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Found 41 results

  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1097589023 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1097588978 Cannot move my camera vertically, only horizontally. Happens only instantly when put in the plane after joining the lobby. The first person camera works fine.
  2. Hey guys, So after downloading the new patch I went out for a solo match and found out that my camera was stuck Here's a video of it, is there any solutions for it?
  3. Bug Description:My camera would not adjust vertically. My view was locked facing forward always, except when fully scoped in with a gun. Here is a PlaysTV link to the start of the game https://plays.tv/s/LMUgehpQDvEd . The camera would not adjust its range to my player when near walls, so when I would go inside a building I could see on the other side of walls with this bug. Date Seen:7/25/2017 Server: NA server Troubleshooting Attempted:I tried using the alt key to look around but couldn't. I couldn't look around at all in a passenger seat of a vehicle, but I was able to look around when in the driver seat. I tried tabbing in and out, pressing every key, and I tried getting downed/picked up by my teammates but I could not fix the issue for the entirety of the match. Swapping to first person mode did not change anything either. Other Information:The bug only occurred this one game and did not continue to occur in later/previous games. When I first landed I was holding the alt key to look around while falling with parachute, I'm assuming its connected to that in some way. Launch Options:None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k Ram: 16GB
  4. After Early Access Month 3 Update I can´t turn camera vertically (see my screen - red arrows). It is working only in horizontal direction (green arrows). Free looks cant help me. I tried switch to first person - it works. But it is unfair for me... playing in 3person is easier
  5. I saw a buggy that someone had obviously had a game crash in, since it sat there most of the round with him in the drivers seat. I shot him dead and got in. Whenever I got into the vehicle, I was forced to something like the normal FPS camera, but it was located behind my helmet and face cosmetics, so most of the time, I was looking at the inside of a ballistic mask. I can't say what happened when I hit my toggle camera button, I died too quickly. But I did confirm that getting out of the vehicle switched it back to 3rd person, and getting back in switched it back to that quasi-first person.
  6. A player got in the front passenger seat and I killed him, maybe as he was shifting to driver's seat. I got in the car, but 3rd person camera wasn't working properly and it looked more like 1st person. The camera was being blocked by his dead body. Even as I started driving it didn't work correctly and all I could see was his head flailing around. His body never disappeared either.
  7. Bug Description: There is currently a bug where if a player throws a grenade just before the plane spawn occurs, their 3rd person camera can get shifted. I have encountered this bug on the last patch as well as the most recent patch. In the screenshot below, taken in the prior patch, I am in the hut on the left, but my camera is shifted to the right. (it's not only shifted to the right, I've also had it shifted higher above my head. With the camera shifted, it makes 3rd person tough to play in. This comes with the ability to see through walls. Actually I just had a game where my camera was shifted without throwing a grenade. I was punching. So it seems that certain actions done just as the countdown timer ends on the pregame island can cause the camera to shift. Date Seen: 4/22/2017 Server: LIVE server Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing seems to fix this - just have to get to the next game Other Information: Actions taken before spawning in the plane. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Pro Graphics Card: 2x NVIDIA Titan (Pascal) CPU: I7 5930k @ 4.5GHz Ram: 16GB 2400MHz Corsair
  8. when getting inside a vehicule sometimes you end up looking at the transmission of the car only, you can't change it unless you quickly change camera or get in and out of the vehicle, it has been a troublesome as this can and has happened to me when trying to get out of a place quickly and getting me killed
  9. Hi! I just bought the game, first game when I entered I noticed my camera is continuously moving up. I do not even touch the mouse. Updated my video card driver, restarted the game a couple of times still have the same issue. If anyone had the same problem and could solve it pls help me out. Its pretty annoying since u cant aim and in a shooting game it sucks. Thanks.
  10. Bug Description: I changed the key bindings for CAMERA VIEW and LOOTING/INVENTORY Changed: 'TAB' = Change Camera View 'MOUSE BUTTON' = INVENTORY MENU Result: I can use my mouse button to bring up the inventory (in and out) just fine. I can use Tab to change camera view (1st/3rd person), but when I hit tab, it changes my camera view, but also brings up the inventory/looting overlay. My inventory does not show, it is just a generic/blank looting menu template. So, upon hitting TAB, my camera view changes, but blank looting template is placed over the screen...at which point, I need to hit my mouse button bound to the looting/inventory menu, so that the overlay disappears. Date Seen: 6/1/2017 Server: Regular Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Other Information: Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GTX970 CPU: i5-3750k Ram: 16GB
  11. sKILLsEw


    I believe it has to do with the motorcycle. Road from Mylta power to Georgopol and noticed the 3rd person cam was zoomed further in and offset to my left. I recorded it. You will see the problem with said bug. https://plays.tv/s/LGpr5-0gsu-j
  12. I just played a game and upon landing i noticed my camera was bugged, in third person it looked like the camera was placed in top of my head and i could barely see my body and when walking near a tree or wall the camera would snap through it allowing me to see and loot through the walls, was not able to shoot through though. Close up picture of the tree to show in the next picture me looking through it. Same location.
  13. Hey there. I have encountered a bug where i glide a long distance by opening the parachute early on dropping off the plane and landing with a misplaced camera. The camera usually gets misplaced either too much to right or left and makes it possible to see through walls and etc. (No picture included coz being stupid and not taking picture.)
  14. The game runs normally until I am hit by another player. Then it is as if the mouse is dragged up towards the sky. The only way for now to make it stop, is to quickly tab out and back into the game. If I am then hit again, it happens again. Maybe I'll be able to make a video of what this looks like. It has only started occurring after installing the new patch yesterday. Never had any problems before.
  15. There's a rare camera glitch I've gotten a few times over my 30 hours of playing the game. Only thing I could find by searching that was close to this is the bug that lets you walk through certain walls. But this bug permanently changes the position of your character to the right, witch makes me think it has something to do with the shoulder swapping?
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