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Found 170 results

  1. My voice chat did not working since I start to play this game until now , I tried many ways to solve this problem but not work. So i need some helps from all the player pls... Its so lonely when i playing the PUBG ...
  2. I was playing a couple matches, saving up for a crate, we came second and I got something like 400BP. When the match was over it said that I only had 170 BP. I was confused but assumed that it just wasn't loading. After another match, placing 1st with 8 kills, the game said that I won a lot of BP (like over 800). After re-opening the game a day later... I was still at 170 BP. Whats going on??
  3. So this is happening to me, After the new update my map edges has been flickering whenever i put anti aliasing medium or above, low and very low seem fine, but look like sh*t. Vsync seems to solve the problem, but as we all know it provides us with a very generous INPUT LAG, so i kinda dont want that.. The game worked fine before, and i have seen people with gtx 1060 6gb recording gameplay on yt and they all seem to have this, but not so severe. Could this be a gpu problem? it only happens in pubg though. Here are the thing i tried: - Messing around with Anti Aliasing settings in the nvidia control panel. (nothing worked) - Reinstalling the game (didnt work) - Restart computer (didnt work) - Setting game priority to high (didnt work) - Reversing drivers (didnt work) I tried everything i could, this sh*t doesnt want to go away, will i have to play with vsync on ? Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a known bug? Help pls guys.
  4. Olá, Joguei algumas vezes ontem e percebi que não estou recebendo pontos ao final da partida lembro de ter jogado uma partida e ficado em segundo lugar e não mudo meus ponto logo em seguida joguei outra partida e fiquei em primeiro lugar e nao recebi meus pontos ''BP''.
  5. Joguei uma partida que fiquei em #2 com 10 Kills. Contudo, meus pontos de rating e status não computaram. Nem a partida foi contabilizada, conforme pode-se ver pelo site: https://pubg.op.gg/user/LZd07?server=sa
  6. when i start up my game it load is then when it gets to the home page with my character then character move to the right then it freeze then the game send me a crash thing i trying everything to fix it but it still does that same thing ''CAN I PLZ GET SOMEONE TO HELP ME FIX MY GAME '' It was happen it been working fine untell the new update
  7. So basically i won... didn't get any points afterwards o-o -This was my First Solo Game ever and I won so it was kinda like a huge kick in the shin when i didn't receive the points Cause Crates are fun to open
  8. Well for starters the death cam is only making me angrier since i dont know how people actually hit shots on me if they are aiming 5 feet to my left or right in the death cam, i mean c'mon im dead at-least show me the correct way i died so i can call out cheaters if there are some. Secondly, the game crashes more now than it did 3 months ago and i have literally half the fps i used to and i know it isnt my pc specs causing it since i cant run almost anything else at ultra 60+ fps. Thirdly, every time i either die or win a game and attempt to use the return to lobby button my game freezes on the loading screen and i then have to ctrl+alt+del and end the task and relaunch the game to play again, its a joke that i even go and do so every time.
  9. Hello. I've got some problem with BP and server bugs. I was trying to change appearance of my character and has 3343 BP on my account. The issue is: server doesn't want to apply my changes instantly, so i clicked somewhere about 10 times and when it has no effect, i just start next match. When the match was ended, i found myself in changed appearance, but with -29647 BP in my "wallet" Please help me.
  10. - Dear Developers - Now i know that allot of people have made posts about this problem but the same keeps happening to me i have played like 5 SOLO games I just won one of them and should have gotten 1034. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081832776/screenshots/ Before the Chicken Dinner i had 259 BP the only time i got BP is when it was Below 100 BP. I have probably lost around 1500 BP now cause of this glitch. Now i was wondering if it is possible to Compensation cause 1500 BP is allot for me i dont usually win allot before the big release i only won like 5 games from all the categories (Solo, Duo, Squad, Solo TPP, Duo TPP, Squad TPP, Solo FPP, Duo FPP, Squad FPP) so winning 1 game already is a big deal for me... So if it is possible if i could get Compensation please. Ingame Name - Tiaan Region - Ociena - Kind Regards - - Tiaan Byliefeldt -
  11. Здравствуйте, начну с того что когда вышла новая карта на Тест сервер то у меня была проблема, всё было очень яркое как будто яркость стояла на 1000. Перед этим я загрузил Драйвера для NviDio последней версии, я сходил 1 катку всё было нормально я зашёл на 2 и у меня появилась эта проблема.Я обратился на форум где и нашёл решение данной проблемы (Программа типа патча) после того как я её установил у меня было всё нормально на Тест сервере. Сегодня вышел релиз и как и на Тест сервере у меня появилась эта же проблема но только она была на Erangel и редко на Новой карте. Я опять попытался запустить программу которая должна это исправить и у меня нечего не вышло и начел искать другую программу и нашёл, но она тоже не помогла и перед этим я опять обновил драйвера до последней версии. Я думал что это проблема в драйверах я удалил их и поставил драйвера более старой версии на которых у меня было вроде всё нормально. Но опять всё очень яркое и я не знаю что мне делать решил вот обратится к вам. Помогите с решением данной проблемы. Hello, I'll start with the fact that when a new map on the test server that I had a problem, everything was very bright as if the brightness stood at 1000. Before this, I downloaded the driver for NviDio latest version, I got 1 rink everything was OK I went to 2 and I had this problem. I turned to a forum where I found the solution to this problem (the patch program) after I installed it I had everything OK on the test server. Today's release and as a test server I have this same problem but it was only at Erangel and rarely on the new map. I again tried to run a program which should fix it and I have nothing left and began looking for another program and found, but she too did not help and I have again updated the drivers to the latest version. I thought that this is a problem in drivers I deleted them and put the older version of the driver which I was kind of okay. But again everything is very bright and I don't know what I do here is decided will contact you. Help with this problem.
  12. I tried playing multiple matches today and only one I joined wasn't this Neon Green wasteland if someone knows why please help. I made sure my files on steam weren't corrupt and restarted my game, but don't know the issue. My RAM is running fine, and this is the first time of it happening either from the 1.0 patch or something, this didn't happen at all when I played on the test server. The only thing 3rd party I have is Reshader that was deemed allowed by PUBG in the past, but I don't have any of the shaders files downloaded or in use. I have included screenshots and I don't have any settings in Color Blind mode. Please help... Thank you -Jannawaber
  13. Every 40 minutes to an hour me and my friends games keep closing. really messing up the game play. seems to happen when there’s either a lot of people around or driving a vehicle to fast
  14. Jogo abre, porém logo fecha com a seguinte msg do BattlEye: 14:16:19: Installing BattlEye Service... 14:16:21: Successfully installed BattlEye Service. 14:16:24: Launching game... 14:16:57: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 14:16:58: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\aetcrss1.exe". Help me!
  15. Olá galera de uns tempos pra cá venho tendo problema com PUBG, sempre que entro no jogo apos alguns minutos meu Computador simplesmente reinicia oque pode ser ? jogos diversos jogos e não acontece isso apenas com PUBG. # eu já havia aberto o mesmo tópico desculpe-me a repetição de tópico mais a um mês atrás havia instabilizado esse problema mais agora voltou novamente , dessa vez aconteceu nos servidores teste no novo MAPA, Segue as config do meu computador. Processador Intel Core i7 6700 Placa de vídeo GeForce GTX 1060 Memória RAM de 16GB HD de 2TB e SSD de 120GB Sistema operacional Windows 10
  16. This has happened to me twice in the test servers where every time I aim down my sights and when I take a shot, my character just goes back to hip firing. This happening on single shot or bolt action weapons is fine, but for automatics is just unbearable.
  17. Boa tarde, estou tendo problemas com a tela do jogo, alguém poderia me ajudar? A tela do meu game parece estar "cortada" assim que eu entro no looby, a tela fica assim, com as laterais, partes superior e inferior "cortadas". como é: como deveria ser: Quando estou em game, percebo que meu campo de visão não é muito amplo, devido a esse "zoom", na maioria das vezes quando acaba a partida, a parte da recompensa em moedas, fica cortada, não aparece. já tentei modo janela, modo tela cheia, tudo!! a resolução do meu monitor é 1024x768 meu GameUserSttings esta assim!! Vi no fórum americano que algumas pessoas já passaram por esse problema, porem não achei como resolveram. CPU (processador): AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor Motherboard (placa-mãe):Asus Am3 Am3+ M5a78l-m Plus Usb3 Memória RAM:10 GB Hyperx Placa Gráfica:Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics / Tamanho da memória - 2048 MB / Tipo de memória - GDDR5 PSU (Fonte):Fonte PCYES 500W 80 Plus White Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 (64 bit) ALGUEM ME AJUDE!!! isso atrapalha muito na jogabilidade!!
  18. When i launch pubg it goes to a blank screen but i can still here the menu audio, nothing happens when i try alt+f4 or ctrl+alt+del. Only way to stop it is to turn my pc off by the button. I uninstalled and reinstalled, everythings upto date, and i tryed playing 2 other games which worked fine as does everything else. I tryed the test server and the same happens, just a blank screen, started off white, then grey , now black ive had the game months and then yesterday this started. Please help
  19. Hi guys, A few days ago I updated my Windows and my Nvidia gpu driver. After that, things don't work how they used to work on PUBG. Other games work fine. My game is flickering green constantly when I'm playing PUBG. When I change to another resolution or full screen windowed mode, my game works like it used to. But only for a while, so it's not a permanent fix (after doing this the game was also way more blurry). Besides that, as soon as I went to my desktop and back in-game the graphics issue was back. I also couldn't record my problem because in the recorded version the graphics issue was not shown, in the video playback the game looks fine!? Same for trying to screenshot it? Why can't I see the green flickering when I record/screenshot PUBG? I'll add a screenshot taken from my mobile phone: Things I've tried to fix it: *Updated Windows 10 to it's latest version *Tried repairing/reinstalling Microsoft visual c++ 2015 *Reinstalled 'PUBG' twice (once to try if installing it on my SSD would fix it) *Verifying gamefiles *Reinstalling my latest nvidia drivers *Tried closing 'Gameforce Experience Game Overlay' before starting PUBG PC Specs: Intel i7 6700k Nvidia geforce gtx 1070 16gb ram I'm sure it's PUBG related, at least a combination of something where PUBG is involved, because no other game I play has this problem (Battlefield 4, Rainbow six siege, gta v, csgo etc). Please help me guys, share your thoughts. Thanks in advance. RaziiuM
  20. Recently I update my win10 (version 1709) on October 27th, and I found that after then when I start PUBG on fullscreen mode, there is only black on the screen after the CG in the beginning and I have to push alt+enter to change the mode into windowed or fullscreen(windowed). I don't know what's wrong and anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks
  21. Okay, before I discuss the issue at hand, I will list some of my specs to give you a better understanding of my problem. Intel i5 7600k GTX 1060 6GB Turbo ASRock B250M-HDV Motherboard Coolermaster hyper 212 evo cpu fan Seagate 500GB HDD So, I have been playing PUBG for a few months now, and I haven't had any issues other than my buildings wouldn't load in for a while at the beginning of each round, which I associated with my hard drive because it is old and it seems kind of slow. Today I decided to hop on PUBG with a friend of mine, and when I loaded the game up, thick green lines went up and down my screen, and eventually my whole PC froze. After taking it apart, cleaning everything, and reassembling it, I started it up and then it froze yet again... this time without even starting up the game. I got to a point where my PC is running okay again, but I am still having this issue with the green lines. I opened CSGO, GTA V, and GMOD, and they all ran flawlessly. I even uninstalled & reinstalled PUBG, and the problem still persists. I just ordered a new 1TB Hard drive, hoping that would solve some issues, but I really have no idea what could cause this... please, if you know of any reason for this let me know. I have a 3 year warranty on my GPU so I can return it if this is the problem. Strangely enough, I noticed that this only happens in fullscreen mode.. when I play in windowed mode the lines disappear.
  22. The main menu loads fine but every time I go to load into the game it doesn't load in the graphics properly but I hear gun noises but just cant move or see any movement. I've got over 200 hours into this game and never had this problem before so I am not sure whats caused it. My PC specs.. Processor Intel i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz RAM 32.0GB Graphics card 1080ti
  23. When opening the game, the ui doesn't open and stays blank. After a Re-Install it loaded for one game and then proceeded to not load again. Photos: https://gyazo.com/9add8c4faf1d9246cf00f75e90cb0392
  24. On PUBg, my game has been freezing either when I am on the plane about 20 - 30 seconds or when I am on the ground about 0 - 20 mins later. This has been happening to me for a while. I do not know when this freezing has started but I don't like it :C. Hopefully the devs see this post and other people can help me if the devs do not see this. I want this fixed because PUBg is my favourite game and has been my favorite game ever since I have bought it. Thank you!
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