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  1. Before I start what I'm about to say, from what I have played, this game is amazing. I really wish I could play more though. The first problem was the Network Issue where when I would get out of the plane and fly down, my whole computer would freeze even though I have the right requirements for the game. That was easily fixed by some firewall issues. Then after that I played one round and the ping was pretty bad even though I am in AUS and I played on a AUS server but it was playable but soon after that when I logged back in, I would fly down and everything would be fine until it started loading structures. When I first go down, there would be structures on the map but not in game. I could run around but I would see players floating mid air since they have buildings loaded. 5 minutes later, the game would freeze up. Again, 5 minutes later it would unfreeze and the buildings would be very low poly and ugly. It would do this again and again until I would die and have to turn the computer off and on. I managed to take a couple of screenshots while it was happening but that's all. https://imgur.com/a/XlPaL Specs- CPU- Intel i5 6400 Video Card- GTX 950 RAM- 8GB Storage- 1TB Network- Alienware Wireless Network Thanks. If you need any questions, I'll be happy to reply.
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