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    performance/resolution setting help

    Its to do with how the system renders the game. With Framerate priority, it renders the game at 1440p rather than 4K. Your Xbox will still upscale it to a 4k output if you have that selected, but the actual game is not rendered in 4k. Resolution priority means that the game is rendered at 4k, just like before.
  2. Takarii

    Stopping in red one mission broken

    Make sure you are fully stopped in the vehicle before you get out. If you are still moving, thats not classed as a complete stop.
  3. Takarii


    That would be refering to the new Title system that was implemented in the most recent update. As far as I'm aware, that system will repeat after this season ends. I expect there is probably a good chance more event passes similar to the Sanhok and Vikendi ones will appear in the future, but lets focus on what we have right now before we look too far ahead into the future :). The event pass on PC ends in around 30 days, so its possible more information may be avaliable after that.
  4. The consoles have different hardware specs, so its important to know which one is being used when problems are occuring. The more information we have, the easier it is to solve problems. For example, your external drive might be faster than an internal drive (or potentially slower).
  5. They do, but the game itself also has its own modifiers for sensitivity.
  6. Takarii

    Nickname change

    The name you had on your second profile will remain unusable for a period of time after you have put a name change through. I'm unsure how long this period is, but once it has expired you should then be able to re-use the original name.
  7. Takarii

    Purchased tiers not showing up

    Great, so you definetly got the levels and claimed the rewards. Make sure to include those screenshots in your ticket (and possibly one of your empty inventory too) so they can see as much information as possible and they should be able to sort this out for you.
  8. Takarii

    Which SSD are you using?

    Don't confuse Gb with GB. Gb = GigaBIT, GB = GigaBYTE. SSD's are usually rated in MegaBYTES per second, not MegaBITS. Looking at that link there, they aren't specifying the speed of the drive, only the speed of the connection (which for USB 3.0 is 5Gbps) 5Gbps is the max throughput of USB 3.0 which is approximately 625MBps - 5 Gigabits/8 (because 8 bits per byte). Most "standard" SATA SSD's are around the 500MBps for SEQUENTIAL reads and is the maximum throughput it will be capable of doing under ideal scenarios (which is almost never as data is almost never sequential). Realistically they operate at much lower speeds than the sequential maximum, but still much much faster than regualr HDD's The Xbox has USB 3.0 ports, so any 3.0 or 3.1 enclosure should offer a fast enough connection to make the SSD worthwhile. With that in mind, you probably won't see much difference between a "top spec" and an entry level SSD outside of synthetic benchmarks and specific usage that the Xbox doesn't do. I personally have a 500GB Crucial MX500, but only because I got it on sale for a good price. In terms of enclosure, I personally got myself a USB 3.1 gen 2 with USB-C ports on it because I intend to use it with my laptop and PC as well, but if your only use for it is with the Xbox then you could save a little by only getting a 3.0 enclosure (or even more by just getting a SATA 3 to USB 3.0 cable without an enclosure - though i'd probably not recommend that for long term use)
  9. Takarii

    Purchased tiers not showing up

    Have you claimed the items inside the pass itself after using the level up vouchers? Could you submit a screenshot showing them having been claimed? (just for reference incase others have the same issue)
  10. Takarii

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    The $25 (£21.99) pack you mention has multiple items in it. You can buy the pass without the other items for $9.99 (£7.19). Also keep in mind that those statistics on that website don't differentiate between platforms, so take the data with a pinch of salt when it comes to console preferences.
  11. Just to check, which console are you using and do you use an SSD or the standard internal drive?
  12. Takarii

    Purchased tiers not showing up

    You need to redeem the items. They should be in your inventory in the same place you would find crates to open
  13. Takarii

    PS4 Update #1 Feedback Topic

    Your level resetting was part of the vikendi pass and was explained in the patchnotes. As for the stats, a new season has started, hence why they were wiped (this happens at the start of every season on all platforms) with regards to the rendering, would you be able to submit a short video demonstrating what you are experiencing?
  14. Takarii


    The OCE servers haven't gone anywhere, however if there are not enough people matchmaking at the same time as you in the same region then that is why you will be placed in the next closest region.
  15. Takarii


    Maps selection already exists on PC and has done for several months now.
  16. Takarii

    ADS Lag on vikendi

    FPS issues and latency issues are different things, but it would still be helpful to see a video of what you are personally experiencing.
  17. Takarii

    Now That Vikendi Has Dropped

    Never (just kidding) Im sure they won't be far away and the team will let you know when they are coming.
  18. Takarii

    ADS Lag on vikendi

    Would you be able to submit a short video demonstrating what you are experiencing?
  19. Takarii

    Great Update!!!

    Its Possible the servers were still coming back up when you originally joined games so defaulted you to what was avaliable. If you have it happen multiple times in a row moving forwards, let us know
  20. Takarii

    Great Update!!!

    Which region are you both playing from?
  21. Takarii

    New map

    Did you miss the third tweet saying that it had been extended for an additional 2 hours on top of the previous 2 hour extension?
  22. Takarii

    Change maintaince time....

    PUBG is not blizzard. Back when WoW launched they took the servers offline for 2-4 hours at the time at around 8am each week. Maintenance is done at the global low point for concurrent players. This usually falls around the 1:30am mark in the EU. I am unsure where you are getting 4am from.
  23. Takarii

    New map

    Sometimes unexpected things happen when deploying updates or performing maintenance tasks. This can happen for ANY game/program/service. Please be patient while the work is carried out.
  24. Takarii

    New ranked system is a joke

    Its refering to the leveling system currently in place that you earn XP for completing your daily and weekly missions. Those daily and weekly missions will still be doable, but it will contribute to leveling up the vikendi pass instead (and thus helping you to unlock the rewards in the pass)
  25. Takarii

    New ranked system is a joke

    Thats because the Title System is not a ranking system and is not based on skill. Think of it more like a progression system - You play games, earn points and when you have enough points you go to the next tier. Higher tiers give higher rewards at the end of each season. A skill based ranking system is being worked on that should work in tandem with this system. With this system, anyone who plays long enough can reach the 6000 mark as it has no connection to how well you play. How long it takes you to get to that point - and how many games it takes - will be down to your own skillset, but losing games or playing badly won't penalise you.