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  1. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    A little update. The test server is showing my points and clothes but the ones i bought from market dont show up in my inventory in the game. I really like the updates on test server Keep up the good work devs !
  2. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    Sooooo any updates on the issue or have you forgotten us ?
  3. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    I Get this error message sometimes. Could it be problem related ?
  4. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    Date seen: From the start i installed the game few weeks a go Server: Live, all servers. Troubleshooting attempted: All the above Launch options: Nope
  5. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    i got the same problem...
  6. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    Still no help with this ? The game isnt registering my points earned from the game and still the clothing issue...
  7. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    Well i guess well be the perverts of the game, running free. Actually ill take the boxers off and go full monty, and stay like that untill the devs sort it out !
  8. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    Ive bought clothes to my character but cant see them in my wardrobe. I have waited for them to update there for few days but still nothing.
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