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Found 21 results

  1. Movement patterns of characters We have all been there, where an enemy just pops up, wide body peeking you or leaning really clunky out from a rock or tree. When it comes to the readability and movement patterns of characters in this game, there not much in betweens, it is very stiff. The upper and lower body are off in many scenarios and the legs can get bent funny in various situations, making your shots go right through. I can not wait for an animation, responsiveness and posing overhaul of this game. Stiffness of the patterns, too few movement poses is something that was okay for the beta. But the finished product? I think not. Animation responsiveness, fluidity vs rigid movements The playing a little train on a rail feel, the characters feels more like a small vehicle you manouver in game, not an actual survivor trying to escape or survive situations of battle. When pushing movement buttons, the responsiveness and synching is off and often gives you that clunky, rigid feel where you loose alot of immersion of actually being that character in game. As if you throttle a vehicle a bit and it slides forward. All these movements have been accepted from our side of things when this game was in Beta stages, but somehow this important side of things, that can actually make a big difference have been forgotten? Put aside? I know you guys can achieve better on these points. Far better. I know it. Gameplay response of different actions Jumping / Switching weapons / Drinking an energy drink and taking a painkiller while laying down, the upper body may twist in awkward ways. I feel there is something that does not synch correctly with the hitboxes and the character itself along with animation movement. Would love a PUBG youtube video on how the hitbox system works, animations synced with audio, movement vs gameplay checks. Because something is way of when it comes to the responsiveness of the game here. I belive that an overhaul and quality of life update focusing on these things would be great for the game in general. How I wish for new unequip jumps when the characters does not look as stiff, variation in the animations as well, switching weapons differently, jumping a bit differently each time or running or beginning with another leg or arm or even a leaning of the upper body a bit more differently. This could create a more organic and real feeling to the game. It will add alot of credabilty overall. Sound & animation synchronization Many times, you have the sound skip and miss footplants when you do not wear any shoes. Why do you feel like alot of people are skipping their shoes? I believe it is because there are something clitchy with running barefoot on different materials in this game. The shoes frequency seems to be more robust and registers easier while the barefoot does sound off or not at all sometimes. I feel that a sound journey of the game would be great for a pubg youtube video also. To let the players know how much sound you make on different materials, vs range and stances. And how wonderful it would be if this game can synch with the movement and hit registration as well in the future. Would be a dream. Please pubg, consider a huge animation, sound & movement responsiveness / poses overhaul to make this game go from Beta at this stage to a Full throttle feel of a stabil product. Alot of the things mentioned may be considered as a great and lucrative update in the future of this game. And I feel that if you do focus on this, that the game will be more fit for both esport and a more solid game experience overall. I really would love to see the game get that polish and finishing touches. Thanks for reading and taking this feedback into the team.
  2. The animations and movement of this game have hold a great level of detail, for being in early access. However after this period, not much have changed to the posing, posture and movement of the characters in this game. The level of detail could be so much more and I feel it is possible to work on this to bring a more solid feel to the game overall. The main idle animation is okay in the lobby and I do like the standing relaxed animation here. This is not apparent in game whatsoever and I would like to see this as a more chill idle animation in game as well. The whole chicken butt stiff pose in game is horrible. Would love to see more variations here in the idle. A better idle animation pose in game, make the players feel more personal and diverse from eachother. The main posture was fine for beta or early access stage, not for a finished cool product as of today. When it comes to in game animations, opening, closing doors, running up stairs or moving, sneaking or snaking. I believe the animations here can be taken to the next level and above. Some more fluid and responsive movement would do this game good. Many times it is glitchy and stiff movement that throws alot of players off, including myself when it comes to visual feedback in the game today. Visual feedback is key in a game like this and I am convinced that putting more efforts and resources into animation department would do wonders I tell ya! Emotes should have hand animated as well and not just some limbs, it looks really cheap as of now and need more level of detail to really spice it up! Fiddling with your charm on your gun or doing some trick animations with different guns in game, could be amazing to see in game as variations or emotes If the player stands still with a pan on their back, after a while the player character does a smacking the pan on "dink dink!" to ensure it is there to keep you save through the battles ahead! Would love that! I truly loved the animations from the days of Tera, and I still do. More personal feel and more fun factor animations could really spice and bring more life into pubg as well. Even tho it is counted as a realistic game and shooter. That should not keep it from being fun, to be able to add some more jokes in there and lighten up the mood for your fellow players. Thank you so much for reading this feedback on movement and animations. Best regards
  3. Sometimes, when you go to use a boost in your inventory (or heal), you are not able to, and your weapon rearms each time you try.... in order to get around the bug, you must switch your weapon, and try again...
  4. I was reviving a team mate and then used a first aid kit while backing away from him a little. After that my movement was locked (i.e pressing forward always took me north despite looking south etc) and I was stuck in the reviving animation for the rest of the game and could not shoot. sorry for the bad URL. This is just a video of what it looked like while driving, stuck in the reviving pose. https://account.xbox.com/en-US/gameclip/16d81301-76a9-4f4a-9e4c-307935822a3b?gamertag=ReHype&scid=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
  5. Not sure if a bug or missing feature, but the M24 doesn't eject a shell or show a new chambered round when you operate the bolt.
  6. Sometimes you have to quietly loot a building while staying crouched... The new "getting up" animation everytime you open doors is very annoying in my opinion. I think it would be more realistic to be able to open doors while staying crouched like before.
  7. Everytime I am reloading a gun whether I stand, crouch, or lay prone my reload is cancelled. I thought they changed this in the previous patch but I guess not? any suggestions?
  8. So recently i have been playing PUBG a lot, and I'm getting better at it, but there's this one frustrating glitch where players that are around 20+ meters away seem to be blinking, as if they were just teleporting 3 feet in front of them every second. I cant play it very well at all because of this glitch. I have done everything, change graphics settings, dedicated more CPU to pubg, updated screen scale, the resolution, nothing works. Yes, I am aware that there is another thread stating this exact reason, but see, with the update in august, their flickering glitch was fixed. Mine is still not fixed, in fact, I don't think I had it before the update. I really need some help with this issue. I'm pretty sure it has to do with my PC, considering when i played it on a beefier computer, the distant players movements were smooth. If needed I will post info about my PC. Cheers and thanks for helping.
  9. So I found a long time ago "revolver bug" which is revolver's looped reloading animation. It happens when you start reloading your revolver and drop it before you reload all of 7 bullets. Video:
  10. When ADS or FPV from behind cover, My full head and body has to be exposed far beyond the weapon itself before the animation of the gun being pointed forward (from held vertically to not poke into object in front) will stop obscuring my view entirely and let me see the enemy and shoot. In other words, 3PV: I see enemy he sees me, I duck behind cover he approaches. ADS: I strafe right and a long playing gun aiming animation blocks my entire view, while exposing me entirely to fire, I'm head-shotted. Which doesnt make sense as the gun is held at my head, yet I cant aim down it.
  11. PUBG PUBLIC VERSION Priority: Medium Freq# 10/10 Sprint animation should cancel Peek animation. It is pretty annoying having Peek [toggle] and when you get surprised by enemy, you have to Q first and after that you are allowed to run. Bug imo, not feature. Other games does this, fex. Rainbows Six Siege. # Setting, Gameplay, Peek, Toggle # Get in Game # Press Q/E # Run # Unable to run Martin "YukiOG" Kabele
  12. Date Seen: 07.08.2017 21:00 (9pm) Server: Live server Error Message: No Other Information: "Proof:" PICTURE Weird bug, happened to me the first time.. Troubleshooting Attempted: No attempts. Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=10000 -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6GB CPU: I5 6500 Ram: 16gb
  13. This is widely known behavior, but I don't see it officially filed yet. Bug Description: When looting items from the ground using the inventory screen and dragging and dropping the items to your bag very rapidly, your character does not show loot animation thus increasing the speed at which you can loot items. Expected Behavior When looting items your character should stoop over and pick up each item individually. Date Seen:This is easily reproducible and is seen in every game Server: I have not tested on custom servers, but this is happening on live. Troubleshooting Attempted: Its actually unclear if this is a feature or a bug, but it seems oddly specific and mechanically demanding for something so prevalent in the game. Not to mention its not very intuitive.
  14. Hey guys, Bug Description: I am not sure where to post this (if i am doing it wrong please tell me, cheers), but it is still a bug i guess. Did not see this in the known issues thread and thought i have to mention it, since it wasnt a good experience. I was playing with my friend today. At a certain point in the game he got knocked out, then he went for cover behind a hill and I had to revive him. But as soon as i went to him and pressed the "F" key, nothing happened. On my screen the revival animation started, but in a split seccond the animation canceled by itself. (I hit the key like 15 - 20 times, nothing happened). On my friends screen he did not see any animations. And basically I couldnt revive him. We didnt notice anything in the game that could prevent the revive. I didnt take a screenshot, and i couldnt get a recording to show it. Has this happened to anyone else, who could potentially support this? Edit: I went to the how to post a bug post Server: EU Troubleshooting Attempted: No didnt do it :L Launch Options: I dont use any My System specs: Graphics: GTX 850m
  15. Fuzzy

    Animation bug

    If this was mentioned before, please move it, tried looking for animation bugs but could not see it This is not a serious bug, its more funny and does not affect gameplay, but I thought it is good idea to mention it My friend and I drove into the river last night with a buggy, we got off the buggy once it was in the water to jump onto a boat When we were off the buggy and in the water, it look like my friend was falling and not swimming, like a endless fall, my friend told me that it looks to him the same way when he was looking at my character, although on my character on my game it look like I was swimming, I did have a recording of it, but accidentally deleted it sorry Like I mentioned, it is not effecting the way I play or making the game unplayable, had a laugh at it as it did look funny to me, but I thought it was worth mentioning it Will try and repeat it and post some screen shots
  16. We were driving buggy and then some guys started to shoot us and we got little bit damage. After that we had a damage animation and sound bug in every minute until we die. There were a gun sound then blood and damage sound as ah!. However our hp was not dropping. There is another bug that the view has been broken so I can't move freely around. I was going in walls etc. I could see everything in the world. There is 2 images for this bug.
  17. Guy starts doing a weird animation after I shoot him, he then becomes unhittable. If you need more info or full video let me know! https://gyazo.com/3d57e6f6d9555c6b5a6cdcc3d04f0e11
  18. Glost

    Broken animation

    So i found a tiny bug with the prone animation today. Video show's it all.
  19. Hello. My friends and I were just playing a squad game. Two of my team mates went down, and I tried reviving one of them however; He died while I was reviving him and my character was stuck in the reviving teammate animation where you sit down and such. The issue with this was I was unable to get out of it. I tried laying down, jumping and all kinds of things. I wasn't able to aim in and every time I shot the bullets went into the ground if I wasn't aiming insanely high. Was unfortunately not able to get a video nor picture since I was in top two and died.
  20. Hello,I Found a bug/GlitchWhat Happend ? I was Healing a friend and he got shot when the timer was on 0.0, then i got stuck in the ( Interact animation ) and i was not able to unstuck myself, i was able to shot walk in the Animation ( ETA Got Stuck in the Interactive Animation and was able to shot and walk but nothing else )ScreenshotLink ( Steam )Date / Time:27.03.2017 01:20 Am (CEST) (16:20 PM PDT)Player Name / ISummonYourM0M
  21. I was reviving my teammate, and he died a second before I got him up, and then I got stuck on the revive animation. I could shoot, but I couldnt go into ironsight. If I went ironsight it just zoomed in and when trying to shoot the bullets hit the ground. Getting in a car, reloading, shooting, proning, standing up didnt cancel the animation, neither did pressing F after he died.
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