stuff in my inventory. After the inventory closes, I'm hit with the good 'ol "Network Lag detected" and my game, of course, lags up. This persists to continue, making the game nearly impossible to playMy attempted solutions (All failed)Re-Starting Wi-FiLowering graphicsRe-Verifying game integrityRestarting Steam/PCRestarting GamePC specs (Generally):CPU: Intel i5-4660 ProcessorCPU cooler: The stock fan that came with ^^Ram: DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 8GBGPU: NVidia GTX 1050 Mobo: Intel PCmate Z97Case: Rosewill Nighthawk 17x (OR something like that)PSU: Thermaltake Bronze 450 wattI want to thank everyone at Bluehole for making such a great game, and I hope that these fixes are made, and that I can continue playing this game. Thanks!
  20. I recently upgraded my rig from an FX-6300 DDR3 to an i7 7700k, 16bg DDR4 RAM, and I have the same GTX 970. Systems don't get much more powerful unless you add on the latest generation nvidia card. I used to average about 35fps and dipped to 20-30, and now I can get upwards of 80fps on occasion, but I sit in the 40s-50s most of the time, and often drop to 30 in towns or populated areas....Sometimes when there's very little around. I do play with discord open in the background, steam, and sometimes a web browser. I play with people who have lesser systems and get much better performance, so it must be an issue with my system or some settings. I just tried played with very low settings except medium AA with the same results. I feel I should be averaging 60fps, dipping to 30-35 on rare occasion in very populated areas or large towns, but maxing out at 80-100 in low-pop areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Intel i7 7700k ASUS STRIX Z270-E ROG mobo 16gb DDR4 ram OCed to 3000mhz @ 1.35v via EZ-OC (2133 stock) Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb EGVA nVidia 970 GTX SSC 7200 rpm 500gb HDD (I have a 250gb SSD for a boot drive and select (smaller) games. I doubt this should make a difference, though...) 1000w EVGA plat PSU Plenty of air cooling.
  21. Hello guys, Got a problem/ bug to report not sure if its just me or what but whenever i launch PUBG and running it for more than 5 minutes, my windows tend to get abit laggy. The game is running fine and my browsers and opened programs are fine too, it's just that whenever i try to launch a new program like a browser or something, it lags and is slowed down. Even when i right click the window taskbar, it takes at least 5 seconds for it to show. It couldn't be my PC problem as i'm running on GTX 1060 and 32GB ram (gaming computer) and everything is okay with other high end FPS games but it's just PUBG that has this problem. Can anyone diagnose the root of this problem? Thanks in advance!
  22. When I bought the game (yesterday) it worked fine, but today its not. In every match i get a sort of mouse lag. The game is running at a smooth 60fps with no part of my computer under full load. Randomly throughout the match the mouse completely stops responding for 2-5 seconds (with intervals of anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes). I am still able to use my keyboard to walk around, I still have a great ping, 60fps and I see no spikes or alike in task manager. When i finally regain controll it quickly jumps to where my character would have looked if the mouse was responding the entire time. Specs MOBO = MSI 970 Gaming CPU = AMD FX-6300 GPU = AMD Sapphire R9 390 8Gb RAM = 16Gb DDR3 I have tried Reinstalling the game Lowering the priority of the game in task manager Restarting the computer Reinstalling mouse drivers Updating Windows drivers Updating GPU drivers Updating MOBO drivers Verifying game cache Lowering in-game settings EDIT: Day 3 now and the issue mysteriously disappeared, thanks anyways <3 EDIT2: Day 4, it's back, fuck.
  23. Bug Description: With SLI enabled and textures at high the games freezes for ~3 seconds. with textures at medium the lag is much smaller but still noticable. Disabling SLI or setting texture to low removes the lag. Date Seen: 06-25-2017 Server: Please note if you are on the TEST server or not. This will help to categorize reports. Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried various GPU (nvidia control panel) setting and game settings. The only things that made a difference was disabling SLI or setting textures to low. Other Information: The game runs at 70+ FPS even with textures set to high. The behaviour was the same before the 06-22-2017 update. Launch Options: -useallavailablecores -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: 2 x Asus Strix GTX 970 DirectCU II OC 4GB GDDR5 CPU: i7 6700 Ram: 16GB DDR4 PC24000 DxDiag:
  24. Hello, recently I have been having issues with my game. I seem to randomly teleport to a different spot like 10ft away at random times. Even though I am wireless, I get 82 mbps upload which is really good. When I am on my 5ghz network I seem to have the issue. When I am on the 2.4 ghz network the issue does not exist. Can anyone explain why this is happening? my router is NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S - AC2600 4x4 MU-MIMO Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Gaming Router. It is a very good router and I don't think it is causing the issue. Any suggestions would be a big help!
  25. Twitch highlight of issue Ive been complaining about this for a while and ive posted in other threads too but dont seem to be getting any sort of acknowledgment of it. In the clip above this shows just how crazy the lag can get when next to players, it makes fighting close up unplayable.
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