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  1. And the desync does seem to be better, but I have to say what the fuck is up with the loot? I've been playing Erangel mostly and all I'm finding are Micro Uzis and Shotguns and level 1 armor? What the hell... I looted all of Primorsk and barely found a UMP and an M16 at the last few houses. Next game I looted Mylta, same thing, except I left with a UMP and shotgun. Novo, same thing. I'm not asking to find M4s and SRs and all that stuff in every house... But a damn gun that can take a scope and red dot for the love of God is all I'm asking for.
  2. LitchAzazel

    Desync back to level 11

    But I mean there are lots of times where I died in a desync way to players who may have been from NA with normal ping. I can't tell you for sure, just that the name didn't sound Chinese or European. This bug fix is supposed to fix that and will overall get rid of most of the desync combined with the soft region lock, right?
  3. LitchAzazel

    Desync back to level 11

    Apparently the desync was being cause by a bug that caused the player models to be delayed and isn't so much a server issue? Kinda make sense cause the desync did start to get worse when they "Optimized" models in the patch back in... April?
  4. LitchAzazel

    FPS drops and stutters again

    Yeah, that was definitely the worst drop i ever had, usually they're super quick like you said. If you ask me your best bet is to wait for the next patch, otherwise everyone is gonna tell you to rollback drivers, lower graphic setting, turn AA on in GPU settings, verify cache, uninstall/reinstall, etc. I'm sure you've heard it all.
  5. LitchAzazel

    FPS drops and stutters again

    @MajorFun @DeadlyEggXoP If this is the stutter he's talking about then it'sit's pretty normal. PUBG had a whole topic about it months ago asking everyone for their PC specs.
  6. LitchAzazel

    FPS drops and stutters again

    There's no bots yet and the player base didn't drop that much. It gets 8k average during downtime and 20k average during peak time. The highest i believe was 25k but that's hardly a drop. And matches are instant for me.
  7. LitchAzazel

    FPS drops and stutters again

    I haven't played this game in a month (Switched to ROE) But I'm willing to bet this is on PUBG's side. Every other patch they release would introduce an FPS Stutter, then a new patch will fix it, then a new patch will bring it back. At this point you gotta deal with it like it's your Mother-In-Law coming to visit.
  8. They are bringing it back but it's going to be dynamic like how it works in Sahnok.
  9. Event Pass: I bought the Event Pass and so far I am liking doing the missions, though some of them I do find to be more annoying than fun, such as: Killing with bare hands and in one of them I have to play in FPP, I'm a TPP player and this makes me feel alienated in the mission. Other than that I do like it and I really hope that this replaces, or at least gets you guys to separate the paid crates from the regular ones. Limb Penetration: Sounds perfect to me. After that I would say you should start looking into Wood Penetration (Getting my bullets blocked by the stairs gets me really steamy). Dynamic Weather: Please, please, please add this already to the other maps. I have missed them so much. I think a night-mode would also be very refreshing. And I haven't seen any rain yet in Sanhok, just fog, so I'm not sure if rain is in that map.
  10. LitchAzazel

    Sound Blaster Z: PUBG Sound Settings

    Would you say after this latest patch that these setting are still preferred? I'm going to be buying this sound card fairly soon and would like to have the settings written down before it gets here.
  11. LitchAzazel

    Cheating Discussion

    Could you name me some so that I can pick which one I want once I've had it with blueballs?