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  1. Takarii

    Custom matches & event mode

    Its all about priorities. There are some things that require more attention than others, as such focus will be on those things first.
  2. Takarii

    Custom matches & event mode

    It's still planned for a later stage as far as I know, but for now there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed. https://forums.pubg.com/topic/316977-ps4-frequently-asked-questions/ There is no current date as to when that feature will be added.
  3. Takarii

    My lobby doesnt work

    I had a similar issue myself over the weekend. I found that leaving the team and restarting the lobby seems to resolve the issue as a work around but it won't join you into your friends lobby (they will need to leave and the team be recreated). I've passed this along to the team to investigate further
  4. Takarii

    Gear vs Map

    Each map has a different playstyle in mind. Sanhok is smaller and is designed to be faster and more intensive than other maps, thus has a higher loot density than other maps.
  5. Takarii

    My lobby doesnt work

    Which queue are you using when this occurs and which region are you playing from?
  6. Takarii

    Please talk to us

    Please see the reply in this thread from the team regarding communication
  7. The pass itself has ended and is currently in the grace period. During this time the missions will no longer be completable but you can still claim XP for missions that have already been completed and claim any rewards that have been earnt. There are plans to reopen the pass for a futher 7 days so missions can be completed on the 9th of April as mentioned in the thread below and an announcement will be made when this goes live.
  8. Takarii

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    I would still recommend trying older drivers to see if that makes any difference as a troubleshooting step. Most of the issues people have had regarding this type of stuttering seem to be related to 1080Ti's too from what I have read, which is odd.
  9. Takarii

    New pc

    If you mean 4k when you say UltraHD, then you might be able to run it at that resolution but not at any playable framerate. A GTX 1050 should be able to run the game at 1080p without too much trouble, presuming your CPU is up to the task. You shouldn't have too many issues maintaining a steady 60fps if you run the game at meduim settings. The best thing to do is tweak them yourself and find out which combination works best for your system.
  10. Takarii

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    This is typically related to the drivers and there is plenty of documented experiences where this occurs that are unrelated to PUBG. My suggestion would be to roll back your drivers slightly and see if the issue persists. If it helps, Im running 417.35 and don't experience any stutter. There have also been a few reports of people solving stutters and freezes by updating their sound drivers too.
  11. I play with NA friends frequently, and it seems to be entirely random when it comes to which server we are placed on, though I do tend to see it place us in EU more if there are more EU players in the team. It seems like you are just getting a higher distribution of NA games at that point, but it certainly isn't the only outcome.
  12. Takarii

    Pubg mobil ile emilatör karşılaşması

    PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any questions, support requests or for reporting any bugs, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them  https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  13. There was an error at the pass launch which meant the skin was briefly tradeable for some users. This was corrected shortly after discovery.
  14. Takarii

    The game crashed today 5/6 times

    Please try the troubleshooting steps in the thread below. If the problem continues, please reply using the template in the final post with more information. Thanks!
  15. Sorry, the items are untradable.
  16. Even if you use a VPN to bypass a region, you just create a worse situation for yourself. Ping grouping is used and places similar pings together. If you attempt to bypass the matchmakers region selector the result will be that you experience significantly more desync. For example, if you have a ping of 150, the players in that game will have something similar. Those with low pings still play with other low ping players and that ping is based on the client, not the IP that the user connects from. If your client reads a ping of 150, the server sees it as that too, irrespective of how "close" your VPN might be. It was warned that individual map selection could cause issues exactly like this and the situation is being monitored.
  17. Takarii

    Oceania on PS4

    There are OCE servers, what is lacking is OCE players. If there are not enough players matchmaking in the region at the same time, the matchmaker will redirect you to another region so you can play.
  18. Because you have made the mistake of thinking this is a skill based ranking system, which it is not. Think of this more like an EXP progression type system more akin to getting levels in COD (just without the unlocks). Anyone with enough playtime could eventually reach the top ranks, but a better player will do it faster. A actual ranking system is being worked on that will rank people fairly based on their skill and performance but there is no current date for its release.
  19. Takarii

    Can't login

    Steam had a small issue earlier. It appears to be resolved at this point.
  20. As mentioned before, its a soft reset and not a complete reset. That means you start with a portion of your previous score rather than from scratch.
  21. Thats going to be what happened then. The soft reset didn't start you from 0, so that means your ~2k score from season 2 carried you over to start somewhere around the 1800 mark (i had roughly the same). Each perspective for each queue earns the at the same rate, so solo FPP and TPP are the same, Duo FPP and TPP are the same etc... Solo, Duo and Squad accrue at different rates. Your initial screenshots, based on your information here, show nothing abnormal
  22. Given that there was a soft reset between seasons, what did you achieve last season in each of the solo perspectives?
  23. Takarii

    My Pubg account is hacked

    PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any questions, support requests or for reporting any bugs, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them  https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  24. Seems strange that you would be placed in EU. What time of day locally were you matchmaking?
  25. Takarii

    Major BUG on patch

    Could you verify which country you are playing from and which region you normally matchmake into?