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  1. seems like the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU. A system is always as powerful as its weakest component. You could put a 2080ti in your pc and the FPS wouldn't change as your CPU would be way too weak.
  2. If you think that Erangel has a lot of sniper rifles, go play vikendi. You will find 3 - 5 snipers in every house. I think Erangel is fine as it is now
  3. a GPU is supposed to run at 99% usage or else your CPU would be bottlenecking the system. 80 - 85 degrees is still safe for a graphics card. They are capable of going up to 100 degrees, so you are fine
  4. Das Update ist auf den Testservern
  5. the desert eagle will spawn on all maps. Pretty sure it says it in the patchnotes though
  6. season is over. It ended on the 18th June.
  7. it would also get an influx of cheaters. Think about it
  8. du müsstest dir das spiel auf einem neuen Steam account neu kaufen
  9. schonmal die Meldung im Hauptmenü gesehen, wenn Wartung vorrausgesagt wird? Außerdem wird es immer auf zb. Twitter angekündigt wenn eine Serverwartung ansteht
  10. das liegt meist daran das die Steam server probleme machen
  11. the F key to loot is supposed to be for single Items anyway. When there are more than one Item, just use the inventory menu. Why would you loot items with F when there are more than two on the ground, as you will most likely end up picking up the wrong Item.
  12. die deathcam war schon immer buggy was die Position des Visiers angeht. Darauf kannst du dich nicht verlassen. Es gibt halt mittlerweile viele richtig gute Spieler welche tausende von Spielstunden gespielt haben. Ist ja auch nicht verwunderlich, da das Spiel ja schon seit fast zwei Jahren draußen ist
  13. you are able to check the team stats here: https://pubg.op.gg
  14. this is common. Everone has it
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