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  1. Takarii

    fpp servers

    This was added to the PTS when Vikendi was up for testing so should be in the update on the 22nd. It was accessible by pressing R3 while not in ADS or Aim mode
  2. Takarii

    Warning about Vikendi Pass

    Thats right. Similar to how you are currently getting either a cosmetic or BP each time you level, with the Vikendi pass event that swaps to the coupons. Every level up you will get 1 of 3 different colours. The challenge missions (which only unlock after completing their associated weekly missions) award a blue coupon. Some of pass rewards are also coupons.
  3. Takarii

    Most Hated Action

    I must confess to being one of the "ammo stealers". If i'm not planning on using the AWM, I will always run off with the ammo and dump it somewhere so that I can't get shot by it later on!
  4. Takarii

    ARE leader boards resetting?

    No date has been released as to when the leaderboards will reset next. An announcement will be made when the season is coming to a close.
  5. Takarii

    G36C on Erangel?

    There is good reason for doing the swaps though. If you have too many items spawning, you risk upsetting the overall balance of the weapons on the map. Introducing additional items decreases the chances for everything else to spawn, no matter how small you put that ratio.
  6. Takarii

    Why the....

    Exactly right, its all there to distract you. If the only things you see moving are players, then you will immediatly know that something moving is a player. By adding in extra things that move you force the player to actually think before immediatly firing. But on top of that, its part of the ambience. The same is true for the sounds - life is not silent.
  7. Takarii

    Map Selection???

    Map selection can cause problems if the playerbase isn't around to support it. You can see it already creating some issues on PC when people want to play a specific perspective and map but their local region hasn't got many people queuing for that specific combo. As a result, you either end up queuing indefinitely or have massively extended queue times. The team are constantly monitoring the data regarding matchmaking and in the event that map selection (in any form) can be added in without impacting matchmaking in a significant way, then im sure they will do so. Until that time, its worth remembering that while you may get a map you dislike more than the others, getting a game is vastly better than sitting in a queue for more time than you actually spend playing (or for a substantial chunk of it at least).
  8. I have a feeling that you are misunderstanding things and I could probably explain better. For what its worth, I play on all 3 platforms and have never considered any of the volumes to be too loud and rarely have a problem with directional sound either. Everyone having the same volume levels means everyone is on an even platform. If a plane is going overhead while im advancing on you it covers my footsteps, but the same would also be true if you were advancing on me instead (your steps would be covered by the plane's noise). This gives both players the ability to use it as a tactical advantage. Similarly, you could also change positions while it is overhead too, which gives you the ability to move without your attacker knowing you have moved (and potentially allowing you to set up an ambush). Allowing players to remove or reduce the volume of the plane flying overhead would give the one who is being advanced upon a tactical advantage due to hearing the footsteps more clearly, while the attacker believes they have sound cover as they believe their footsteps are being masked by sound. This is by definition an unfair advantage and would weight things in favor of the person who turned the sound off (and would probably result in everyone doing the same thing down the line so they don't caught out themselves). The same is true for all sounds in the game - they are the same for everyone so that everyone is on the same level and have no specific advantages over others due to loudness. Everyone gets the same advantages and disadvantages, which makes everyone the same. The rest is down to how you personally make use of that. Remember, this is a competitive multiplayer game and keeping things even for everyone is a fairly important thing to maintain. Most of the posts I read concerning sounds being too loud regarding gunshots, the red zone and the supply plane are related to people turning up their volume so they can hear footsteps louder. If this is also the case for yourself, my original recommendation of turning down your volume still applies. I hope this expanded explaination helps you to understand the logic behind why things are the way they are, and why it would be unlikely for specific volume sliders to be added.
  9. Options to increase or decrease specific sounds are unlikely to be added because it will give some players advantages over others (Eg, turning up footsteps, turning down ambient sounds etc). If the sound is too loud, that suggests your overall volume might be turned up too high and I would recommend lowering it.
  10. Takarii

    Given the option to play on NA servers, from AUS

    The ideal scenario when playing from OCE is that you get matched within OCE, but this will only happen if there are enough players. I sympathise with your point though, playing with random squads that you can't communicate with is problematic. My recommendation would be to connect with other like minded players so that you can form squads and avoid that problem. You can check out the LFG section on the official Discord server here https://discord.gg/battlegrounds
  11. Takarii

    G36C on Erangel?

    Oh, you are right! Could have sworn I used one the other day. I'll try and get some information on why its not on Vikendi and update you if/when I can.
  12. Maintenance is done at the global lowest point for playercounts and thus impacts the playerbase as little as possible. It is also during office hours for PUBG HQ in Korea. While I understand that people just want to play, its important to remember that someone somewhere is going to be affected by global downtime due to timzones.
  13. They are meant to be loud, its part of the game. Both the supply drop plane and the redzone explosions can be used to your tactical advantage as it can cover your footsteps.
  14. Takarii

    Cant play the game

    There are numerous posts explaining why the servers are taken down at the time they are. While it may be prime time for yourself in NA, it is at the global low point of concurrent players and is within working hours of PUBG HQ in Korea. This affects the least number of players possible.
  15. Takarii

    G36C on Erangel?

    The G36C replaces the SCAR-L. The MK47 Mutant is present on every map.