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  1. Eggochiggo

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    If the game was purely FPP it would have a bigger following, the most successful shooter ever was CS and was/is FPP. TPP is a joke to play, not going to name him, but a top pubg streamer tried TPP out because he thought the quality of TPP players was worse than FPP. He ended up winning his first game with almost 20 kills, not even getting shot once, in the final 2-3 circles it was just 10-15 dudes proning around. Oh the kicker here, he was playing in FPP mode while they were in TPP proning the entire time. They should have been able to see him first in every scenario and kill him, have fun playing your games of proning and hiding behind trees and somehow looking behind them. Oh but keep complaining about cheats when TPP is basically a wall-hack as it is.
  2. Eggochiggo

    FPP empty of players?

    If you could read you would see that all my friends have quit and are only playing apex now, solos and pugs in this game are just boring and toxic for me and most others. When you alienate people from your game not only do they stop playing, but even people they are friends with that may still actually like the game. I can guarantee you I am not the only one who has had this issue, i don't love Apex but all of my friends are playing it so I'm going to go where they go. PUBG was and is still great, but if people aren't playing it then it doesn't matter how good myself and others think it is.
  3. Eggochiggo

    FPP empty of players?

    Honestly, I have been playing Apex for over a month now and won't go back to pubg until the battle pass is over. The problem is the reason I switched is because my friends were tired of the same old issues and stuff not being addressed. Had they addressed the bigger issues sooner with map selection and loot, we may have never left in the first place. Bad management and development drove my friends and thus myself away at least for a few months.
  4. Eggochiggo

    Please nerf the AWM

    I think the real question is, was anyone actually for the AWM change? I haven't heard anyone say they liked it even before it was put on the test server. Just another example of the devs running this game into the ground over time when they should spend their time fixing cheating/desync/map selection issues.
  5. Eggochiggo

    Peek & Fire & Open scope ?

    I think you are underestimating how fast they are actually doing it. Most really good players know where the scope is going to land so they legit lean/scope/shoot. You are probably waiting to see where your scope cross hairs are going to be while they just start shooting as they already know their aim is on target and just need the scoped accuracy.
  6. This is a typical case of a guy callling out someone for cheating, no video evidence, prob was 75m away and got full sprayed which is easy enough. I play with a guy that every time someone kills him he reports the person for cheating, I tell him he is just bad and he rage quits. Pretty sure this is 50% of the people who complain about cheaters in this game.
  7. Eggochiggo

    Hardware ban work

    Can't you also change the hardware ID in your registry quite easily as well so hardware ban is really just a bump in the road for these cheaters?
  8. If time was an actual function of people wanting or not wanting to play specific maps, then all they have to do is turn the circle speed up and force people together, but people will not want to fight without good loot. If you increase loot and speed up the circles people will be forced to engage more frequently thus more fun. This does not mean you should just put 200 more houses on the map, you need more loot in what is already on the map and possibly a couple more compound areas. Everyone knows the situation with Vikendi and people just camping in houses until being forced to move out, it is much more fun and strategic to move around the terrain to engage/disengage fights.
  9. This entire thread is a bunch of people's opinions, but people have to realize that 50% of the maps are barely being played and that is the problem. BH is trying to fix the maps by adding flares which would appear the community is not happy with. I am personally not playing anymore after the last battle pass and the new games that have come out, but I am sticking around to see if they can sort out the bugs/map problems. The entire reason I stopped playing the game is because i don't want to play Sanhok every time and I'm not going to wait 5-30 mins to get into Erangel/Miramar games, the different experience in games are what drives me in this game and the crazy situations you find yourself in with circle adjustments. Miramar I think is bigger issue as navigating the map is just horrendous, I think if loot was increased maybe people would make more of an effort to leave early so the mid game would be a bit better. On that map especially most people dont' feel comfortable without some sort of an AR/DMR/SR combo with a 3x+, the combat is just way too long distance to fight otherwise. I think the bottom line is the players are leaving because they want to see changes and nothing has changed, nothing is even being addressed and if it wasn't for APEX they probably wouldn't have tried anything. Chocotaco said it best last night, the only way this game succeeds is if another developer takes over.
  10. Eggochiggo

    Season pass - so what DOES make a good one?

    The pass should be achievable for a casual gamer like in almost every other game, we are paying for it. The fact it wasn't achievable to reach max level and get the rewards for probably 99% of your players should tell you something. Don't listen to me though, I have almost 2,000 hours and haven't played in 2 weeks because Apex is just more fun and I'd rather play a game where the devs actually care about the players rather than just forcing people to buy stuff with zero fixes/development. We got zero communication during this pass as far as people that had a very rough time completing Miramar/Erangel missions because the maps just don't pop for them. God forbid you took a week or two vacation during this event and don't play 8+ hours a day, gluck. Anyway I'm done with this game until it shows some sort of development and fixes, it's just not fun anymore playing Sanhok 99% of the time.
  11. Eggochiggo

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    You guys create these threads non stop then rip the people against the pass. The pass was unfair and unplayable for a lot of people that play at specific times and in specific areas of the world. If BH won't fix the mission pass or offer some sort of incnentive for xp these people (myself) feel like we are being ripped off. This is like you paying $10 for netflix, but you can't watch 25% of the shows because it just doesn't load at specific times. Or you pick a show you want to watch and you are forced to watch something else with how dumb some of the missions are. If you are forcing people to play a way they don't like to play and don't have other ways of getting levels for the loot, would you expect anyone to want to buy that?
  12. You guys can argue back and forth all you want about what you want, but the fact of the matter is Miramar and Erangel are non existent at certain times of the day. Even the new map Vikendi on NA servers is a 5+ min que, the game is slowly dying and no changes are being made to fix it. They come out with a game pass where you need to play specific maps yet you can't actually que for them. They sure know how to alienate what's left of their player base.
  13. The problem with the daily missions if you are an NA player that works a normal job which is most people you lose 1 day a week because of the server maint. By the time you get home from work the server maint is starting and then when you get home the next night the dailies are switching. There has to be some sort of a catchup mechanic as it shouldn't require 6-8 hours of gameplay every day to reach 100 for something you paid for. Not to mention all the missions you can't even do because you can't play some maps during certain parts of the day or at all. Something has to be adjusted these last two weeks to be fair. If it ends the way it is right now I will never buy the pass again and I will also probably just switch to Apex until someone comes out with a better version of pubg as I'm tired of wasting my time on this crappy company who doesn't listen to the community.
  14. Eggochiggo

    D-sync is back?

    I think the point is whether it is actual D-sync or not, the feeling of it is back and was better for months. I have switched to Apex Legends last night because the last week ortwo has been so infuriating feeling like every fight I was getting shot behind cover or crushing a kid to only realize he only got hit by one bullet when 4-5 landed and blood was everywhere. Fix the issue or you will lose everyone.
  15. I went into the main middle building, opposite side of the volcano, and just vauled 10 times over the counter in the kitchen. Worked on my first try