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  1. I would recommend running through the troubleshooting guide below to rule out the most common problems that users face. Please make sure to do each step, even if you have done so previously Let me know how it goes.
  2. With the way that other play was teleporting around it looks very much like a latency related issue. Does this happen consistently?
  3. Specifically are you refering to the Corrupted memory issue? Do you happen to be running an insider build of Windows 10?
  4. At present there are more important things that need attention, however custom games have not been forgotten and will be added at a later date Keep an eye out for an announcement in the future
  5. Sorry, a date for when the mastery system will arrive on consoles has not yet been announced. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement in the future!
  6. This should happen once the Wild Card pass lands on consoles. At this time, however, a release date has not been publicly announced.
  7. As mentioned previously, this can occur if your desktop scaling is set higher than 100%. The team are aware and are investigating. As a temporary workaround, please set the scaling back down to 100% when you wish to play if you want to avoid this. You can find the setting under "Display" in the windows settings
  8. Please continue to wait for a response.
  9. Like the survivor system on console (which provided BP rewards each "normal" level rather than cosmetics), It will likely be modified to suit the consoles.
  10. Thanks for letting us know. This has already been reported to the team to be looked at.
  11. As has been mentioned before, Quick Join is not "please give me a random map" but rather "please put me into a game as quickly as you can". If there are games that require players then that is where Quick Join will place you - which just so happens to be sanhok in this case. Quick Join can and will give you other maps, but it is intended to have short wait times rather than map diversity.
  12. @OMFGmethodman Just got a response saying the username you have supplied wasn't found. Could you recheck the spelling and capitalisation?
  13. Could you please submit a screenshot to better illustrate what you are seeing?
  14. Sprinting or running, its the same. No one starts running at their maximum speed. Perhaps a video demonstrating your experience would help illustrate it better?
  15. The movement is normal, no one can start immediately moving at a dead sprint and they can't do that ingame either. Picking items up can be a combination of latency and any potential input lag. If you use VSYNC, that can add anywhere between 50 and 90ms to your input times simply because of how it works. It is possible this is what you are experiencing.
  16. Thanks. I've passed the information along so they can look into it.
  17. That chime in the background suggests something happened, such as sticky keys activating. If you press shift 5 times in a row quickly it can activate. Check to see if that feature is enabled.
  18. This is a scaling issue that the team is already aware of. A workaround for now would be to make sure your desktop scaling is set to 100% when playing
  19. This is the current behavior as the lobby reverts to windowed mode when not actually playing in the game as mentioned in the update 28 notes, however will use your chosen resolution when actually ingame. A workaround for now would be to set your desktop resolution to 1080p which would then force the lobby to also be 1080p. Out of curiosity, what makes the lobby unuseable when it is running at 4k on your laptop? Is it super low FPS that makes it unresponsive?
  20. If this happens again, could you please provide the following: - IGN (In-Game Name) - Match ID (6 digits located below the HP bar in game) - Server region you played in (NA/EU/AS etc) - Gamemode (Solo FPP etc) - Map - Weapon(s) used
  21. Battleye have issued a tweet relating to this particular issue.
  22. PUBG Mobile is being handled and developed by Tencent whom have no presence on these forums. For any questions, support requests or for reporting any bugs, please see the link below for methods you can use to contact them   https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  23. Do you have your desktop scaling set higher than 100%? This can cause the exact thing you are seeing and is a known issue that has already been forwarded along.
  24. I understand what you mean now. Once you are dead, you can no longer click on any other player name to spectate them - partners or otherwise. I will forward this along to the developers
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