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    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    A new ranking system was trialed on PC to replace the old rating system. It was decided that it didn't perform the way they wanted (as detailed in that letter) so rather than rip it out altogether it was repurposed into the Title system we have now (meaning all the time spent creating it was not wasted). Creating a fair rating system in PUBG is not a simple task as there are so many things that can contribute to what you might consider a better player (and thus one with a higher rating).
  2. Takarii

    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    The title system is not a skill based ranking system. The top 100 people are those who have the highest survival point score of those who reached the title "Survivor". Think of the Title system to be more like the leveling system you might see in COD (just without unlocks etc) It is fully explained in the dev letter below, along with mention that a skill based system to replace the old rating system is being worked on. https://www.pubg.com/2018/12/05/dev-letter-season-2-title-system/
  3. Would you be able to submit a video clip of this occuring so we can get a better idea of what is happening?
  4. Takarii

    Help with PUBG region

    The matchmaker will primarily try and place you in the closest region to you, however if there are insufficient players matchmaking to create a game then it will look in your next best region. This is most likely what is happening.
  5. Takarii

    Game crashing approx 5 mins in game

    It sounds like it could be network related. Can you try connecting using a mobile hotspot to see if the issue reoccurs? Can you attempt it using both a wired tether and a wifi connection to the hotspot?
  6. Takarii

    Error 5.2.6 after most recent update 2/7/19

    For clarity, 5.2.6 refers to the game version, not a specific error (as I understand). Just so we can help narrow things down, do you get the same problem if you use something like a wireless hotspot to connect? If it works on the hotspot, then that suggests something related to your ISP or the route it takes to get to the servers. If you don't have a hotspot, try a VPN instead as this will also alter the route the connection to the servers would take. (purely for diagnostics, this is not a proposed solution)
  7. Takarii

    Incorrect Server

    Which perspective and queue were you in?
  8. Your bandwidth has little to no connection to your latency (unless you are flooding it), and you can't possibly know your ping or packet loss to the game servers because the console doesn't display it. Where abouts are you playing from? Please post the clip you mentioned before. A the 2D replay you provided doesn't show anything abnormal and it doesn't show the number of shots taken either. Looking at the telemetry from PUBG Lookup for that game, he fired several times and eventually killed you.
  9. Takarii

    Can't Play Erangel Anymore!

    Other way around. Those who pick a specific map cause a game to be created, then quick join "back fills" remaining slots irrespective of the map. Quick join is faster simply because they don't need to wait for a minimum count of players to create a game instance, so my understanding is that it locates the oldest instance with spaces left in it that match your regin, perspective and queue and sends players there. This is one of the reasons i expect quick join has no rotation factor currently as forcing into a rotation would increase the waiting time and be no different to queuing for a specific map, only its hidden instead of obvious. There is no such thing as a "free server" (an empty one waiting for players to join) and this is a legacy approach to game hosting. In PUBG game instances are spun up and spun down "as needed" so that resources aren't being wasted powering empty games. So you can't put servers into a rotation like you suggested because there is no server to apply it to
  10. I don't undertstand what you want explained. As to why it didn't spectate him, im unware but the replay file you provided didn't show anything strange.
  11. Takarii

    Can't Play Erangel Anymore!

    Quick join puts players into a game "quickly". I expect it does this by filling the remaining spots in the oldest instances that have been created so that those games can start - otherwise you would just end up with lots of unstarted games. Players can queue for the map they want to play or hit quick join if they aren't bothered and just want to get into the action. This also has the added effect that players won't queue for maps they don't want to play. The inability to get a specific map with your specific combo of queue and perspective was a highlighted potential consequence of having the individual map selection that people wanted. The team are monitoring that though and will make adjustments as they feel are needed to ensure healthy matchmaking.
  12. Takarii

    Error 5.2.6 after most recent update 2/7/19

    Where abouts are you playing from? Timeouts are usually connected to connections dropping out and can often be unrelated to the game itself and be connected to the route your connection takes to the server.
  13. Takarii

    Is Leaderboard already glitched?

    Sorry, no specific date has been announced yet! Keep an eye out for future tweets or forum posts that will let you know when it is coming to a close.
  14. Takarii

    Is Leaderboard already glitched?

    A skill based rank system is in the works, as mentioned in the dev letter that accompinied the Title Systems initial implementation on PC.
  15. Takarii

    This new SP rank system s**ks

    Thats because the title system is not a ranking system in terms of skill or matchmaking, but more of a progression system. This isn't to replace a skill based rating system and a new skill based system is being worked on. You should read the details about the system in the dev blog that explains it in depth https://www.pubg.com/2018/12/05/dev-letter-season-2-title-system/
  16. This should now be resolved.
  17. Takarii

    Vikendi pass

    The vikendi pass is account bound, not console bound (just like cosmetics). If he wishes to take advantage of the pass then he would need to purchase it for himself
  18. Do you have a controller plugged in?
  19. Takarii

    I cant play PUBG

    That sounds connection related if you tried it on multiple consoles. Have you tried power cycling your network hardware (router, modem etc)? Are you able to see if you can connect if you use a wireless hotspot via your phone?
  20. Takarii

    Strange Player Behaviour

    Holding both R1 and L1 at the same time opens your emote menu and one of the emotes is to wave, this is probably what you saw. Regarding the appearing thing, do you happen to have a video that shows it happening? If not, can you capture one if you see it again?
  21. I don't think the age of the account is relevant in this case. Think of it another way - you could live your life crime free for 40 years, be an honour student, volunteer everywhere and be an incredibly good person, then one day decide to rob a bank. In cases like that, while your "good life" might mitigate it somewhat, you still broke the law, still get punished and still retain that stigma of ex criminal for the rest of your days. They do state that new accounts are not going to be instantly listed as "low trust" unless you have a history of bad behaviour on the platform (which i presume will take into account developer bans on your account and maybe even steam discussion posts that were flagged?). They aren't being specific about what factors into it, i expect for good reason, but it will be intersting to see how it modifies a players behavior when their entire online experience could be affected by the poor decision to cheat in a single game. I'm interested to see how the system develops and how it gets used as this is the closest thing I've seen to a more global system for ironing out the more toxic and destructive elements of gaming. How they handle people just creating new accounts is TBD though, but I can't imagine this is something they haven't already thought about.
  22. Takarii

    How about Vikendi Stunt Contest?

    The contest isn't over yet, so winners have not yet been selected.
  23. It should change automatically after a short wait