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Found 32 results

  1. It looks like it shoots to the "right" of the object by a little bit - but you can compensate it by aiming just to the left of the target. See clip above (its all in slow mo to show the issue).
  2. Hello there, inside the One Shot One Kill Event, we had some huge lag spikes and network lag. So I disconnected from current match and rejoined it. No network isses after reconnecting. At first I wondered why my teammates were shooting at me after dropping/landing next to them. Well, my colored Team Indicator was gone and I weren't been visible within the Team Group on the left screen at all. Though personally for me I had a yellow marker just as our "Team/Group Leader" as seen on the minimap. Been killed by Friendly Fire a few times. This time I was kinda lucky to insta spawned or I would had reported my teammembers for nothing, ... until I noticed where the real issue had been and started. P.s.: Not sure if this issue also might happen on regular gameplay. Regards, N3
  3. I was playing a game in pubg when my game suddenly crashed with this error, when i try to open the game again, the error still apear before the game menu, i read in some sites that it can be an memory error, and i tried several solutions related to that, but didn't work. I already tried to reinstall the game and verified the integrity of archives but the game still crashing. Sorry for my english, it's not my main language. My pc: Gtx 1050 ti Amd Fx-6300 3.5 Ghz 8gb Ram Error:
  4. There is an issue with my resolution bug. a long time i play with this bug.. there is no support of 1280x1024 resolution ingame .. Thats why my videocard is overloud and the picture is like cutted. please help fix this bug and my fps will increase i think. Thanks much!! May all the gods bless you!! video geforce gtx 560 ti. monitor benq fp931 Здравствуйте!! У игры нет поддержки разрешения 1280х1024. Я играю как будто с обрезаным экраном, по этому, я считаю, у меня перегружается видеокарта и падает фпс. На этот форум я пишу впервые, поиском не пользовался, может быть есть подобные темы, если честно, незнаю. Спасибо за поддержку... Почините пожалуйста!!!!
  5. I chose the ponytail hairstyle for my character and at times I can see my hair floating above my character while I'm on foot or in a vehicle. Other players can also see this and I feel like it could possibly expose my hitbox and get me killed even behind cover. Has anyone else seen this before?
  6. So, this has been happening to me for a while and I can recreate it with every assault rifle, I am not sure if it happens to sub-machine guns or not. When I try to fire my guns and am moving, sometimes the guns will not fire, if the weapons is on auto it does not start firing after I stop moving. For both semi and full auto I need to go into my inventory and modify (like remove the site and re-attach or change the mag attachment) in order to be able to use the gun again. This is incredibly annoying and needs to be fixed. In close range fights, it is just a guaranteed death and on long range fights, it is a massive inconvenience. I can recreate this is a video if need be, but this should not be an uncommon thing. Several of my friends seem to have the issue, although admittedly not at the level I seem to (which is pretty much once a fight). Just to clarify, this is an issue with me moving when I try to start shooting, if I am standing still then I try to move once I am shooting there are no issues.
  7. So I have been playing PUBG since the most recent patch and have had my game crash nearly every match. I'm playing on the Original Xbox One, the game crashes whether I'm in Solo, Duo, or Squad, but I have noticed that most of the time, the game crashes when I'm in a vehicle. Maybe 9/10 times. No error code or warning. Sends me back to home screen each time. Sometimes it black screens first, sometimes it gets stuck on an audio clip and visual screenshot. I am always able to immediately log back into the match but that takes a good minute or so(half the time I'm killed while waiting to load in.) This on top of the Chicken Dinner not paying out BP is why I will no longer play until the next patch. I love ya guys but this is one hell of a game "PREVIEW." ?
  8. I have a high end computer running a gtx 1070 with an i7 - 7700 and I have really good internet with an average of 40 ping. I keep having the same issue (even before 1.0 release) with doors not opening even though it is open? and then I have to keep pressing F just to open it but it closes it with only the closing door animation, this is extremely frustrating when trying to loot a house and I can only get in after pressing F a thousand times. sometimes it opens, most of the time they don't and they glitch out on me ie not opening, door closing even though they already appeared closed... etc
  9. Pretty straight forward, you can fall into this area and that's it, you're stuck and there's no getting back out.
  10. If you zoom into the ocean, i get theese sort of pixels, my friends dont have this issue, ive tried anti-aliasing off and on. Ive tryed reshade on and off. Nothing seems to fix this problem. Also some how my friends always spot the enemy before me. And i think this has something to do with that i cant see so far. Here is a better ress of the photo: https://imgur.com/a/6I8Fe
  11. Hello, I had this issue with the hit box of this rock, where even if I looked next to the rock, I would still hit it. This happended nearby Severny in north of map. Doesn't make sense???
  12. 19th of October A rock, at the east side of the Prison, right in the cliff edge, next to the sniper tower has sent me to the sky which led to my "suicide" death. Edit: It was more like the rock has teleported me to the sky. Sorry, I got no video record.
  13. Hello everyone, I have posted a link to a short video I have edited with several clips showcasing what I believe are problems I have encountered with shots not registering correctly and/or a connection type issue. I never see this type of stuff happen for other people so I don't know what is going on. These videos have been saved over just a couple months. It seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot, but these clips are the most obvious to me that something is wrong. If anyone can point something out that I'm missing or has a way to fix it I would really appreciate it as every time I play I feel like I have a huge disadvantage. If you believe it's personal error in one of the clips let me know what's and wrong and what I need to do differently! There is a short black screen after video #1 as I deleted a clip and forgot to fill it.The clips are regular speed followed by slow motion. Each clip is also numbered, if you can leave the # of the video in your comment so I know what you are talking about. Some of the clips are moving pretty quick even in slow motion so you might have to re-watch them a few times. I will leave a list below with what I think the issue is in each clip! Video Clips Here! Clip #1 - Head shot not registering. Clip #2 - Head shot not registering. (Even though the other player slightly moved when I fired, it looks like the bullet almost passes through the right side of head?) Clip #3 - Head shot not registering. 2nd Bullet possibly going through his head? Clip #4 - A few consistent shots not registering. (I noticed I shot the pan on his back twice, I moved the reticle up to his back right after and got 1 out of 2 hits, I also believe I should have got the second hit as he is running down the hill.) Clip #5 - Possible Dsync issue, if you watch close I fire my second round before he fires the kill shot. Clip #6 - Multiple hits not registering Clip #7 - Hit registration mostly on his feet, (the guy I'm firing at also suddenly disappears around the time 2:08) Clip #8 - Hit registration, this one is more debatable to my own error Clip#9 - Hit registration, other player lagging around Clip#10 - Hits clearly not registering Clip#11 - Body shots and clear head shots not registering Clip#12 - Mostly the shots with the vector not registering on this one, again another debatable one Let me know what you guys think, I am open to anything! Also let me know if I am missing any important info to help, Thanks! Troubleshooting so far: Updated to latest Nvidia drivers, all other drivers up to date, Game files validated, latest version of windows 10 Computer specs: Intel Core i5 3.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 (not overclocked), Crucial 500GB SSD, 8GB Rip Jaws Ram, Windows 64 bit.
  14. I get two quick kills and the kill counter doesn't increase...only noticed this when watching my highlight back. Is this a common thing? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/175503261
  15. Date Seen:09/16/2017 Server: EU-Server (Live) Error Message: - Other Information: It appears with and without clothing. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 TI CPU: i5-4690K Ram: 16GB As you can see in the picture my own sholder appears on the screen when aiming down sights with the Tommy Gun. Doesn't matter whether i wear clothes or not.
  16. Всем привет. Столкнулся с не самой приятной проблемой - игра периодически вылетает. Бывает по 5-6 раз в интервалом в 1-5 минут, бывает можно пару часов спокойно играть без вылетов. FPS стабильно 45-60. Перепробовал всё что угодно: переустанавливал 3 раза, ставил на разные диски, в том числе на ssd; обновлял драйвера и т.п.; обновлял windows(стоит лицензия 10ки); испробовал все комбинации настроек(от минимальных до ультра), отключал фаервол и антивирус, давал максимальный приоритет игре, вообщем решения найдено не было, пришел за помощью на форум. Вылетает примерно так: FPS проседает до 0 и игра крашится, при этом никаких ошибок не выдает, просто открывается bugreporter и всё Отослал инфу о крашах раз 10-15, надеюсь поможет разработчикам Моё железо: Windows 10home(лицензия) cpu intel core i7 3770k ram 8gb ddr3 gpu ASUS GTX670 2gb
  17. When standing on any of the objects NW of the school on the second floor you can watch over the roof giving you a clear visual on Rohzok hill and several other spots
  18. Issue can't connect my steam Account / PUBG Account with Twitch and claim my items. Steam Name: Maestro*** Twitch Name: Maestro*** getting issue Number 504 Please help! Thanks a lot in advance guys!
  19. Since the new update, my game has been freezing and locking up my entire PC. The pre-game lobby and plane ride load fine and are smooth. But after this new update, my game will freeze AS SOON as I touch the ground. Before, it was perfectly fine. BTW, it doesn't matter what mode I play in; Solo, Duo, Sauad, FP Solo, FP Duo. It freezes no matter what. Any ideas? Thanks.
  20. My previous bug report was archived as I inadvertently forgot to actually followup with the video i promised. Anyways, here is the bug report again: If you parachute into Pochinki and you end up between two buildings (say the South side buildings) that are close together, your character will continue to dangle until you move him completely out of between the buildings. Rather than an image, here is a video of this in action. Please note: you cannot "Cut away the cord" in order to get down. The only way is to swing your character left/right until you get to one of the open areas to the side of the buildings! You can see this bug in action @3:43 in the video below.
  21. Bug Description: Whenever I went into first person and looked at my shadow I noticed my weapons were floating in my shadow, I dont know if this is a bug or how the gun lays Date Seen: 7/6/17 Server: North America Non-Test server Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? If so, which ones are you using?. None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Edition Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1070 CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600 Ram: Corsair Vengence RGB 2100x 16GB I
  22. The past few games I've decided to go for a car mid game in order to move from location to location. I backed up into a garage with a Dacia and the entire thing lept into the air and flipped upside down. I was going less than 5km/hr backing up. Played another game in which I stopped my UAZ completely in order to loot and camp a nearby shack, trying to make it look like the UAZ spawned there. The vehicle came to a complete halt and I proceeded to jump out. As soon as I jumped out of the vehicle, it lept forward and killed me. I died from falling. I wouldn't be upset unless I had really good loot, which I did. Not sure if the second case was lag and the server didn't register that I had stopped the vehicle yet, but the first scenario only was as a result of MAYBE backing up into a table, or a crate on the ground. Furthermore, if I had jumped out a second early, the car would have crushed me. Maybe the new patch had some interfering spaghetti coding. In any case, hope the Devs take a look at this issue and try to fix potential issues so more players do not have this issue. Thank you for your time.
  23. Everytime I am in windowed mode and switch off to another window (i.e. teamspeak, or chrome) when i click on the PUBG window the window expands and takes up a weird aspect ratio
  24. Lee Hong

    Peeking issues

    Hi! Am I the only one who's got issues with peeking? I haven't played for about a week thanks to my exams and I tried to play a few matches tonight but I've noticed I can't peek in first person anymore when I aim down my sights. If I spam my peek key the arms of my character starts moving for a bit but after that it snaps back to default and my aim stays straight. I've checked my settings, both peeks are binded on my keyboard and I have no issues peeking in third person.
  25. Hi Team, I have connection problem when i try to play playerunknown. I receive this error: unkwnown error( Response wiht status:0 for URL:null) please retry later. My system properties arre correct for this game and my internet works properly. I dont know what can i do to correct this. Can anyone help me please. Best egards
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