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Found 161 results

  1. Date Seen:25/12/2017 Server: Live, EU Other Information:Game stats counts the victory, for me and my partner KahunaCM, but no BP earned. Launch Options: Standard, no changes. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bits Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7 6700k Ram: 16Gb
  2. Like everyone else - won, should have gotten >1k BPs and did not. Game is out of early access, this should not happen in a "finished" game. I really hope you guys fix that AND give all the missing bps to people, because right now I dont even feel like playing the game anymore - the only measurable reward for doing good in your game is broken.
  3. Olá, Joguei algumas vezes ontem e percebi que não estou recebendo pontos ao final da partida lembro de ter jogado uma partida e ficado em segundo lugar e não mudo meus ponto logo em seguida joguei outra partida e fiquei em primeiro lugar e nao recebi meus pontos ''BP''.
  4. Tive uma vitória Solo depois da atualização e não ganhei meus BP depois de voltar pro Lobby. A vitória também está registrada nos meus Replays, mas nada dos pontos. Isso já aconteceu antes com alguém? o que posso fazer pra tentar resolver? Obrigado desde já.
  5. Hello! We play duos and 3-man squads with some of my friends and we have noticed that after winning we dont get any of the BP shown at the winning screen. We get all the BP after dying in normal matches but not from winning. It had happened twice to me in duos and once in a 3-Man squad and also to a friend in solo. It was 24.12.2016, 25.12.2016 and 26.12.2016 so 3 days after each other. It happened on normal server. We tried to wait but after 3 days still nothing. No custom launch options
  6. Won game, saw reward, never received it. Any fixes for this?
  7. EU Server Solo So this my first game since the update and I actually won! I was pumped but then it turns out the game didnt actually give me my BP and I got a bit salty Just wondering where it is? Is this a bug? Here is pics for proof
  8. --- Bug Description: Not recieving BP after winning a Chicken Dinner. Recieved BP game before and after this one in question. Date Seen: 12/21/17 USA Server: Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted PUBG from force close. Attempted another match which i DID receive BP for. Waited more then 24Hr in case the system lagged and didnt pay out. Restarted PC, did NOT do clean install. Verified game integrity with steam. Other Information: Has never happened before that i know of for me. No overclocks CPU/GPU, Latest windows update. Latest GPU Driver Launch Options: NaN System Specifications: VIDEO FROM PLAY THROUGH
  9. Doesn't matter if I win or lose the game. Sometimes I don't earn bp, however the career do record stats. But when I actually get Chicken Dinner, is very disappointing to find out my effort of 30mins+ game gone to waste when I return to lobby with no BP earning. This issue has been the same since test server. Why is this overlooked? Is this a deliberate attempt to reduce BP earning? Date of incident: 25/12/2017 Date of gif : 25/12/2017 Please do something about this.
  10. Date Seen: 25/12/2017 1:11 Description: I didn't receive the BP after winning a game. Photo:
  11. i didnt get my BP after winning a solo match...match finished 11:26 GMT+2 and i think i havent got bp from more than 1 game
  12. I Would like to add a little background on the failing BP problem. So I have been noticing for a couple of games now that I haven't been receiving a single BP REGARDLESS of win or loss. But I have been noticing that I do receive them for games where I get below the Top 25, which is a bit odd... I just finished a rather strong game finishing top 3 w/ 11 kills in a duo's FPP with 752BP, I was very excited for lasting as a solo that long as well as getting that many kills. But none the less this is probably my 6th or 7th higher ranking/ winning match since 1.0 where I haven't received BP. This needs to be addressed. ASAP. Will post pictures or video of the next game I have now that I am aware of the situation.
  13. I was playing a third person game with my friends PandaTana and LuluCthulhu95 and after we won, we weren't awarded the BP. This is my second win ever and it feels kind of bad to not receive anything after a tough win. Here are some screen shots from LuluCthulshu95 and me showing the win, points (before and after), and that PandaTana was in the lobby aswell. Hope this gets fixed for the future and maybe let us have the points
  14. I won a match and I did not receive my points but she counted in the scoring
  15. Just had a win, it shows I received 702 BP and when I go back to the lobby my points are unchanged. Can we atleast get our points after a game??? Rubber banding is still having a blast on servers and the missing points issue is still ongoing.. GG 1.0
  16. I played a Squad TPP and won and we did not receive our points. I also played a Solo FPP and won and did not receive my points. Points are received when losing though Also Squad gives way less point than Solo and this is somewhat frustrating. screenshot attached Thanks
  17. I won a match yesterday and the points from my win were never applied. I've seen multiple people complain about this. Is there a way to recover them? Here is a screenshot of my win.
  18. A buddy of mine, and I, were playing Duos and won. The glorious Chicken Dinner was ours, but our BP was stolen. We did not receive the plethora amount of BP we wanted to get crates. Please help!
  19. Bug Description: I have come top 10 3 times in the last week in duos (2 of those being wins) and I have not received the battlepoints I should have from placing in those positions. My friend also experienced this at the same time in one of the duo matches that we won. I believe a lot of other people have also reported this bug on Reddit (on the /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit - www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS, though I have not seen it reported here despite my searching). Unfortunately I have no screenshots of before/after the win, and my shadowplay only captures the last minute of gameplay. This is not some beg for you to give me some free BP or anything, this is a legitimate concern and I would like to report the bug so that you are aware. I have no qualms over lost BP if it means you guys can find and fix bugs in the system. Date Seen: Date the bug you're reporting was experienced. Server: 1.0 Main game Troubleshooting Attempted: Winning again - did not help, noticed it the first time, tried to replicate it (successfully?) Other Information: All of these happened in duos. Happened on both Erangel and Miramar. Launch Options: I use default launch options, and no INI edits nor any mods like ReShade System Specifications: Not sure if this is necessary but: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.20GHz Ram: 16 GB DDR3
  20. Hi. I just won my second game on the Xbox One version and didn't get awarded any BP. Just wanted to know if this is a known glitch and if you can help rectify this situation thanks. My first win on the Asia servers gave me BP, but this win on the Oceania server didn't. I'm backed out to the menu and it says I have 259 BP. I even restarted the game and it's still showing the incorrect amount. Any help?
  21. Bug Description: Played my first 2 games of pubg ever, got 2nd place. The reward was 701 BP, but i didn't receive it. Also the career tab says I've played 1 game, when I've played 2. I won the 40 BP the second game Date Seen: 12/23/17 Server: Live Server, Asian region System Specifications: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit GTX 980 Intel Core i7-4790k 4.0GHz 16GB RAM
  22. The highest of rewards on winning not added to the main menu on wins. This happened on test servers a few times in duos and squads when bp were finally added for fpp. Now I have noticed this happening on live version with me, friends and saw a post on Facebook as well. 2 squad wins, 1 duo win, 2nd in duo, the Facebook post was a solo win.
  23. I won a match and it said that I gained over 1k bp, but I didn't recieve it, it happened too my friend too. I tested if it just was a one time bug, but no. I placed top 10 and did not recieve my bp. Please fix
  24. So I reinstalled the game, did everything I knew how to do and I still get N/A BP and "an error occured" message when I click on Customization and Rewards tab, and am unable to buy crates. It's honestly very frustrating even tho I can live without these cosmetic items. Also The contrast in the game is too much for some reason. Dark areas are too dark, and bright areas are too bright. For some reason that changed for me since the game released, while it was fine before.
  25. Hello Recentlly have I played a game of PUBG solo and won that game. I know that this is a well known bug but its still annoying, After I retuned to the menu I noticed that my BP haven't updated. I have restarted the game, no adds, I have played another game, no adds (exept the BP from that game but still not the BP from the game that I've won). In the attachment are 2 screenshots from the game (Important: the screenshot of the menu is already with the coins from the game when I tried to fix it with another game) Will this fix by itself? Thanks for helping Kind regards MAXIMMAS (Maxim / Max) Screenshots: https://gyazo.com/f510e67be3d2fb74815e0ca852161563 https://gyazo.com/f5ae60c598f9dec939a294c9a688f0c3
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