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Found 52 results

  1. Hey Guys, Posting on reddit brought me here. I have never seen or heard about this, and looking at recent posts - can't find anything about this. Has anyone experienced the crate spawning outside of the play circle? Hit the invisible wall and the crate never came down. got stuck up in the sky. video related below. https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakyYummySpaghettiTBTacoLeft
  2. Bought my first reward crate for 700BP and received a red t-shirt. Played some more games and bought another reward crate for 1400BP this time, but received the exact same item, a red t-shirt. So now I have 2 red t-shirts. And do they sell for anything? Sure, 20BP. So I wasted my points on the same item and can't even get the points back. Kinda lame.
  3. halo, i always get item that i already have form crate , its already 6 times in row, i dunt know what happen, but it seems a bug...pls help me
  4. There seems to be an issue with the care package drop rendering in. I think it's a lot of fun to chase after the first few care packages in games, and so I usually pay close attention to the plane when I hear it. I've noticed that sometimes the care package will appear to not drop at all, even though I've been watching the plane as long as I could have; I usually assume I missed it behind a tree, or perhaps it dropped really early; but then I've started to notice if I continue on my path towards where the plane went I'll end up looking behind me and seeing, OH, there it is in the sky. My assumption is that this is a rendering issue; I know it may come into question if I just didn't see it at first but it has happened enough I'm fairly sure this is an actual bug. If it doesn't have anything to do with rendering, it's also possible the care package may not be dropping in line with the plane's path. That would explain why I'm following the planes trajectory with my eyes and don't see it, because it in fact spawned from a different trajectory all together. Hope this helps! I love to go for all the care packages I can and I always feel cheated now when I don't spot it, knowing it could just be bugged.
  5. Sorry for my bad english. Well, the title says everything. After purchasing the 4th crate my next one was the crate level one, and not lvl 5. I was thinking it's a visual glitch so I purchased it and the next one. After rebooting the game I still have the duplicated crates lvl 1 and lvl 2, making me lose my ingame currency and ending with 2 duplicated items. Now my next crate to be purchased is the crate lvl 3(another duplicated, and i can imagine when i purchase this one the game will make me get the lvl 4 again.). Could you guys check my account and delete the duplicated crates giving me the ingame currency back? And ofc making the next crate be the lvl 5 and not the lvl 3. would this be possible or do I need to purchase everything over and over again in a infinte loop?
  6. Vazul

    Pioneer Crates

    Bought my first pionner crate, opened it then got nothing. Bought my second crate, it said that it failed to open, then I also got nothing, lost the crate and now I have to buy the third crate. Why can't you fix this already? I've read that you have had these kind of problems since launch.
  7. So the last 6 crates i opent containted 3times Long Sleeved T-shirt (black) and 3 times combat Pants white? what? 6 boxes and only 2 items? realy?
  8. I opened my first crate, the Pioneer one and I did not receive any item, no duplicates, nothing. I know the game is still early access so bugs are expected, but I really love the game and hope it becomes nearly perfect! Thank you
  9. WTF? I had $3,349 loot, and ordered my pioneer crate, and the next crate after that, and they both failed to open, and I was not given back the loot I spent on it. I stream nightly, but did not happen to be streaming or recording when it happened, as we were not in a match, but just congregating in the lobby. Can you please either reimburse the loot I spent (I am no down to $1,249), or give me the first two crates? This is a little bit ridiculous after the amount of unplayable lag many of us have dealt with for over a week.
  10. Saw a supply drop off the east coast of the map fall into the water, grabbed a boat and was unable to reach the crate before hitting the wall.
  11. Borealis

    Pioneer Crate

    I have already got the first Pioneer Crate like yesterday but now it is showing the 1st Pioneer Crate insted of the 2nd one now.
  12. when i want to receive next pioneer crate,i see that i have to pay 7000coins to receive a crate! But i just only opened 2crates !! i clicked many time receive crate ,but i didn't get my crate when the server lag .is it the problem to make my third crate change to 71th crate? Sorry for my bad english! BUT it is not fair for me.i didnt open 3rd 4th 5th 6th crate......
  13. I have bought 4 crates but my level on it is 72. So the price is kinda high.
  14. A few days ago the battlepoints system was bugged. After the fix, I was and still am bugged. I'm suppose to be on my 3rd crate, which should be 2800 points I think, but it says i'm on my 69th crate... Anyone know what I could do? I want to open crates too T_T
  15. HI so i have played for about 50h so far and apperantly opened 53 crate's, Intresting. no one else have this issue so wonder what went wrong for me... //Rory
  16. It's outside the zone and its not possible to get to. You hit a wall...
  17. It's outside the zone and its not possible to get to. You hit a wall...
  18. Hi guys, Few days ago i try to buy a crate with like 2800 coins. (3th crate). But it wasnt possible to do so. After that i tried to change my character while i didnt even had 3000 coins. But the character saved nontheless. Now i relog today to see that im at my 41th crate(!) and a 5978 coins deposit. This is ofcourse because i did the character change when the servers where down. The coin deposit i understand cause the price is 3000 but i dont understand why im at my 41th crate? A jump from 3 to 41 is kinda big . Hope you guys can look into this and maybe fix this for the future! Loving the game btw!
  19. [I warn in advance I am French and I am not yet very good in English so I translated this text with google translation] Hi everybody I open this topic because I have a problem in the game By re-starting the game the rewards had gone up to 700 pieces while I was at the # 4 case and I had 2,500 but clicking on nothing happens so I start a game and then at the end of that game I found myself at 1300 pieces and has the 11th case which costs 7000 So I passed a cape of 7 in one shot when I received only one Has anyone ever had this problem or not? And or can we contact the developer please
  20. Hey there, after the servers were down yesterday my reward chests were set back to the 1st one for 700 coins. I directly tried to buy it, which didn't work, therefore I tried to spam the button for some time Today after logging in I had 1 pioneer crate in my inventory but when I check reward the the reward chest now costs 7000 coins and is set to the 56th! So far I only board 4 in total therefore I would love if you could check and set it back
  21. So yesterday while I was playing I attempted to buy my third pioneer crate, I'd gotten blue combat pants from the previous two. Clicking the receive crate button didn't have any effect, I clicked a lot, I also tried to recycle one of my two pairs of pants, that had no effect either, but today when I started up the game I had apparently recycled both of my blue pants and had received one crate. I opened the crate and got an error message but I still new white pants appeared in my inventory, I went to buy another crate since I had money for it, at least I thought I did, but it said the next crate would be my 79th and would cost 7,000 BP.
  22. I've only bought 3 crates, but it says it's at my 24th and costs 7000 points....
  23. Bought a reward crate, was unable to open it, now its disappeared? Seriously annoying when you save up for them, and pretty much the only thing to build up and buy at the moment so when it just disappears on you.... If a dev reads this, any chance of getting it back please?
  24. I have 4820 coins/points (whatever they are officially named). 1st Pioneer Crate costs 700 to receive. When I click receive, nothing happens. Restarting game/Steam did not fix. If more information would be helpful, I can provide what is asked for!
  25. toorinroor

    Crates Issue

    Hi, i just bought a crate after having 10 items in the character tab and i can see the crate down ready to be opened but if i click on it it don't open amd i don't get any error message
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