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Found 170 results

  1. 12:00:36: Starting BattlEye Service... 12:00:38: Launching game... 12:00:41: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 12:00:41: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\shell32.dll". Вот такое дерьмо мне выдаёт BattleEye при запуске игры. А если я начну поиск, то BE и вовсе вылетит. 8-го числа этого не было. Драйвера обновлял, игру переустанавливал, решейд удалял. Ребяяят, помогите!
  2. Boa tarde a todos, estou com esse problema, comprei o jogo por esses dias mas quando vou jogar na tela de espera de jogadores aparece esse erro abaixo: execeção unknown software exception (0xc000001d) em 0xe7dee7a0 Config: Processador: AMD FX 6300 Six Core Placa de Vídeo: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series HD: 500GB RAM: 8GB Placa-Mãe: M5A78L-M LX/BR
  3. Сегодня зашел поиграть и тут прям в игре выскакивает реклама, из-за этого ни одна кнопка не нажимается. Кэш проверял, но безуспешно. В интернете только гайды как удалить из браузеров но и они не помогают. ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!
  4. Hello, i have just booted up PUBG today after downloading the new Nvidia Driver (version 388.13) and then i noticed that in fullscreen there are Green bars moving really fast vertically over my screen. but as soon as i switch to fullscreen(windowed) everything is fine, i dont have this occurance in ANY of my other games. This bug is also present in the Test Client of PUBG. Haven't changed files what so ever i only installed ReShade, already verified multiple times. The problem is that if i try to record gameplay of it, it looks perfectly normal. I would only have the option to post an ugly cellphone clip. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hey, so today i opened PUBG and i got this, screen in difrent colors and i cant fix it! Guys can u help me somehow ? Thanks, anyways!
  6. My pubg's audio is completely muted, it seems to have occurred because of a glitch with ctrl + m, at the start of every game, in the lobby, i press ctrl + m to mute everything and i turn the sound back on once the parachute is open, now however when i start a game and press ctrl+m it unmutes the master volume even though its unmuted in settings, so now the ctrl+m does the complete opposite, checking boxes in settings, but it never unmutes my audio, it is just always on mute no matter what i do, -ive tried using other audio, the problem is with pubg, -ive tried verifying the files in steam - i haven't tried uninstalling and reinstalling because i would like to avoid this because of my download speed PLEASE HELP, PUBG IS UNPLAYABLE WITHOUT SOUND
  7. Configurações PC: Intel Core i5-4460 3.20GHz; 8 GB RAM; AMD Radeon RT 370. Eu comprei o jogo, mas estava lagando bastante, tentei diversos modos para diminuir o lag e não tive sucesso. I bought the game, but was lagging a lot, I tried many modes to decrease and I didn't succeed.
  8. Meu jogo fica assim. E não sai.. já mudei dns e já reinstalei, Comprei o jogo hoje!
  9. hello, I've currently winned a solo game in NA and got some good kd's also recently. But it's been 1 day passed and it's still not updated in the stats. I'm stuck with my old kd (bad) and 0 winned. I would like some help.. Thanks for reading.
  10. Hello PUBG Support and Community, Yesterday i played a game and got the 2th place with 843 Bp. I left the match and looked to my Points and i got nothing to my old points.... Pls help me Mfg Disgame
  11. Ben ; Amd Fx 8350 8 CPU's 4.0 Ghz 8 GB Vengeance 1600 Mhz 8 GB Asus Rx strix 480 256 bit 128 gb Samsung SSD , ye sahip bir oyuncu olarak ilk defa bu şekilde fps düşüklüğü aşırı şekilde bir drop la karsılasıyorum forumlarda görüpte mantıklı olduğuna kanaat getirdiğim bir çok işlemi gerçekleştirmeme rağmen sorun hala devam etmek de . 1 ay lık uğraşlarımın sonucunda buraya bir topic açmaya karar verdim yardımcı olursanız sevinirim .
  12. kafayı yemek üzereyim oyunu 3 ay önce yükledim ilk önce hiç açılmadı oyun geri verdim sonra dedim alayım biraz daha uğraşayım belki yaparım dedim bu sefer 0x000007b hatası verdi neyse uğraştım yine olmadı geri verdim artık bu sefer kafaya taktım alıcam yapıcam dedim aldım araştırdım oyunda dll dosyaları x86 içinmiş bazıları aldım onları yeniledim düzelttim oyuna girdim neyse şimdi de Failed to initialize STEAM" diye bişey çıktı ona da baktım araştırdım bazı arkadaşlar işte herzamanki şeyleri söylediler yok oyun belleğini kontrol et felan ettim, bazı forumlarda okudum makinaya format at dediler 2 gün önce onu da yaptı bazıısı steami sil oyunu komple pcden sil tekrar yükle dediler yaptım bazısı tsigame.exe dosyasını yönetici olarak çalıştır dediler çalıştırdım, bazıları tamamen tam tersini dedi onu da yaptım sistemi güncelle dediler update ettim oda işe yaramadı ( yönetici olarak çalıştırdığımda sol üst ekranda LOADİNG kısmı çıkıyor ve duruyor bi gece pcyi açık bırakayım dedim belki geç gelir sonra düzelir felan diye de yok , tık yok oyunda artık kafayı yemek üzereyim 1 haftadır şu oyun için kafayı yiyeceğim yani varsa bileniniz bi yardımcı olun yemin ederim artık sıkıldım ya 60 tane oyun var steamde hepsini bi türlü 2-3 saatte çözdüm şu oyunu daha oynamadan kanser olacağım yani sistemim gayet te uyumlu en kötü 60 fps çıkar yani gtx 750 ti 2 gb ekran kartı i5-6500 12 gb sistem x 64
  13. ПК win 10 64bit core i5 3300 16gb ddr3 1600 mhz gtx 1060 6gb (игра установлена на ssd) Стоят минимальные настройки графики, все отключено, загружены последние дрова, черные тени не подгружается никак, картинка на сервере практически статична, звук из самолета слышен, картинка на одном месте.
  14. ok so i was going thu the settings trying to get better graphics and i did a setting i think full screen and it put my muse click about a inch under the actual mouse arrow thing and now i cant play or change the settings and such soo im hopeless and i love your game and i dont want to wast 30$ plz help me. thank you..
  15. Since the 27th update in september, i experience a lot of flickering in pubg for start, when i load the game the copyright message merges with the loading screen and flickers after, when i go to the menu of choosing what server i want to play in or if i want duel, solo or squad the menu flickers a lot when i am in the game, many objects flicker so much that it is impossible to play after a lot of researching i found nothing that could help me, i started messing with the graphics on my own and after a lot of frustration i found that the problem was shadows, apparently only if shadows were on ultra there was no flickering,this came with a price,my fps was so laggy that the game was unplayable, again.. my graphics card is 2,rx 480(crossfired) and the drivers are updated so as my windows 10 please, if you have any idea how to fix it help me, and yes i did try reinstalling the game and tried Vsync and stuff.. please help
  16. My game crashes while loading into a server. It just freezes. Please help me so i can either play it or return it and get a refund.
  17. Hi ,i hear all the sounds invert after updates if someone shooting in front of me i hear him behind me , all the sounds are heard in different parts from where they should be heard , i try reinstall PUBG for fix but in vain , i search on youtube but nothing about this problem, be serious please.
  18. Merhaba öncelikle oyunu ilk defa aldığımda haziran ayıydı çözemediğim için oyunu geri verdim.Fakat yine de oynamak istediğim için 2 defa satın aldım oyunu. İlk satın aldığımda oyun steam üzerinden açmaya çalıştığım zaman sürekli çalıştıryor deyip hiç bir şekilde çalıştırmıyordu. Oyunu bir kaç kez silip tekrar yükledim bişey olmayınca bu sefer steami tamamen silip tekrar yükledim fakat buda işe yaramadı , dosyaları denetledim hepsi tam. Bu anlattıklarım ilk yüklediğimde olan şeyler, geri vermeden önce. Bir kaç ay sonra yani şimdi indirdiğimde ise çok farklı bir hata vererek oyunu çalıştırmıyor. Sistemim, ekran kartı özellikleri ve hata ekte mevcuttur yardımcı olan arkadaşa çok müteşekkir olurum hatta cs-go felan oynayan varsa 20 lira değerinde usp yada glock bile atarım yada 20 lira değerinde istediği bi oyunu bile atarım. O derece şu oyunu oynamak istiyorum siz düşünün. Steam adı Blackkk*
  19. Iso some kind man to help me thanks... I reinstalled the game I reinstalled windows I reverted nvidia settings and changed settings Nothing helped
  20. today i just buy a new monitor 1920 x 1080 resolutionand when i go in game. The mouse symbol when i click it on the home icon it didnt work and other glitch come TT
  21. So recently i have been playing PUBG a lot, and I'm getting better at it, but there's this one frustrating glitch where players that are around 20+ meters away seem to be blinking, as if they were just teleporting 3 feet in front of them every second. I cant play it very well at all because of this glitch. I have done everything, change graphics settings, dedicated more CPU to pubg, updated screen scale, the resolution, nothing works. Yes, I am aware that there is another thread stating this exact reason, but see, with the update in august, their flickering glitch was fixed. Mine is still not fixed, in fact, I don't think I had it before the update. I really need some help with this issue. I'm pretty sure it has to do with my PC, considering when i played it on a beefier computer, the distant players movements were smooth. If needed I will post info about my PC. Cheers and thanks for helping.
  22. So just downloaded the latest driver for PUBG new futueres ( GTX 1070 i5 6600k ). But it shows that it is pushed to hard due a lot of flickering/sort of lighting? When i put everything on low it gets even worse. On high/ultra is it the most stable. I unchecked everything for optimalization, nothing. Used the old driver again, nothing. The game is added to my 3d programs within the control panel but for some reason the fps counter has never been seen aswell after the update. Think this might be a good clue to what exactly is going on? Windowed mode 1280 resolution nothing helps it even get worse and worse. Seems like the graphics cards communication with the game itself is bad ? All other games 0 problems that indicates that it has something to do with nvidea but uninstalled it and still ,nothing.
  23. Date Seen: Started around July 10th and is still happening to this day. Server: Live Error Message: No message Other Information: I was ingame when the colors just changed and became pixelated. At first it only lasted for around 20 seconds then it would go away. But then one day I opened the game and it got stuck and the colors wouldn't go away until I changed to fullscreen windowed. Now everytime I try and go to fullscreen the glitch happens again, and when I try to go back into fullscreen windowed the game crashes. The game is still playable, but only in fullscreen windowed. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried everything, I have updated drivers, reinstall steam, ran as administrator, verified integrity, stopped my antivirus and firewall, and basically everything else . I did try to disable my AMD Gpu once and run the game and everything was normal even in fullscreen, but the only problem with doing that is I would only get 10 fps since it was just my Intel GPU running the game. So I think the problem might be with my AMD Gpu but I just don't know what to do. Launch Options: Nothin System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD8970M, and Intel HD Graphics 4600 (I have switchable graphics) CPU: Intel Core i7-4710MQ CPU @2.50GHz (8CPUs), ~2.5Ghz Ram: 16GB
  24. Whenever I play pubg I have several issues which I'm not sure about. 1. Whenever I first start up the game after turning on my computer, the loading screen when joining a match either loads me in once im in the plane halfway across the island or just gets stuck in an infinite loading screen, 2. Once I do load in, I get 60+ fps and no stutters/freezes but the buildings are blocky (blob like) and the textures are extremely low res. Once the buildings do load in the game instantly freezes, PERMANENTLY. until I restart the game and reconnect to the match. 3. After restarting the game and joining my match that has already started. The loading screen is almost instant and the buildings load in perfectly but alas I still get random crashes throughout the game that just takes my computer to the desktop, no crash reporter or anything. Does anybody have a problem like this? Specifically the game freezing when the buildings load in completely? FX-8320 GTX 950 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz 7200RPM HDD Windows 10
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