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  1. Need separate settings for look and move stick deadzones. Have an older controller and no matter what I set the deadzone setting to when I'm strafing or slowly walking forward it sometimes drifts left and continues to walk randomly. (even setting deadzone on that stick in something like xpadder doesn't seem to help)
  2. Med button is actually d-pad down Can't reload while in vehicles (have to hold X which ejects you before it starts the reload) No button to view the killcam on controller
  3. Regarding the 2nd 1.0 patch on test servers nov 22: Fixes I noticed from last test patch: Controller settings menu implemented into normal menu and given icons where needed Fixed controller inventory and kbm inventory displaying on top of each other (although you still cant use a mouse in the controller inventory) Hitting B to close map no longer makes you change stance (nice) Reload is now hold X instead of press which is nice Vehicle acceleration moved to right trigger like a traditional racing game (instead of the halo-style look where you drive, although it might be nice to have an option to return to the old control style) Swap seat button switched from left bumper to A button Left bumper is now boost (yay!) Auto-look centering seems to be removed entirely (honestly idk anyone who ever uses it so no option for it is probably fine) Pulling back on the movement stick now cancels climbing There's actually a spectate button in squads when you die with a controller!!! <3 Problems I noticed with new test patch: Some button inputs are still not ignored when the map is open, I don't want to switch weapons when removing map markers with Y (unless the remove marker button is going to be changed, which is also fine) You can't use the mouse on the controller inventory, and you have to press another key on the keyboard before hitting the inventory button to open the kbm inventory. If mouse support cant/wont be implemented on the controller inventory, the keyboard button should always open the standard keyboard inventory first, regardless of controller inputs before. When you die with a controller in solo there is no longer any UI. You have to hit escape on the keyboard and exit match, no report, killcam or exit options for controller. The parachute speed/altitude indicator and the squad health bars overlap with the controller button prompts in the inventory. Selection should stay selected when using items that take a few seconds in inventory. (ex: I'm wounded and want to use a first aid, then painkillers. first aid is at the top, then bandages, then painkillers, then energy drinks. I selected and use the first aid, but since it takes a few seconds I scroll to painkillers while waiting for the FA to finish, but when it finishes it removes the only first aid from my inventory, moving every item up one slot, causing my selection to now be one the item below what I wanted.[I hope this explanation makes sense, if not I can make a video]) For some reason my first game I was unable to pick anything up with the X button on controller, had to use the keyboard. Only happened once and haven't recreated it yet. Didn't find a way to adjust rds/holo brightness with controller (didn't find 8/15x to test zoom either) Didn't find a med button
  4. Continuing re Nov 13-15 1.0 test ver Still have only option to return to main menu in squads after death, no spectate or report options. Confirmed that if last input before death is from kbm you still have the option. When vaulting pulling back on the movement stick doesn't cancel vaulting like hitting S key. Cant change zoom level of 8/15x (or rds/holo brightness) with the controller anyway i can find.
  5. The following refers to the 1.0 test version patch on the test servers Nov 13/14 (so it may not be applicable to later test versions or 1.0) Glad to see improved controller support, even though it's still a work in progress. Fixes I noticed: Generally impoved controller inventory navigation. X button (xbox controller) as both "unequip weapon" and "use item/attachment" was removed so you dont accidentally drop stuff all the time, although attaching attachments is still a little slower than ideal. Left bumper lets you switch seats in a vehicle. Also when holding a nade, left bumper lets you cook it (and left trigger lets you do short throw). Sensitivity settings for controller definitely improved (although to get to the controller menu you have to hit esc, then move the stick, and hit Y button for settings). You can now change fire mode while adsing (very helpful). Problems I noticed: Non-intuitive to get to controller settings (make it a tab in the normal settings) Controller settings menu is still WIP, using a mouse on it can cause it to become unresponsive. Controller settings menu missing button icons. Controller inventory is seperate from normal inventory. Mouse and keyboard cant be used on controller inventory (which is a nice option to have). Hitting the inventory button on one doesn't close the other, instead it just brings up the invetory screen on top of itself (very annoying). Controller inventory is still missing some UI elements, sometimes doesnt indicate what item is selected, and sometimes become unresponsive (have to hit esc). Y button is now switch weapons, so there doesn't seem to be a way to choose which weapon will come out next (except grenades, which are now on separate dpad button). Even though Y button is switch weapon it also still triggers a reload. With X as both reload and interact its easy to both accidentally trigger and cancel reloads when trying to open doors or grab items. Icon for world interaction says "hold x" but a tap or press still works, simply making it actually hold (0.5s maybe) to interact would probably fix most issues. Button inputs are no longer ignore when the map is open, I don't want to switch weapons when removing map markers (Y), or change stance when closing map (B) (but I do want to keep running forward with the stick) Sometimes the aiming stick seems to become less responsive and slower(more noticeable when switching look direction quickly), although this may have been my machine lagging. Need an option to turn off auto-look centering (camera automatically centering when you start sprinting). Didn't find a boost button in the vehicles, or a quick med button on controller, but I only played a few matches. Not sure of ability to spectate since solo only. Very happy to see improved controller support, hope to see even more, please keep up the good work.
  6. There's no way to report people when playing with a controller, after death the only option is return to main menu (regardless of teammates), and the keyboard is disabled.
  7. There's no way to cook grenades with controller, hitting the reload button on controller with a nade out does nothing, you have to hit the keyboard.
  8. Multiple issues arise when playing the game with an xbox controller: When you die the only option is to return to lobby, even in squad/duos with teammates alive, as long as the controller is plugged in there is no way to spectate at all. Should be a button to switch between spectator cams on the controller, and a confirmation box when leaving the game (especially if teammate are alive). X button (xbox controller) as both "unequip weapon" and "use item/attachment" causes all sorts of issues. If I stop to use meds or swap around attachments with the controller, there's a good chance I'm going to drop a weapon unintentionally, its possible to use meds and drop a weapon in the same button press. Make Y button drop weapons like it does every other item, there's literally no point to the "unequip weapon" option when it just drops weapon which is already a different button. There's no controller button for vehicle seat switching, and no way to boost when driving vehicles with controller. There's no quick med button on controller. Any time you open the esc menu the controller "quit to lobby" screen pops up, without any input, and is very annoying and potentially causes you to quit accidentally. Aiming sensitivity between scopes is not consistent with controllers. (Ex my 4x sens is set to 0, but its still more sensitive than 12 on a 15x) No way to rebind controller buttons in the menu that I can find. If you are on the back of a motorcycle and have 2 rifles, a pistol, and a melee weapon equipped, you can't take out the pistol with the controller, because the option is only next or previous weapons, which can't be used, so you have to press the key for pistol on the keyboard. Next/previous weapon should ignore unusable weapons on back of bikes.
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