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  1. Hi, A few times today, the audio becomes distorted. Its quieter than normal and bullets make short quiet "put" noises. The game then freezes and in a few seconds, the game closes down. 30th Sept 18
  2. 20:53pm uk time pubg starts, but after joining a party, u cant see if anyone else has readied up and cant start the game. Also, the maps and game type are greyed out when looking at the solo play lobby.
  3. It looks like you already have a ban in steam's VAC anticheat for something else. That a mistake too?
  4. Okay, turning off replays and deathcam together in GAMEPLAY section of PUBG SETTINGS fixed it. Thanks@requiem. But as replays and deathcam is very useful, it still needs a fix.
  5. Buddy, it might be best to tell people you can turn off deathcam and replays in the GAMEPLAY section of the PUBG settings, because they might get banned if they mess with some of the other settings in the config files.
  6. Hey, Felt fast and responsive in pre-game landing map. Then in game either immediately or a few mins into game, it starts to stutter horribly! Making you feel a bit nasueous. NA servers worse, but EU servers too. Both me and friend had exact same issues. Please revert update, this is almost unplayable and does make you feel sick watching the screen when its doing this. -tylster
  7. NA Servers, 14thFeb18 @19:25gmt Hi, In a game with a friend. We both experience Audio distortion. And loss of stereo field with regard tro weapons fire. It appears server wide as enemies are looking the wrong way too when fired upon.
  8. Yup. Server freezes all day.
  9. Today since the latest patch, there have been many BAD MODULE crashes. Ive noticed it with friends and random team mates.
  10. Losing team status on re-connection happened to me too today day (26Jan18)
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