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Found 161 results

  1. This bug has only affected me after coming 2nd in a solos game: I have just now completed 2 solo games and have said to receive around 800-900 BP on death screen. But upon loading back out into the Main Menu, my BP balance has not been altered. This seems to only happen maybe when receiving high amounts of BP. I completed a game where I died early and I was still given my 20BP.
  2. We just won a Duo FPP on Miramar (Public Match). Win screen popped up, I won 638BP (had 558 prior to this match). Got to menu after match, still have 558BP, did not receive the 638BP for winning. Never had this problem in 215+ hours of gameplay (minus test server). I queued solo + 1, so I cannot ask if he received BP or not.
  3. As the title states I do not receive any BP from a Chicken Dinner. I'll add images later on, that show my BP before and after a chicken dinner.
  4. Got to 2nd place on pubg (yzlegit) and was awarded 600 but did not add up to my current bp
  5. Date Seen:21:26, 22-12-2017 Server: Live server Error Message: (No error message) Other Information: After winning a round on Solo I noticed i didn't receive any BP. Troubleshooting Attempted: No troubleshooting attemt Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb CPU: Intel Core i3-7100 3,9GHz Ram: 8GB
  6. Won a game No BP Received.
  7. I am missing my BP after my first win on the new patch (1.0). 1033 BP to be precise...
  8. So, for my last PUBG match (#2 place) i got 949 BP Points ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239539388 ) but when i exit to the main menu i had just 227 BP Points ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239540158 )
  9. Whenever I play a game, I get NO BP, and I can't change my character's clothes, the menu just says "an error occurred." same with the crates menu.
  10. I'm not receiving BP from games I place in the Top 10. On the test server last week I placed 2nd once and 8th (I think) once, neither time did I get any BP. Just now, on the live server, I got a Chicken Dinner and did not receive any BP. Apparently this bug migrated from the Test to Live servers.
  11. After the victory I do not receive a BP a long time !! Why ?
  12. Hmm, Olá, um dia jogando no servidor de teste fiquei o Top 2 da partida e acabei que reparei que não recebi meus bp´s, minha recompensa por ter chegado naquela posição, achei que era algum erro, lag, etc, e não reclamei por ser servidor de teste, mais acabou que quando atualizou para 1.0, no servidor normal, ja cheguei no top 10 umas 4 vezes e as 4 não ganhei exatamente NADA, de recompensas do bp, wtff ???????????? oq está acontecendo? MEU DEUS CARA, NÃO AGUENTO MAIS.
  13. Of all earned points, received maximum 100, and my friend too. Friend was able to buy a case for won points, but in the end nothing and this is not the first time, always charged less and not working correctly system of the account of points of health.
  14. I didn't earn my 1267 BP for my win. This happens only in 1.0 patch. Please fix this
  15. Hello everyone, yesterday my friend didn't get his BP after winning a match. Now it happened to me. I won a match an hour ago and didn't get my BP. Oh and i still have my replay saved if needed. Proof here:
  16. Hi, i just won a game recently, my only and first solo third person game after 1.0 patch and i didn't get my BPs (around 900) - 8 kills in Miramar My ingame name is BoxFang I tought it was lag at first but after some mintutes and after reopening the game there is no changes. I uploaded an image, its the proof that i played and won only 1 solo game Thank you for reading
  17. It seems, at least for me, that after some games the leaderboard and stats section will not update your kills. Also, after some games, I will not receive my BP or in-game credits or whatever you want to call them. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
  18. Hello. I've got some problem with BP and server bugs. I was trying to change appearance of my character and has 3343 BP on my account. The issue is: server doesn't want to apply my changes instantly, so i clicked somewhere about 10 times and when it has no effect, i just start next match. When the match was ended, i found myself in changed appearance, but with -29647 BP in my "wallet" Please help me.
  19. Hello, my BPs are not getting added, i won 5 games after 1.0 release and only 700 lost games BPs are added. Please fix this problem as soon as possible thank you!!
  20. Played a game and came in 2nd place, about 600bp awarded. Got kicked by the game and when I came back to the lobby I had not received my BP. Played a match earlier. Came top10, awarded about 100bp. That BP I did recieve so it seems like you don't receive BP when it's a higher quantity. I see that I'm not alone to have this problem, will we get the missing BP back or is it lost?
  21. so i have 1700 bp and as expected after winning a game with a reward of 1000 bp it should add up to 2700bp instead i gain nothing same thing before on the earlyaccess when i win a game "solo" mode i dont recieve any.
  22. Hello, Me and my friend just played a match and the BP we earned didn't came to us.
  23. Hey guys, my name is LocustLab in game. I played 1 match in solo tpp as of the 1.0 update. I won. had 240 bp prior, still have 240 bp after. it was a ten kill game with a win at the end. A couple nice quickscopes with a kar 98 in there too. Please fix this, I would like my 1, 190 bp that I earned Also, this has happened in the test servers as well leading up to the 1.0 update. I saved that match as well. heres a link to it happening to me I was streaming at the time luckily. also, i was just trying to tactically scare my fighting buddies. I said I was rank 97 i am not
  24. Dear support team, I'm not receiving my BPs after winning solo matches on the SA server. I got only a few BPs after them (probably the common award) but not the chicken dinner prize. I know this has been happening to a lot of players as seen in the forum and discussion posts on Steam, but we cannot wait much longer for this fix! Please fix this ASAP so that we can buy our loot boxes! My ingame nick is Sardinha. Thanks for the attention.
  25. Olá, ao jogar uma vez no test server e morri no top 2, reparei que minha recompensa ( BP) não entrou na minha conta... Achei tinha sido algum problema, lag, etc e não reclamei, após a atualização 1.0, ganhei 2 partidas e as duas não fui recompensado com meus bp´s... Queria saber o motivo pois queria comprar caixas e não estou recebendo minhas recompensas qdo chego ao Top 10 Acho eu... O que está acontecendo?
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