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  1. Dafni


    Wahre Worte mein Freund. Und in der Ankündigung stand noch: the return of the long awaited flaregun. Kann mich nicht daran erinnern dass auch nur ein user hier danach gefragt hat.
  2. So, you know you have a confirmed cheater when you get the ban report just a few hours after you reported one, right? Can we all agree on this? Based on this assumption there are quite a substantial amount of cheaters about, as the ban reports keep on raining in for me and my squad here lately.
  3. Dafni

    Flare gun feedback

    I agree with this 100%. Same point as OP. Please remove the marker before you go live with this patch.
  4. Dafni


    Join a lively discord server, or two. There's always somebody decent looking to duo or squad up. Problem solved.
  5. Oh, nicht schlecht. Dann hast du das System gut genutzt. 👍 Hab auch nicht impliziert dass du oder jemand anders hier sein Geld vergeudet, dass ist jedem selbst überlassen. Ich urteile da nicht. Ich hab damals den Preis vom Game bezahlt, mehr auch nicht. Preis/Leistung nach 1000h akzeptabel. Nur ein einziges Game das ich besitze schlägt das. Bin/war halt zu faul um crates zu verkaufen und all das. Hab kaum Zeit zum spielen, vergiss Items handeln. Aber wie gesagt, jedem das Seine.
  6. Am besten all den Geldmacher Müll einfach ignorieren. Seit der Einführung von locked crates hab ich keinen einzigen BP mehr ausgegeben, ignoriere alle levels, achievements, quests etc. Funktioniert tiptop für mich. Geht nur um's spielen. Gute Teamarbeit, gute Runden, mal ein Dinner zwischendurch. Das Game allein bringt schon genug Frust mit sich, mit all den Bugs und Crashes etc. Kein Bock mich über Missionen zu ärgern. Aber jedem das Seine. Have fun guys.
  7. Dafni

    Question for top level players

    Now really?? I never knew that.
  8. Hmm, you are right. I could have sworn I have seen at least the pants in-game on PC. Sorry man, I apologize for the misinformation.
  9. Are you sure it is XBox ecxlusive? I seem to remember seeing this on PC before.
  10. Hey hey hey, I visit the forum when I am at work. They wont let me play there
  11. Dafni


    Same here
  12. Dafni

    Canted sights and hold to ADS players

    As people have said, if you use Hold to ADS it is good advice to rebind the canted sight toggle to a more convenient key. Works perfect. You can change the sights when you stay in ADS no problem. I absolutely love the now canted sights now - before I rebound the command I found them cumbersome to use. Wonder why they did this weird stock configuration... maybe for the non-hold to ads crowd?
  13. Dafni

    Customize the 4x scopes

    cheers man, I have seen that clip right after he did it. Tried to love the 3x, really did. Matter of fact still pick it up sometimes and try. But yeah, cursed. No other explanation at this point. But thanks for reaching out and spending the time, I appreciate your input.
  14. Dafni

    Customize the 4x scopes

    Really? I like the 4x just fine. No problem hitting heads far off. The 3x on the other hand, dont know why, but for me it is cursed.
  15. Dafni

    Need EU exclusive server pls

    Maybe you want to check again, then. Turkey and Russia are definitely not members of the European Union (EU) nor are they on the continent or Europe (transcontinental at best, if you will, but defintely not EU)