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  1. I was thinking the same. I think it is at least connected with AA since you can also see it on window frames or table edges. But it feels like the grass was crappy, too. Maybe it's the whole 'sharpen' feature or what it is called.
  2. Currently it's impossible to hide player names without getting into highlight mode. By default, you could hide player tags with 'H', but ever since highlight mode has been introduced, the hotkey for it is ALSO 'H'. Which means that by default, whenever you would try to hide player tags, it takes away the timing, the camera, the focused player, everything, and after closing the highlight mode (which you never wanted to watch in the first place), you get some random player/camera/timing. BUT if you think you can outsmart the bug's creators and decide to rebind the 'Toggle Player Tag' hotkey to something else (like, 'Q' in my case), dude, this is not your day: pressing 'Q' for hiding player tags STILL triggers highlight mode, regardless of the button you're actually binding it to. If you press 'Q' you will still get into highlight mode (even though it still says it's 'H' on the replay UI). And what makes it even more frustrating is that whenever you get out of highlight mode, if you accidentally try to rewind while it's paused (which is the default after closing the highlights), anti-aliasing will be broken until you restart the game (see my post about it). Reproduction rate: 100% How to reproduce: Bind 'Toggle Player Tag' to something other than 'H'; press the button you set when watching a replay
  3. " Phelan (PUBG Support) Apr 30, 23:04 KST Hello Dicska, Thanks for taking the time to contact PUBG support. Your effort in identifying and reporting about game bugs/glitches is appreciated. Our game team is doing its best to identify and solve these types of issues ASAP. I have forwarded the details of your ticket to our game development team, for closer review. I would also suggest that you post the same on our official bug report forum so that the issue gets more exposure and other players who have faced a similar issue, can join the discussion. This will also help our developers to get an idea about the magnitude of the issue. "
  4. Yes, I think it happens with all the weapons.
  5. Just out of curiosity, did you reconnect at some point in the game before it happened? Most of the time after I crash and reconnect, all of my weapons show up as empty, reloading doesn't help. I have to switch weapons and switch back. THEN I can use my weapon. Kind of frustrating when you reconnect and you find yourself around enemies immediately after rejoining.
  6. At the moment of the recording, I was parachuting/running/driving towards the settlement. I was the only one (closest one) in the area. You can see my approximate distance from the building on the minimap in the bottom right corner because that moving black curve is the edge of the recorded demo "circle". You can also see two (?) players appearing in the center of the minimap out from nothing at 0:43 only to disappear at 0:46. Since I was constantly parachuting/running/riding towards the settlement, the distance was ~evenly decreasing.
  7. Also, sometimes I find open doors in buildings nobody ever visited before me. It happened in Zharki and the northern region of Miramar before. I'm attaching the demo file if it helps anything. xfilesreplay.zip
  8. Even though anti-aliasing is on, pausing the replay and then rewinding while paused breaks it/disables it, and from that point, everything is rendered without anti-aliasing, so diagonal lines close to vertical/horizontal have really defined edges around the breaking points. After the bug happens, there is no way fixing it, it is basically permanent until the game is restarted (so triggering this bug in the replay messes up all the matches started after that). Steps to reproduce: - start any demo - pause at any point (later than 0:00.00,00) - rewind - squint - rub eyes Due to the size restriction, I wanted to attach a gif (with sound) but even the gif (webm) was 63MBs so let me just paste the link here: https://gfycat.com/misguidedmeekimago Unfortunately, the end of video was cut. I checked settings and AA was still on (medium AFAIK), but the grass looked grainy and the edges inside the building looked broken, too. I'm not sure you can see the details on it but you can reproduce it locally. Also, after the bug is triggered, several floors (such as the attic floor of the barn-like buildings on Erangel or the two domes around the "shrine" on the top of the mountain of the northwestern island on Sanhok) become overly shiny with some purple hue.
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