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  1. Shot trading is not present in PUBG. Once your character is dead your bullets no longer count, even if they were in flight already. The exception to this is grenades which do persist after death due to third nature.
  2. Can you confirm what other programs you have running in the background?
  3. Graphical improvements are made alongside optimisations. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance of the remastered erangel when it reaches console.
  4. I'm going to link you to the response you have already read in the past As has been said repeatedly already, information will be released when it is ready to be released relating to the graphical options.
  5. The next update that is due out soon will increase the Erangel loot further to match what is existing on PC currently. This should hopefully increase your chances of finding what you want a bit faster.
  6. Due to your location, the closest PUBG servers are sadly quite a distance away. This will usually result in a higher than desired ping like you described as you are almost exactly in the middle of the 2 closest regions (EU and AS).
  7. The obvious correct answer to "Which gun will you master first" is the Micro Uzi.
  8. Pressing the "vault only" key will always make the character stand up (as you can't vault while crouched). Right now, you have that key double bound as the default "alt + right click" to remove weapon attachments is hard coded and cannot be changed. Your only option currently is to use a different keybind for vaulting.
  9. You jumped the gun a smidge, the tweet went out around 2 hours ago
  10. Please attempt the steps I suggested before we continue further troubleshooting.
  11. @Di7asTer Do you use desktop scaling higher than 100%? If you do, drop it back down to 100% and see if the issue continues
  12. No, it is slightly offset as you aren't aiming down the sight. Hop into the training mode and try it out
  13. Only the bars themselves block bullets. The spaces between will allow bullets to pass through. Remember though, bullets come from the barrel and not the scope, so take this into account when aiming.
  14. It is a help and troubleshooting related topic, so it belongs here. See the response below requesting information relating to the freezes
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