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Found 20 results

  1. Minor bug, not massive but thought it was worthy of a report. Searching the forums found nothing but I could have searched the wrong thing. Bug Description: I got the following message. I died to playzone, pressed the standard 'Return to Lobby' and: Clicking on 'Continue' just brings me back to the 'Your Dead' part showing my game result. Date Seen: 2017/08/17 Server: Regular Troubleshooting Attempted: Pressed 'Continue', returned to the game and pressed 'Return to Lobby' again, no result. Same message. Pressing 'Cancel' removes the message with no problems. Other Information: - Launch Options: None System Specifications:
  2. If drop lands in sea, and while you re picking loot at drop by mistaked pressed space, vault on it, the sea or drop knock u up into air and u die from falling!...
  3. Hey! I just drived with a bike over the bridge and then just died.... i linked you a proof video, just look yourself....
  4. Blue zone seems to affect the screen of the spectating player if their body is outside the current blue zone. Minor yet an irritating issue.
  5. When you jump from a boat in the water, the damage is the same as on ground.
  6. This is a bug for test and normal server. had it about 5 time for sure, even whit teams total. That we are on 50% off life and in the circle , and droping dead whit the mesage. Being killed out side the zone.. 1 time i did have it, and did lay in the center off the zone.. Is very anoying bug, Please fix it.
  7. I died in the redzone while I was in a building. Please fix this. Proof: http://prntscr.com/gxqand
  9. Well i died in a FPP squad, then my game crashed. My 2 mates were still alive though and i got a button saying "You are dead. Would you like to spectate your squad?" with the options to either spectate or cancel. The spectate button didn't work, it just disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared when i pressed it. When i spam clicked the "spectate" button it went into the loading screen, like i was entering the game, but the button reappeared even on the loading screen and kept loading for ever. The cancel button didn't work either.
  10. I write in Spanish, because its hard to me explain this in English, but i will try to help. El otro día jugando duo con un amigo, estaba el en una habitación y yo quería entrar, el justo salía estabamos los dos chocandonos en el marco, el salto y callo al suelo por caida, como si lo hubieran matado. Simplemente salto encima mia, estabamos debajo del marco de la puerta.
  11. I was finishing up looting this player and was about to head off to somewhere else. before doing so, I needed to heal so I started to use bandages. I don't know if they didn't work for some reason, or maybe it could've been some network issue, I'm clueless. I also wasn't able to enter the car for some reason as well.
  12. When someone dies or leave the squad, their marker stays on the map, and you can't delete it after you die. Once someone dies, their marker should be automatically removed or you should have the option to delete it. I find it annoying.
  13. Short version: died from falling laying prone on Pochinki East hill. I was having a swell time looting all of Pochinki City on my own; I begin to run East into the hills as the blue circle was catching up to me pretty fast. I reach an edge of the hill and decided to lay prone to recover some of the health I lost from being outside of the circle. As I begin to lay prone, on a rather steep incline, I take a sip of my drink and I see my avatar start to go down to the bottom of the hill as if he was falling. I found it funny and all until almost at the bottom of the hill I press my space bar and "die from falling". I would of been happier dying from a sniper after looting like 20% of the city by myself. Thank you for reading until the end.
  14. Date Seen:Every death Server: Live Error Message: N/a Other Information: When dead, although the camera is facing toward the direction last pointing in when shot, sources of audio (gunshots, etc) do not emanate from the correct direction. E.g. was in a 1v1 battle, got killed by someone ahead of me, but once dead their gunshots sounded like they were to the right of me. An issue with little gameplay consequence except in squad play where it might be confusing to believe there is activity in an incorrect direction. Mostly it is just a quality of experience issue, and adds to the confusion of death which is already a rather confusing experience. Troubleshooting Attempted: N/a Launch Options: No modifications System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 560Ti CPU: Xeon E5630 Ram: 12Gb
  15. So I joined a lobby and everything was fine, then I disappeared randomly and I couldn't move the camera or anything. Just like when you die in the main game. Here are some screenshots to show what I'm talking about: Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Has this happened to anyone else?
  16. Hey, a guy drove with a car in my direction, I killed him, the car stopped and his body got stuck in the car. So I couldn´t loot him, but I could drive the car. After about 20 seconds the body disappeared.
  17. played a squad game with my brother and friends , this video is from the pov of my brother, i can also upload my pov as i saved my shadowplay for it aswell, we are swimming in the white circle and he gets headshoted from a kar98 , and just dies , is this normal ? isnt it suppose to get fallen first ? video :
  18. Bug Description: The Skull and cross bones over a dead team mates body stays in the foreground over any enemy players looting there body or using there covering position. This makes it nearly impossible to see or aim at enemy players looting the body. Date Seen: 22/04/2017 - GMT +9:30 (8:00PM) Server: Not on the test server, on the OCEANIC Live server Troubleshooting Attempted: None i can do on my end. Other Information: 2 Team mates experienced the same issue. Launch Options: Disabled mouse smoothing. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home Graphics Card: 970GTX x 2 (sli disabled) CPU: i7 4700k Ram: 16gb ddr3 2400mhz
  19. Hi there. This is my first bug report and I'm not really sure whether it was indeed a bug or a mistake on my end, however I was in a gun fight with another player and I hid behind a vehicle I'd previously just driven. I was standing behind the rear wheels of a 4x4 Jeep with the intention of hiding from the player, however not only did they see me, they shot me through the vehicle without even looking in my direction for very long. I'm absolutely certain I was in the correct position to block all line of sight to my character, though perhaps not. When I died, my Jeep also disappeared immediately as well. It feels like there might have been a delay in response time for where I'd placed my vehicle and for where the vehicle appeared on the other player's screen but they never even bat an eye when they looked in my direction, just fired away.
  20. I just died when exiting my car. I parked about one meter away from a rock (driver side) and when I got out the car, my character fell to the ground and it said "You have died from falling". Now I assume falling does not mean the 10cm between my car and the ground. I have survived jumping off buildings before! Now I understand that this is early access, but as I was pretty set and then died for no reason, it was pretty frustrating. Apart from that I am really enjoying the game, keep up the great work on it! Ps. I understand a screenshot or video would clear this up more, but I forgot to capture the moment
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