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    Update 401.3.1 (What This Mean?)

    Before doing that, try fully power cycling your console (shut it down fully and switch it on)
  2. Takarii

    Stopping in red one mission broken

    You need to get out of the vehicle after it has stopped for it to count, however the mission text doesn't say it. The team is aware of this
  3. Takarii


    Are you sure? Can you post a screenshot showing your ping and the region code underneath your healthbar?
  4. Takarii

    PUBG hard resets my pc upon launching

    It still points to a PSU related issue, even if it isn't occuring everywhere. I have had similar issues in the past and it was a PSU related every time, and others on the forum who had the same issue as you also found it to be related to the PSU. In terms of testing, if you are unable to swap the PSU out yourself, it might be worth purchasing a new one, testing with the new PSU and then either returning it if the issue persists, keep it and return the faulty one, or return it and RMA the faulty one. You could also take the system to a repair place and get them to do some tests. Alternatively, you could just RMA your PSU right now or contact the retailer you purchased it from and explain the situation so you can get a replacement.
  5. Takarii

    PUBG hard resets my pc upon launching

    Something like that usually points to a hardware fault and in most cases like this its related to the PSU. Are you able to test using a different PSU?
  6. I assure you it is just a different sound but equally noticeable. But as I also said, perception on this will vary.
  7. Takarii


    If the action isn't complete, thats why the ADS doesn't happen. If an action takes 2 seconds to do, and you hit ADS at 1.95 seconds in, then that is still before the action is finished and would be counted as an queue the following. I totally understand what you are saying, its just that action queuing is not in the game by design. Unfortunately I'm unaware of the specifics regarding this design decision so couldn't comment on that at all.
  8. Takarii

    Where is the Rank System?

    According to https://forums.pubg.com/topic/323234-beta-season-1-survival-title-system/ it should be shown in the lobby. If its not appearing then that suggests it could be a bug. I'll pass it along
  9. Cosmetics are for visual purposes only. Despite what people believe, barefoot or wearing shoes have footsteps that have the same volume - they just sound different, though perception on this matter will vary from person to person. Penalising people for not choosing a specific cosmetic loadout would be unfair.
  10. Takarii

    Cosmetic/store items

    I would very much like to see this addition.
  11. Takarii


    Someone asked a very similar quesiton regarding why one has to ADS manually after the reload has finished and is unable to do it while continuing to hold the key, or do it mid reload. I responded in the thread below. Hopefully this explains why it is currently working this way.
  12. Takarii

    Not Really Liking Vikendi

    Again, it varies from person to person and experience to experience. I've almost never had a problem finding an AR, yet plenty of others say they never see them. You can test something a million times in the background, but when you push something to live results can always vary. It doesn't matter how many times you test something, if problems don't appear when testing, then you can't possibly them. Its very easy to say that somethings should have been caught in test, but sometimes things don't present themselves until your test sample is bigger and there are multiple extra factors involved that you can't simulate that might be connected - and that is where bug reports and feedback become important. For reference, this isn't me making excuses, but me drawing from my years of experience as a software engineer (and trust me, irrespective of the software it is no less frustrating when something refuses to work correctly)
  13. Takarii

    Not Really Liking Vikendi

    People have different preferences with respect to each of the maps. They are all designed to play differentl - terrain, loot, circles, map size etc. Vikendi does add in some additional graphics fidelity which does appear to be having an effect on performance overall. The team are still doing performance passes on the map, so this should hopefully improve as things go forward. I wouldn't worry too much regarding the loot changes. Other than seeing way less tommy guns, and slightly more AR's the DMR amounts still feel fine. I played a few dozen games with squads on the PTS and in every case we each found a DMR and/or sniper at some point during the game. With the additional AR spawns, it also means that lacking in a DMR isn't as painful. Feedback is always useful so that tweaks/changes can be made or so that future maps can be designed differently, so please continue to provide it PS: Remember that tracks work with you as well as against you. It adds an additional dimension of play that you have to take into consideraiton.
  14. Do you remember specifically what guns you were using at the time when it didn't reload?
  15. Takarii

    problem with the region lock

    Maybe, but that doesn't mean they are matchmaking for the specific map, perspective and mode in your region. The matchmaker will push you to the next best region if the playercount has insufficient players avaliable to start a game in your region so that you aren't waiting for an extended period of time to get a game.
  16. Takarii

    problem with the region lock

    That will most likely be connected to the fact that FPP has a lower player count overall and there aren't enough people queueing in EU to get you a game in your local region. You won't be locked there, but you might be directed there more often than you would like due to player counts.
  17. Takarii

    Do Weekly Missions Expire?

    Nope! Any missions you don't manage to complete (other than dailies) are avaliable for the entirety of the vikendi pass.
  18. Takarii

    Old Season Royal Pass

    Sounds like you are refering to PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any questions, support requests or for reporting any bugs, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  19. Takarii

    locked challenges

    No you aren't! What this means is that if you do decide to purchase the pass down the line, you can instantly grab all the missions you completed that are premium. This allows you to make a decision on whether or not the pass has "value" for yourself. For example, if you don't complete enough of it to get the rewards you want then you might feel cheated if you purchased it on day 1. However if you complete enough of the premium missions to get you to the level you feel is worth the purchase, then you can pick the pass up later and claim that XP (and consequently the levels and cosmetics that come with it). You will level faster if you purchase the pass earlier (XP gained per day while playing is increased) but otherwise you can progress along the pass without purchasing it until you feel it is worth doing so.
  20. I would recommend a hard pass on that as you have no idea what that file is actually doing and if it has something nefarious inside then it could lead to your account being banned. In general, if you have to ask if something is ok, and it involves adding, editing or removing files from the game directory, then that is a good indicator that you shouldn't do it.
  21. Takarii

    Season 2 beta End date PC

    No specific date has been released regarding the end of the season just yet. Keep an eye out for an official announcement in the future.
  22. Takarii

    no starting

    Can you be a bit more specific about how far you get when launching?
  23. Correct. Progress towards your trophies should remain as it should be tracked independently of the season.
  24. Takarii

    Event Pass Trial

    You will be able to find them in your inventory under the store tab.
  25. Takarii

    locked challenges

    Week 2 and onwards unlock as the weeks of the pass progress. Some of the missions in each of the weeks are premium only - You can complete them, but you can only collect the XP if you have purchased the pass.