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  1. IsmaelZ

    Changes in the network communication

    The UI is a webpage AFAIK, the game tries to load https://prod-live-front.playbattlegrounds.com/index.html for live version or test-live-front.pubgbluehole.com/index.html for the test server. Check if anything is preventing you from opening these URLs (chrome will complain of a mismatched game version, that's normal). You should also get in touch with your ISP because this sounds like an extremely terrible way of going about things, from an ISP perspective.
  2. IsmaelZ

    MTU Size

    Who suggested changing MTU to you? RESET YOUR MTU TO WHATEVER IS DEFAULT for your connection, whether it is PPPOE or Cable or ADSL (you should probably let the Netgear itself decide) Something at the network transport level such as MTU probably has no bearing whatsoever on textures in your game loading.
  3. IsmaelZ

    FPS drop after the update ?

    Yes my FPS absolutely tanked after the last update
  4. Why is the filesize so damn big for such little changes?
  5. Please don't say the D word. God forbid
  6. Would be nice to know if we're getting any updates this week, for anything