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  1. Hello all. I notice that when I watch a reply now, there is a 'keyboard guide' on the screen. (Showing you buttons for 'camera ascending', 'camera descending' etc etc). Is there a way to remove this whilst still leaving the player tags visible? I understand that you can hit 'Ctrl-U' to completely remove the UI, but this is not what I want. I want to still be able to see the players names on the screen. Does anyone know if this is possible? Many thanks!
  2. I like the red zone. Makes the game more interesting. If you are even slightly sensible, it literally never kills you.
  3. Just to add my opinion: There are currently way too many flare guns in the game. Flares should be rare loot. The marker on the map should be removed. Having a marker like that does not fit in with how the rest of PUBG was designed. The visibility and noise of the flare, together with the visibility and noise of the plane when it flies over, coupled with the great visibility of the huge 3-parachute air drop, is plenty for any player to respond to. The marker on the map feels like a dumbing down of the game to me.
  4. Hopefully the attached video explains the problem. Remember, the basic problem is this: If I knock a player down and my squad mate 'finished him off', the kill is shown on THEIR replay timeline, not mine. - Even though statistically, I was awarded the kill. The video should show this. PUBG Timeline Errors.mov
  5. Hello all. I have noticed a problem with the replay system, in its reporting of kills. At the moment, it is misleading in the following way: For example, I am looking at my replay list and on looking at the summary of one at the bottom right of the screen, I see that it reports that I have ‘3 Kills’ in this particular match. So I go into the replay and bring it up to watch. I hit ‘J’ to view the timeline.  I select the ‘Kills’ checkbox. When looking at my timeline for the match, I can see only TWO red lines. Only TWO kills are reported. Now the reason for this is because I ‘knocked’ a player (DBNOed), but a squad member in my team actually then finished him off. In these cases, the kill is not displayed on my timeline, it is displayed on THEIR timeline instead (even though they were NOT awarded the kill statistically). Now the mechanic currently, is that the kill of any player in a DBNO state, is awarded to the person who originally knocked them, UNLESS the player who finished them off, is in a DIFFERENT squad to the player who knocked them. This is all fine and I like that logic, since it rewards the player who did the hard work knocking them down and prevents ‘kill stealing’ within squads. But on the REPLAY system, it is misleading, since it is not so easy to track your kills. So I have the following suggestions! There should be THREE check boxes on the replay system timeline: KILLS DBNOs FINISHES So in the following situation: a) “Charlie was DBNOed by Giskard” b) “Charlie was Finished by Adam” c) “Giskard awarded kill for Charlie” A - should appear only on Giskard’s replay timeline B - should appear only on Adam’s replay timeline C - should appear only on Giskard’s replay timeline In this way, we will be able to easily track all knock downs, kills and finishes accurately. Any thoughts? Many thanks! -Mark.
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