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  1. knaebekevin

    Erangel Loot Rebalance - Gone too far

    totally agree. The loot isn't as plentiful as Sanhok but you don't have to loot 20 minutes only to die shortly after like before
  2. knaebekevin

    Erangel Loot Rebalance - Gone too far

    It's not like this in every match you play. You just got extremely lucky there. I have looted in Gatka before for example and gotten an Uzi and a shotgun in the first four houses with lvl 1 gear. I think it is pretty balanced as it is now
  3. knaebekevin

    Erangel Loot Rebalance - Gone too far

    totally agree. It isn't fun looting for 20 minutes, only to be killed by a dude
  4. knaebekevin

    Erangel Loot Rebalance - Gone too far

    I really like the loot levels on Erangel now. I think it isn't too much like some people claim here. I feel like the loot is in a good spot right now on Erangel, but will have to play a few more days to really get a solid opinion. I think some people just gotta hate on every update that goes live, even if it has only been out for six hours
  5. knaebekevin

    Erangel Loot Rebalance - Gone too far

    I actually really enjoy playing Erangel again. I think the loot isn't as OP as you guys are claiming it to be. It for sure isn't in the extreme levels like Sanhok loot. I really like the new loot buff
  6. knaebekevin

    Last update problem

    this is the wrong forum dude. You can contact Tencent, the devs of PUBG mobile on following email adress: PUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com
  7. Du hast garkeine richtige Grafikkarte in deinem Rechner. Du hast nur eine integrierte Grafikeinheit die mit im Prozessor verbaut ist mit 32 MB Videospeicher. Das reicht höchsten um Filme zu schauen und Officearbeiten zu erledigen. Der Laptop ist überhauptnicht auf Spiele ausgelegt. Hier mal nen vergleich von der Leistung der Intel HD 300 im Vergleich zu der mindestanforderung der Grafikkarte: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-960-vs-Intel-HD-3000-Mobile-V1-1112-GHz/3165vsm7646
  8. was hast du für ein System/Hardware?
  9. knaebekevin

    Meinung zu PUBG von einem erfahrenen Spieler

    Die Waffe hat ja eine gewisse Länge. Willst du also das deine Waffe durch die Wand bugged und dadurch vllt. deine Position verrät? Oder auch das mit dem knapp neben Bäumen stehen: Das Scope sitzt ja etwas höher als der Lauf der Waffe, dazu kommt das das Visier auf 100 Meter kalibriert ist. Die Kugel kommt ja nicht unrealistischerweise aus dem Scope so wie es bei CSGO und Rainbow six siege ist.
  10. knaebekevin

    make kar98/m24 crateonly?

    apparantly, for some people it is
  11. knaebekevin

    make kar98/m24 crateonly?

    easy fix: don't stand still for too long
  12. knaebekevin

    Scope bug

    I don't see anything wrong with the scope. Looks normal to me
  13. knaebekevin

    Cannot see text in TGB bar

    dude, wrong forum. You are using PUBG MOBILE on PC! This has nothing to do with the PC version
  14. knaebekevin

    What is the point of a test server?

    there is an EU Server. You just have to play FPP. But sadly, noone wants to play FPP EU on the testservers due to noone beeing in the queue. In my opinion they should drop the testserver altogether and just put it straight on live and fix the bugs from there. There is at most around 400 - 500 concurrent players playing on the testservers. Most of those people probably don't even bother to report bugs
  15. knaebekevin

    What is the point of a test server?

    Totally agree. Hardly anyone even bothers to play the testserver nowdays. Used to be way better in early access. And even if they do, how many of them will actually report bugs instead of just raging around because they found a bug?