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  1. This usually refers to lack of system memory or virtual memory. What are your system specs?
  2. The title system would, as i understand from the dev letter, run in tandem with the skill based system being worked on.
  3. Takarii

    Given the option to play on NA servers, from AUS

    You can still matchmake with your NA friends. The new system doesn't prevent that.
  4. Takarii

    LOD Query

    I dont think so. Hitboxes and models are 2 different things, so while the LOD changes over distance, the actual Hitbox should remain exactly the same.
  5. Takarii

    Never played vikendi yet.. (ps4)

    Chances are there were not enough people logged in at the time. However, the PTS is now offline and your next chance is when the map goes live Im sure you will have plenty of opportunity to play once it hits the live servers.
  6. Feedback is always welcome. I expect tweaks and changes will be made to this system as time goes on, so any feedback that helps highlight what people like (or dislike) is always going to have some value
  7. This is not a ranking system like the old rating system. Its a title system which you level up through playtime (you can't lose points). An actual ranking system that takes into account playtime and skill is being worked on. You can read full details about what this title system entails here https://www.pubg.com/2018/12/05/dev-letter-season-2-title-system/
  8. Takarii

    DLSS on nvidia RTX Cards

    Thats mostly because Nvidia purchased the company and phased out the PhysX cards by adding it as a core feature in their GPU lineup. PhysX was always a CPU related thing, but the extra cards were there to be used as an alternative (which is why systems with AMD cards could still do the PhysX stuff without the standalone card but would take a larger perfomance hit).
  9. You are forgetting that you can also earn up to 4800XP per day just playing the game over the duration of the event. This equates to over 33 levels in itself So actually, Level 100 is entirely possible to achieve without additional purchases.
  10. Unless you have worked out a magical way to eliminate latency from communications, there will always be some level of "desync" (Back in the past we just called this lag). Im certain if you HAVE discovered a way to eliminate latency that you could become a very rich person. You cannot fully eliminate desync as it is based on the pings of the players in the game. If one player has a ping of 150ms and you have a ping of 50 then thats an unavoidable 100ms gap (25ms from you to the server, 75ms from them to the server) - argueably enough to explain the incredibly limited amount of desync you demonstrated in the video above. This is far from the "massive" desync you are refering to. In my opinion, what you experienced wasn't anything of major significance that can't be explained by standard latency differences.
  11. Takarii

    Browse link is to the old site address.

    Its been reported, but im unsure why it hasn't been changed yet. My assumption is there is a technical issue of some sort that is preventing it being changed at this moment.
  12. Takarii

    Facebook Login issue

    PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any questions, support requests or for reporting any bugs, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  13. Where abouts are you and your friends located?
  14. I have not had the same experience in the slightest. Have you power cycled your network hardware recently?
  15. Takarii

    Are you KIDDING ME!?

    Your target had a level 3 vest Your first shot had a number of pellets hit the arm too, so not all of them hit the torso as you believed. Everything looks in order here to me, nothing that needs looking at.
  16. Takarii

    DLSS on nvidia RTX Cards

    I hope you have a 240hz monitor to make it worthwhile!
  17. Takarii

    DLSS on nvidia RTX Cards

    Currently there is no information about when this will be introduced. Keep an eye out for it in a future update.
  18. Takarii

    Xbox update

    There isn't currently a date for when the new update will go live. Keep an eye on https://forums.pubg.com/forum/185-news-announcements/ for a post announcing the date when it becomes avaliable.
  19. Takarii

    Mouse buttons aren't registred when reloading your weapon

    Totally get what you are saying, but please understand that at present it is working as designed and is thus not a bug. Action queuing is purposefully not present currently
  20. Takarii

    fpp servers

    On PC at least, the global split is actually 75/25 in favor of TPP (last time i asked at least) and typically consoles also tend to favor TPP over FPP. This varies somewhat on a region to region basis too. Its also worth remembering that those who want something are more likely to be vocal than those who are happy with how things are - you won't really find people who prefer TPP saying "don't add FPP" to contrast with those who are asking for it. The main priority right now is a healthy matchmaking environment, but those who want additional FPP options certainly aren't being ignored and shouldn't feel that they are being ignored simply because they haven't been enabled yet.
  21. Takarii

    fpp servers

    Due to the cloud based nature of the game hosting, the servers can never be "full". Unlike legacy type server hosting, each game is an independantly created game instance from a pool of resources that can automatically increase or decrease in size depending on demand. The limitation is the number of players playing, not the ability to host games.
  22. Takarii

    screen tearing

    I wouldn't really worry too much about 10-15ms, not when you consider vsync is nearly 5 times that
  23. Takarii

    fpp servers

    Obviously there is demand for said things, thats a given. But when it comes to matchmaking, its vastly more important that people can actually play games. Extreme example, but consider this. Imagine a scenario where there are only enough players to support a single queue. Opening up a second queue splits that player count, and now neither queue can get a game, which then results in people not trying and decreasing the chances further. At some point the numbers could get so low that even shutting one of the 2 queues down could still result in no one getting games (Like I said though, very extreme example) More queues mean more chances that players may not get games and not being able to play a game is significantly worse than having a less than preferable perspective (a bit like getting a map you don't like as much as others is better than getting no map at all). Demand for extra perspectives can be easily monitored from outside of the game as was shown by the polls that were set up to find out which FPP mode should be opened. As was originally stated at launch, the team will monitor playercounts and open up modes as and when they believe it won't have a detrimental impact on queue times.
  24. Takarii

    screen tearing

    What I think you actually mean it is not a preferable solution for yourself due to the input lag it induces - which doesn't mean it is not a solution. Vsync prevents screen tearing, that is a fact. However recent-ish addition of fast sync to the recent generations of nvidia cards has is better alternative. In general, Fast sync adds very little in terms of response time and is has much lower response times compared to vsync if you have a GPU that supports it (which you do). If Vsync is not a viable option for you, then fast sync is your only other software based option. The more heavy handed approach would be to recommend buying a monitor with a much higher refresh rate if you want to run games at the framerates you are achieving without any screen tearing - something that is getting much easier to do these days as their prices are falling. Check out the fast sync testing done by this helpful dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L07t_mY2LEU.
  25. Takarii

    fpp servers

    Simply because it adds more queues for matchmaking and risks creating extended waiting times. The team is monitoring everything and new modes will be opened up when or if they feel it won't have a major impact on a players ability to get into a game within a reasonable time.