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  1. read this also 


  2. hi man 

    i have  permanently ban on pubg

    i realy not use cheating and hacking in pubg 

    i want know why baned my account .when i dont use cheating and hacking

    i want really unban my account 

    can you help me?

    i try submit ticket, now i know this is bot



    my id 


  3. Добрый день!Обнулите баланс пожалуйста.Спасибо!


    Good day! Reset balance please. Thanks!




  4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bobchort/ 

    обнулить баланс,баланс ушёл в минус


  5. i need help to remove my because Banned Unfairly in PUBG see the attached file 


    note pubg does not even care to investigate the case

  6. i need help to remove my because Banned Unfairly in PUBG see the attached file 


    note pubg does not even care to investigate the case

    Banned Unfairly in PUBG.docx

  7. My topic with the video that violating rules has lived for 4 days. Until now i got like 3 emails that said im reported/informed/punished.

    I think that is the reason pubg dying because of lazy people around it.

  8. can you please help me that how to play this game.

  9. Добрый день, мой баланс ушел в минус . Прочитал , что вы можете помочь

    Мой игровой ник: Blevashka

    Мой профильimage.png.d188f3d05f0ea91dced8d266f1500bb8.png https://steamcommunity.com/id/blevashka/

  10. Добрый вечер, мой баланс ушел в минус что мне делать?

    Мой игровой ник: Rinas33

    Мой профиль: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Rinas_In_Peginmas/


  11. How to appear for unban Id ? Can u Say me 

  12. hey  i have 



    Warning issued by PUBG_Andymh5


    I reportedly posted cheats



    If you have no idea what I have posted you should possibly read the post. it was only the Google results!


    I think it's not really ok, that is excluded because of something


    it's a naughtiness that is made mute here when someone says something about cheats.

    I was just looking for the term googe "pubg cheats 2019" to show you how many cheats there are. and not that I am for it!

    i am clearly an opponent of cheats and i just wanted to help you stop these cheats .... and thats the thanks for that!

  13. sir can you help me because a chinese PUBG player abuse me and kill me intentionally ingame and i dont know what he is talking to me and im sure he and his friends mocking at me and plan to kill me. so please ban this player for me sir. thanks. his IGN was gaoqiansong.

  14. how to play PUBG


    I have alredy register an account in PUBG  but i did not install PUBG game because i can,t install PUBG game so please help me tell me how to install PUBG game in computer without paying cause i want it for free please answer this as fast as you can 


    thank you very much 


    from darwisy


    to PUBG

    1. Osama_007


      There is No other way without paying. First of all buy pubg From steam. Then you will be able to install. 




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