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    WORKAROUND for keybindings problem!

    Has anyone tried this with multiple keys (ESDF) to see if they all stick? I am at work and can't try.
  2. According to this, it was even found on the test server, but no action was taken before pushing it to live.
  3. If you look at Goattt-'s post above, you even see where it was acknowledged by the community manager and "forwarded to the devs"
  4. GenShinoda

    ESDF and the New Update

    Me and several friends that use ESDF instead of WASD for movement are having a very odd issue with this new patch. We can rebind and use the ESDF for our movement with no issues, but when we reboot the game, the SDF part of the bind get put back to the default ASD. Is anyone else having this issue?