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  1. Where tf is war mode ? I just update my pubg and this happened...
  2. Please fix this f*cking cars. Its nonsense. I leave vehicles and my character touch the car and suddenly I die. Btw I know this car didnt stop but i think its not really normal. video:
  3. Please fix this weird looking shadow in first person. In third person it looks normal but in first person it looking weird https://imgur.com/a/m9kYl
  4. i played 6 match in row and i still got miramar. I want play erangel , but its imposible.
  5. Is this Death Camera bug or hack? He killed me very strange , He shoot me 2 times when i was behind tree.
  6. I hit this guy 3 time in row and he doesnt heal yourself . But he still alive ? On 3th hit he was so low and he die by zone. He has 3lvl vest. But i didnt know you must hit with kar98 4 times to someone who have lvl3 vest... Video :
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