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  1. Back when I only used to play pubg I used to think it was a skill based looting system, but honestly after playing a bunch of other games it just feels bad and I actually think it is a development issue why they can't fix it. They fixed parachuting because it was "too hard" for the majority of players so they should address the looting system too, it gives the game the feel of lag and I'm sure people have stopped playing because of it which is a ridiculous reason to lose players IMO.
  2. You are guys are crazy if you think twitch viewership doesn't correspond directly to players leaving, the below chart shows the same exact drop in twitch viewership as the game has had basically with the one quick blip for Vikendi release, but the sreamers quickly found out Vikendi was a horrible experience and called it from the first week of play. The players have taken months to figure it out as now there are multiple threads about people hating Vikendi on a regular basis. https://twitchtracker.com/games/493057 As you can see from Fortnites chart and even league of legends below that, twitch viewership has maintained at a much higher rate the games playerbase has been much stronger. Numbers don't lie as these two games are the most successful twitch streaming games over the past couple years and the games are still thriving with players. League has been around for almost 10 years now and the viewership/player base continues to climb. https://twitchtracker.com/games/33214 - Fortnite https://twitchtracker.com/games/21779 - League
  3. The problem he has with the game is that there are so few players now that his lobbies are probably 30-40 stream snipers out of a 100 player lobby and that doesn't even count the players that were trying to stream snipe him and died. It changes the way the entire game is played and can ruin a game experience. Honestly it's easy to say, just delay your stream or turn it off, but the fact of the matter is that is his profession and how he makes his money. I'm sure most games are fun with some of the stream snipers he gets, but every now and again you run into some guys that are cheating and sniping, making it almost impossible to play. Other games have a much bigger player base so stream sniping isn't as prolific or they have another way of limiting it that I'm not aware of. Everyone can say he can just stop playing, but someone with his reputation is good for the game and can get more people playing again. I think it is a big deal as a lot of games popularity these days are hand in hand with their twitch viewership.
  4. This has happened forever, happens with windows/doors all the time and I don't believe is related to Peekers Advantage. Peekers Advantage is when you get shot because the peeker saw you first due to latency, but this scenario when you take a fight you are getting shot from the guys head, if a person can shoot you around an object you should be able to see most of their head, their arm, and part of their upper body. I believe some parts of the maps are causing this issue where people can shoot barely peaking, where if you do the same you are shooting the window or the door frame. It's just another glitch the game has yet to or will never fix. I also agree it is very tough to fix as replays aren't accurate depictions and there isn't enough people that are able to actually record their gameplay with their systems.
  5. If the game was purely FPP it would have a bigger following, the most successful shooter ever was CS and was/is FPP. TPP is a joke to play, not going to name him, but a top pubg streamer tried TPP out because he thought the quality of TPP players was worse than FPP. He ended up winning his first game with almost 20 kills, not even getting shot once, in the final 2-3 circles it was just 10-15 dudes proning around. Oh the kicker here, he was playing in FPP mode while they were in TPP proning the entire time. They should have been able to see him first in every scenario and kill him, have fun playing your games of proning and hiding behind trees and somehow looking behind them. Oh but keep complaining about cheats when TPP is basically a wall-hack as it is.
  6. If you could read you would see that all my friends have quit and are only playing apex now, solos and pugs in this game are just boring and toxic for me and most others. When you alienate people from your game not only do they stop playing, but even people they are friends with that may still actually like the game. I can guarantee you I am not the only one who has had this issue, i don't love Apex but all of my friends are playing it so I'm going to go where they go. PUBG was and is still great, but if people aren't playing it then it doesn't matter how good myself and others think it is.
  7. Honestly, I have been playing Apex for over a month now and won't go back to pubg until the battle pass is over. The problem is the reason I switched is because my friends were tired of the same old issues and stuff not being addressed. Had they addressed the bigger issues sooner with map selection and loot, we may have never left in the first place. Bad management and development drove my friends and thus myself away at least for a few months.
  8. I think the real question is, was anyone actually for the AWM change? I haven't heard anyone say they liked it even before it was put on the test server. Just another example of the devs running this game into the ground over time when they should spend their time fixing cheating/desync/map selection issues.
  9. I think you are underestimating how fast they are actually doing it. Most really good players know where the scope is going to land so they legit lean/scope/shoot. You are probably waiting to see where your scope cross hairs are going to be while they just start shooting as they already know their aim is on target and just need the scoped accuracy.
  10. This is a typical case of a guy callling out someone for cheating, no video evidence, prob was 75m away and got full sprayed which is easy enough. I play with a guy that every time someone kills him he reports the person for cheating, I tell him he is just bad and he rage quits. Pretty sure this is 50% of the people who complain about cheaters in this game.
  11. Can't you also change the hardware ID in your registry quite easily as well so hardware ban is really just a bump in the road for these cheaters?
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