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  1. Ok, I see what is happening here. Unfortunately, this is actually working by design and is related to action queuing. Reloading is an interrupt action that cancels the ADS action. As a result, you need to release and press the key again to trigger the ADS action once more.You will find a similar thing happen when you hold the trigger to expend all of your bullets, reload whilst still holding the trigger and be required to release the trigger and press it again in order to continue firing. I wrote a more indepth explaination on how this works in the thread below (that thread was related to PS4, but the system and mechanics are the same)
  2. Takarii

    Still care packages out of bounds

    Unfortunately saying "still happens" doesn't provide much to work with. Do you have anything that shows it happening to you recently that can be reviewed by the team? Videos and screenshots help diagnose a problem and identify where things aren't functioning as intended.
  3. Takarii


    I don't suppose you managed to capture a recording of the mission refresh happening incorrectly? I've not experienced it myself or heard anyone else have the same issue, but if you managed to capture it happening then I'll forward it along.
  4. Takarii

    how do i make my character black haired?

    In the customise menu the option ticked in the red box below is the black colour. It might appear slightly less "black" due to reflective shine, but that one is the black colour.
  5. Takarii

    High Ping

    PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any questions, support requests or for reporting any bugs, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them  https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  6. Correct, however missions ended prematurely which is why the pass was extended. The store items were avaliable correctly until the specified times
  7. Takarii

    Why is the community so toxic?

    I think what they were refering to is that the Title System leaderboards are not skill based. Anyone who plays enough - good or bad - can secure the top spot on those leaderboards and the ranking on there is based on collected SP, not your overall stats. This means someone who has 1000 games with a perfect K/D and win ratio can be below someone who has just played a lot more matches at a "mediocre level". The title system is not a skill based ranking system, that is something being worked on to be added at a later date, though people who play better will earn SP faster than those who play worse.
  8. No, because the store items were avaliable for the correct period, mission progress was not and thus the extension was provided to remedy that.
  9. Takarii

    Gun skin not functioning after purchase

    Could you submit a screenshot showing what you mean?
  10. Takarii


    Both extensions relate to different things entirely. The April 4th extensions was to the vikendi pass and allows you to continue completing missions until that date. The May 7th extensions was to the Title season and allows you additional time to get your Survival points up to earn seasonal rewards.
  11. The pass was extended for an extra 2 days as the ability to complete missions ended early and prevented some players from finishing them, however the ability to purchase levels from the store was not extended as there were no issues surrounding that part (that I am aware of). The communication below made no mention of an extension on the ability to purchase levels being granted either. I would always recommend that you verify the thing you want to purchase is available for purchase before adding credit to anything.
  12. Takarii

    Extreme packet loss upstream 70%

    Sounds to me like there is some issue on one of the hops along your connection route. Are you able to test with a VPN to see if you stop losing packets when forcing it to take a different route?
  13. Takarii

    Teaming in solos

    Mods have nothing to do with the support team or tickets that are filed. Threads are removed if they break the forum rules and calling people out for teaming breaks one of them Please ensure that you report anyone who breaks the rules of conduct so it can be investigated, but do so using the correct channels
  14. Takarii

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    The pass was always slated to end on the 2nd of April and the grace period to continue after that.
  15. Takarii

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    You can still claim survival XP from what I understand, at least that was my experience during the grace period on PC. It seems that it has been flipped around this time.
  16. Takarii

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    It hasn't totally ended just yet but the timer is for when the pass comes to a complete close. Unfortunately this doesn't appear to so clear ingame, but the final week is the grace period outlined in the schedule below.
  17. Takarii

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    The grace period will allow you to claim rewards and any unclaimed XP from completed missions, but you will be unable to gain progress on anything further. Remember to spend your coupons too as they will expire at the end of the pass.
  18. Takarii

    Peek & Fire & Open scope ?

    There is nothing like that. You lean, then you scope in, then you fire - 3 seperate actions. There is no key that does all 3 of these at the same time. Is it possible you are looking for "Hold to ADS" where you hold in your scope button to ADS rather than Toggle it?
  19. Takarii

    Extreme packet loss upstream 70%

    Packet loss can be causes by many different things, some of which are outside of your control. If you have already checked everything at your end then the next thing to do would be to contact your ISP. Packets being lost on the upstream means the server is telling you that it didn't receive some of the data you sent and it got lost along the way. This can be sometimes be related to the route that was established to the server and hopefully is something your ISP could diagnose.
  20. If you wish to discuss cheating in PUBG, please do so in the thread created for this purpose below.
  21. Takarii

    Somebody plz tell me wtf is this

    Other games aren't PUBG and if it is connection related like the others all experiencing the same issue then its unrelated to the game itself. You can verify this by using a VPN to see if you can load the game normally. If you can, then then your ISP is the next people to talk to.
  22. Takarii

    Why is there still no choco taco skins ?

    They have now been delayed by an additional week.
  23. Takarii

    Teaming during solos.

    Replay files are not avaliable, other data is. You can see a portion of that data via the public API and much more is likely collected to provide analytics and statistics for future development.
  24. Takarii

    Teaming during solos.

    The methods used to catch cheaters and rule breakers are not made public. Please ensure you report rule breakers to ensure they are caught and punished accordingly.