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  1. I use CAPS for team chat. So I used it on my mouse. It'd probably have the problem if I switched it to CAPS. On the mouse it works like butter! This confirms it's the game and not our keys.
  2. Hopefully they get this fixed on the next patch. Just switch your inventory to you middles scroll button(press scroll button) or cap lock for the mean time.
  3. I'm also defaulting to AS severs. Yes, I'm selecting NA. For the mean time I've switch the "item menu" from TAB to my scroll button. Now I just press down on it and works perfectly. Thanks for help. Hopefully it's a bug and will get fixed in the next update.
  4. I'm new to pc so I don't know much about that but my laptop is a ROG STRIX GL553VD. I think it's 32gb of ram. 4gb vram and 256ssd
  5. I'm having a problem with my item list. When I go to loot I press TAB to pull up my storage sometimes it takes 2-3 hit to open it. Then when I'm done looting I press "TAB' again to close my storage and I have to hit it multiple times to close it. I'm having the same problem if I use "I" key to open/close it. I thought is was my TAB button was messed up but it works fine in other games such as Rainbow Six Siege and regular pc use. Also having this problem when I pull up my map, have to hit "M" multiple time costing me precious seconds in game. If someone could help me out that'd be much appreciated. -Thanks
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