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  1. How about these skins? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CFv8FraH9g This game has the odd ugly flat color, but it's nothing in comparison with the many good gun camo's, unlike PUBG, where the bulk of it is bright flat ugly colors that require absolutely no effort whatsoever. The Digital snow and desert skins are good, how hard is it to do other patterns and colors? They haven't even got digital desert or snow for all the guns, so they can do skins like that but decide 'bright teal'??????
  2. Instead we get trinket's that I don't even see in game anyway lol. Besides, aren't you happy with flat colors like Bright Teal, Rugged Orange and Beige? lol
  3. Very, very rare, and half the map (a bit less really) is still not enough for this rare occurrence, probably just while you were playing running simulator.
  4. Then you'll probably die before you even see a drop and if you do see some rain, it'll be gone in a couple minutes. lol
  5. Exactly! If we are fortunate enough to get rain or fog, it should be like this for the far majority of the game. They way over killed it with this dynamic stuff, should be 70-80% rain or fog if we get those maps. Even if we are fortunate enough to get rain or fog, it only lasts for 10-20% of the match so it's almost worthless. Better then nothing I suppose, just another one of the many foolish developer decisions IMO.
  6. Id rather save the BP for a locked crate I can sell for 0.01c in 2 years time. far superior then a 'bright teal' gun skin in my book lol.
  7. They did notify us in game beforehand (lobby), and they usually do maintenance this time once a week so it wasn't a surprise for me.
  8. I thought they would have learned from 'rugged orange' and 'beige' but nope, they just outdid themselves! Only decent one is the overpriced G36C which you only get on 1 map occasionally. Besides, they need to fix the FPS changing rate of fire and the hackers before I'll even think about buying any of that stuff. Even if those two bright teal guns were free, I would still avoid them like the plague..... 'bright teal', seriously? your joking? lol Like I said, I thought rugged orange and beige were bad, but they just outdid themselves..... can't wait for bright yellow! They are truly, truly inept, money hungry and incompetent to turn out shit like that when there are so, so very many good gun camo's they could choose from and do (as we know they can with the digital skins that are still not available for all the guns).
  9. Still full of hackers, nothings changed and at this point I can't see that it will. They are obviously relying on player reports because their anti cheat is full of holes and even then I've reported heaps yet it's no different (Full of ESP hackers with an occasional aim bot or walk through walls). Changing my steam review back to a negative.
  10. Yup, full of hackers atm, mostly just ESP and on occasion aim bots, every single match today I've died to one without exception, hacking is bad atm, would be nice if PUBG actually did something substantial or effective, seems to just be a cycle of a couple hackers then full of hackers then back to a couple, it's a joke. Can't tell whether they have altered weapon performance or not since FPS changes the rate of fire...... so that's another big joke that still hasn't been fixed or even mitigated like they said. It's a shame, otherwise it's a good game, unplayable now though.
  11. Chromatic Aberration is the worst setting for me too. I've tried it on 24" 1080p and didn't notice it much, however on 27" 1440p I really notice it, just makes everything really blurry like I went down in resolution. In PUBG I put Post Processing on 'Medium' and it looks great, I don't notice any Chromatic Aberration at all, but anything higher such as 'high' and 'ultra' I notice the Chromatic Aberration which just makes everything blurry. I also agree it would be great to have these effects separated for a more customizable graphic setting, nevertheless, I think currently there are much bigger fish to fry such as hackers and FPS changing rates of fire, I'm also very content with PP on 'medium'.
  12. Jumped on for a game to check it out after the last bunch of hackers.... and got another ESP hacker, good thing for the poster who told me about pressing 'x' for xray otherwise I wouldn't have been able to share this one, name 539** obviously put a lot of thought into it lol. Thanks for posting video, keep it up.
  13. I will try that next time, thanks for the tip. I will be able to show obvious ESP hackers too if it works well.
  14. Can't argue with that logic. Plus I've already reach 4,001 for the jacket, so the sooner I can claim my rewards the better.
  15. She can survive 1 or 2 hackers, but not this many...... New skins buy you time, but minutes only! lol
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