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  1. The waiting time is there to help ensure that all players are loaded into the game by the time the plane begins its flight across the map. Not everyone has top spec machines and some players will take longer to load in.
  2. OCE servers already exist and do get used, however in order for a game to start there you require enough players to be matchmaking at the same time which unfortunately isn't always the case. The match maker should always try and create a game instance in the local region if enough players are queueing, but in the event this isn't the case then players are redirected to another region so they don't have to sit in an indefinite queue.
  3. If you wish to discuss cheating, please do so in the dedicated thread below.
  4. A skill based ranking system is being developed as we speak. Measuring skill in PUBG is tricky as there are a huge amount of metrics to take into account that define skill. There is currently no further information to provide on what the new system will entail or when it will be released, but rest assured one is coming at a later date.
  5. Nothing has been changed value wise, however perception might have. Now that both erangel and vikendi have increased amounts of loot, the higher density of sanhok might not feel the same anymore.
  6. PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any suggestions, questions, support requests (including bug reports and account related queries) or anything else related to PUBG Mobile, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them   https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more This also includes any questions relating to any emulation.
  7. Maintenance was extended, which is why you are still unable to play.
  8. It has not yet been 4 hours. The 4 hour extension tweeted earlier ends in 2hrs 30 minutes
  9. The game servers are still under maintenance.
  10. The title system is not a skill based ranking system. Those with higher titles have simply earnt more SP - something anyone with enough time can do. A new skill based ranking system is being developed which should run alongside the title system once it has been released. You can read about the title system in full here: https://www.pubg.com/2018/12/05/dev-letter-season-2-title-system/
  11. Your system doesn't meet the minimum specifications for the game based on the GPU alone. You can find the full system requirements on the thread below.
  12. Report them ingame or at https://xboxsupport.pubg.com/hc/en-us and the support team will deal with it from there. Posting clips that call players, including suggestions that a player is breaking the rules of conduct with or without evidence, or directing people to said evidence, is against the forum rules and any posts/threads that do this will be removed.
  13. Given that it is entirely unclear what it is you are trying to point out in this video, I would like you to explain what you are trying to report. The more detail you give, the easier it is to see and/or deal with the problem moving forwards. Please provide as much detail as you can moving forwards for any other bugs you want to report.
  14. Before the change was made that allowed the AR attachments on DMR's the compensators were different. Since the update they became equal, so there is no difference in the AR vs SR compensator when used on a DMR.
  15. Am I right in thinking this is related to PUBG Mobile? Regarding facebook, there is nothing that can be offered assistance wise other than my personal recommendation to be more vigilant with security in the future.
  16. Do you happen to be using a logitech mouse and have discord connected to your Logitech gaming software?
  17. If you have 4500 SP in Squad FPP, 1500 SP in Solo FPP and 2000 in Squad TPP, then your rewards will currently be based on the result from Squad FPP (its the highest). While you could play a ton of games in Solo FPP, you would need to earn 3000 SP before you even match your current highest in Squad FPP. Therefore, your best bet is to continue playing Squad FPP to gain as many points as possible. This will obviously vary for yourself, depending on how much you have earnt in each mode.
  18. Each mode has its own individual SP counter and your rewards will be based on the highest SP value you have achieved across all modes. The season is due to end on the 18th of June, so your ability to grind the rewards will depend on how close to the milestones you are.
  19. If you try to use the other account when you get this error, can it connect normally?
  20. Careful on the wording that was used there. They said "8k Capabilities". You won't be gaming at 8k, but 4k @120fps is certainly a target they want to achieve.
  21. Each of the large black grid squares is 1000m x 1000m. Inside each of those black grid squares are 100 smaller white squares that are 100m x 100m in size. You can use this to calculate how far away a player is from you. Note, diagonal distance will be slightly more due to pythagoras theorem (a² + b² = c²), so diagonal distance from corner to corner on the 1000m grid is approx 1414.2m and the 100m grid diagonal is approx 141.4m
  22. I would recommend contacting steam support to try and get to the bottom of the problem. https://help.steampowered.com/en/
  23. This will be a steam related issue. Try clearing the download cache in the steam settings and retry the download.
  24. If this thread is to continue, then this discussion needs to go back to the topic of the games instead of continued discussion on the topic I have already asked to be left alone moving forwards. This is the second time I have had to come back to clean up the thread and If i have to clean it up again due to still discussing the same topic as the previous rule break then it will be removed. Please move the topic back to where it was originally.
  25. In my experience, the remaster is performing roughly the same on my PC as the original version. Please remember, graphical improvements are made alongside optimisations so that performance doesn't take a massive impact as a result.
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