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Found 161 results

  1. How to solve this? I installed the game for the first time 4hs before launch.
  2. Geçen haftalarda hepimiz BP kazanma sorunu yaşadık ilk 10'da hiç puan kazanamadık, ekip sorunun farkında olduğunu ve iade işlemi yapılacağını söylemişti. Kazanım sorunu düzeldi ancak iade ile alakalı herhangi bir gelişme var mı? @PUBG_Sly
  3. Earlier today I went to customize my character but when I finished and clicked "OK" (Confirm) it gave me a pop-up message saying "An error occured". I didn't know what to do so I tried pressing the button again and this time it worked fine. A few moments later I realised I had been charged twice (for the exact same character change) as my balance had gone from 49k to 43k. I didn't manage to get a screenshot of the error message but I got one straight after, I'll link it below. I would appreciate if this was looked into and my BP restored to the correct amount
  4. I warmly welcome Before patch 1.0 I did not receive Bp several times, I skip this, I have crashe for a few days and then if the crash gets bp when I die, it also gets lost. It is very bothersome, because why should I try if the game is dumped on me, My nickname is Rotmiszcz, please analyze the logs and possibly return BPs
  5. So.. I bought this game the day before patch 1.0 (5 hours before to be exact) and since then I can't access to my wardrobe, neither the shop or any other function of the game apart from the "play" button. I played the game over 50hours already and the problem still persists, I have sent a ticket with the issue but after FIVE days, still no response. I haven't found anything on the forums other than people complaining about the same problem and not a word from any mod. I would really have this problem solved, thanks. And if you really can't solve this I would like to have a refund at least.
  6. Hello, i have a problem with my another Account. There's a problem with Costume. when i go to change my suit, there's no suit available. I just buy before V 1.0 release, one day or on that day (forget the time). Even I chicken 3 times or lose in the match. No BP return into my profile. Need help. Thank you
  7. Что делать если уже 3-й раз после топ 1 не зачисляют bp на баланс,помогите решить проблему!!!
  8. i finished game #1 but didn't get 1.414 BP Here screenshots
  9. i finished game #1 but didn't get 1.414 BP. thats so annoying. can the admins check it please?
  10. I had 12000 bp and 9000 dissapeared for no reason, no crates were bought,no items added and no increase to crate cost, did i get hacked?
  11. Hello, I won a game for the first time and I was excited so I even took screenshot but I didn't receive my BP so the excitement dismissed quickly. After watching the replay of my victory I noticed that I left before the countdown at the end was at 0 but at the same time I just left by the Exit to Lobby button. Could it be caused by that? I also played a few games after that one and I normally received my BP but still missing the ones from the win. Not even buying a crate helped (refreshing the BP value). By the way, don't laugh at me just for 1 kill.
  12. Купил аккаунт,сыграл миллион игр,вышел патч 1.0 а проблема с BP N/A все еще не решена вы там что б*** ели черти,смысл играть если не можешь купить кейс и одеть своего героя,даже чертову футболку новую нельзя получить потому что на тебя клали болт.И да проблема не в моем ПК так как на другом аке все оладушки.Мейби мне еще один акк прикупить и стать очередным?
  13. Hello there PUBG devs, thank you for bringing us a great game in the first place and keep up the good work. I post this seeing there´s already many posts about the same BUG report and i post it too for a reason, hoping you guys take this issue more seriously and also hoping you can compensate somehow the thousands of players who didn´t receive their BP after the game. Following the template for bug report and asking for an apology for my english. (Ill try my best) Bug Description: My friend "xBorre" and i "xValen" (PUBG NickNames) played a game in 25th December and won. It was a DUO game and it was held in "South America" server, we won the game and we clicked "Leave game" when "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" appeared. After that my friend told me he didn´t receive the BP the winning screen showed us and i too, noticed the BP after the game weren´t added to my BP account. At first i thought ... "Okay... that´s strange" but the same happened when we won our second game another day making it seem like its totally a bug. We won another game in 27th December, it was again the same DUO game with my friend "xBorre" and it was held in "Oceania" server. We won and the screen once again showed "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner", after that we left the game and again our BP weren´t added to our accounts, my friend confirmed that and i also confirm that. Date Seen: 25th December - 27th December Server: South America - Oceania Troubleshooting Attempted: Restart the game. Refresh loading screen. Play another day. Other Information:The BUG is ONLY PRESENT in WINNING GAMES, if you lose or if you get top 2 or any other place, you DO GET the BP, it applies for all types of games, SOLO, DUO or SQUAD. I´m writing this in case by some reason you think im "Taking my time to report this hoping to get free BP" that´s totally a lie, devs feel free to check "xBorre" and "xValen" BP registration to confirm this. I personally have over 170 hours in PUBG in steam, i love this game and i wan´t to help it improve, im also scared that we might win some more rounds and lose our BP´s because of this. If it´s possible, please, do a bug compensation for all the players who lost their BP unfairly because of this. Thank you. Launch Options: Nothing was modified. System Specifications: Gaming Laptop - Acer Aspire VX Operating System: Windows 10Graphics Card: NVIDIA Gefore GTX 1070 CPU: Intel Core I5 7th Gen 2.50 GHzRam: DDR4 16GB Hope i could provide all the information required in a constructive criticism format and hope you guys fix this as soon as possible. I once again apology for my english, i tried my best. (It´s my third language) and hoping for the best for PUBG. Good Luck Devs and thank you.
  14. Hey i've won some games. Some where ive gotten 700 and 500 (2 of them i won in test server) But after i get like 700 or 500 i wont recieve my bp. It's annoying because around 3000 has dissapeared now for me. I mainly care because im trying to get to over like 20,000 bp just for fun. But it is impossible because i wont't get my bp. BTW i do recieve smaller amounts like 100, 200 and 300 (400 i don't know)
  15. Scored a chicken din dins just now and didn't receive any BP for it. Has happened a couple of times with top 10s over the last few days too WIN IMMEDIATELY AFTER
  16. I was playing a couple matches, saving up for a crate, we came second and I got something like 400BP. When the match was over it said that I only had 170 BP. I was confused but assumed that it just wasn't loading. After another match, placing 1st with 8 kills, the game said that I won a lot of BP (like over 800). After re-opening the game a day later... I was still at 170 BP. Whats going on??
  17. 게임 지금까지 3번 정도 이기고 여러판 한거같은데 BP가 301에서 안올라요. 정신적 타격이 큽니다 보상해주세요. 스팀 배그 닉네임은 'Erias' 고 스팀 아이디는 'zxzxasas1' 입니다. 확인후 보상이든 처치든 해주세요 줴발요
  18. I just won a game (5minutes ago). I didn't receive my bp.
  19. I would like to report a bug... I won chicken dinner from my last game minutes ago and I didn't received any bp... Scenario: Me and last guy fighting then I won, which will display Match ends in (seconds).... Then i clicked go to lobby, then something happened. The match is still in progress appeared, then i clicked cancel because I know that the game already ends and I didn't received any BP... Is this a bug or ? I made this forum account just for this lmao, I enjoyed playing pubg... Good job on the game guys! It is really fun. (I dont have the screenshot of the match is still in progress thing..)
  20. Sometimes I do not get any points after my rounds. The same happened after my last round again, which I won. But it happens even if you are only second or third place. The same problem I already had on the test server and I was hoping this problem will be fixed with the version 1.0. I do not know how many points I've lost by this bug. I have a theory. I think that the system does not allow to get more than 400 points! And it does not matter which place you take. This annoys me a lot and I know I'm not the only one with this problem. I hope someone from those responsible will contact me.
  21. Eng: 12/23/2017 This was the first day of the game on the release. I won first place in 14 games, and what was my surprise when I realized that I do not get points for winning. I understand that many people with a similar problem, but unfortunately do not see any feedback on this. And the last question, are they coming back, or is it definitely not? Rus: 23.12.2017 Это был первый день игры на релизе. Я занял первое место в 14 играх, и какое было мое удивление, когда я понял что я не получаю очки за победу. Я понимаю что много людей с подобной проблемой, но к сожалению совершенно не вижу обратной связи по этому поводу. И последний вопрос, они вернуться, или уже точно нет?
  22. Hello, so i played a match and i was 2nd and got about 700 bp and i didn't recieve them. Here's a screenshot
  23. ENGLISH: At the end of two different games, at least they were the ones I noticed, I didnt receive the coins. Here are the images of the two games I mentioned. PORTUGUESE (BR): Ao final de duas partidas diferentes, pelo menos foram as que eu reparei, não recebi as moedas assim que saí do jogo. Seguem as imagens das duas partidas que citei.
  24. I played with my friend in duo, and we won this game. But we not received our bp (712 BP), and besides, it's not the first time this has happened!! HELP! correct this problem as soon as possible.
  25. I played 3 games and they did not give me the BP for them. I played in the squad. In the 4th game gave me BP. It was not published a circle ~ 700BP. Replays are added. Please consider this situation. Replays: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sWLoYPIuCtu-DeMVLkEMQsI7u-IbbVvB
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