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  1. The warning includes a link to the our support page where you can raise a ticket to report them In case you are unable to see it please follow this link https://www.pubg.com/support
  2. Thanks for these clips. I have reported these to the team for investigation.
  3. It sounds like you might be loading the PTS client (Public Test Server) rather than the main game client. When the PTS is offline, this error will frequently show. The one on the left is what the main game client looks like in your game library
  4. Could you possibly expand on this a little for me?
  5. Console will follow this in the future, as you quoted, however the implementation mentioned at the end of the letter refers to PC. Both PS4 and Xbox will receive this change in a future update.
  6. It isn't a case of lack of support but rather that those 2 regions have a lower player count compared to some of the other regions. Matches require players to queue for them to start, without players being in those queues the games cannot begin. We have recently outlined some plans with regards to matchmaking that should help with those 2 regions. You can read it here: https://www.pubg.com/2019/07/15/dev-letter-matchmaking-system-update/
  7. Its not new, that statue has been there for as long as I can remember. Sometimes its easy to miss things when you are laser focused on the task at hand (or getting shot at by someone who wants your chicken dinner!)
  8. I'm having a little trouble understanding what you mean. Using the images below, could you possibly clarify?
  9. Hey guys, this has been forwarded along to be investigated. Thanks for letting us know!
  10. Could you clarify exactly what you mean when you say "lag out"? Was it Network lag (High ping, packet loss), was it freezing/hitching or are you referring to the "Lost connection to Host" issue others have mentioned previously?
  11. Quick Join is designed to allow players to get into a game as quickly as possible irrespective of the map. The map you get when using this queue is entirely dependent on the lobbies that are waiting for additional players to fill them up. Generally this will still be mostly random, but when a map is high in popularity you may see the percentage skew towards that one - for example, the featured map.
  12. Hey there! This is a bug, not an intended effect, and will be fixed
  13. The recent Dev Letter we issued outlines the plans for matchmaking changes in regions which have lower populations. Check it out here: https://www.pubg.com/2019/07/15/dev-letter-matchmaking-system-update/
  14. We added a way for you to monitor your ingame network latency via the "Network Debug Statistics" overlay that you can enable in the settings menu. Here you will be able to see your ping to the server you are connected to along with packet loss and bandwidth usage.
  15. The "Lost connection to host" issue is being actively investigated. I understand your frustration due to how it impacts your ability to play, but please understand that the time it takes to identify the cause of a problem and provide a resolution to that problem varies based on the complexity of the issue. For now I ask for your continued patience while we address the problem, but I assure you we are neither ignoring it or doing nothing to solve it.
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