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  1. The_Ancient_One

    I loved this game at launch, now it sucks.

    Unplayable = 1 million concurrent players? 🤔
  2. The_Ancient_One

    Grenade spamming is a big unaddressed problem

    I am seeing more Moly's than before, and would not object to weight increases for all nades. But Pls continue to allow the Player the choice of how many and what; no set slots. If one takes numerous nades, that space is lost to something else, and this is the way it should be, imo. And pls do not mess with the spawn rates, if possible; am already saddened that some items are not appearing much any more.
  3. The_Ancient_One

    Can't Play Erangel Anymore!

    Our squads go there often; not having troubles getting any of the maps. Might be the time, zone, etc, but I am Techless.
  4. The_Ancient_One


    Guess I do not see a problem, as whether Duo's or Squads, we appear to see all the maps.
  5. The_Ancient_One

    Cheating Discussion

    Tis my choice not to use Tech that is not secure. But that said, also not purchasing additional Tech to play a game I already own. Thanks for playing 😘
  6. The_Ancient_One

    Cheating Discussion

    I for one do not use a Mobile phone, as they are too vulnerable to problems of their own security. Perhaps something else might be recommended
  7. The_Ancient_One

    Cheating Discussion

    My assailant was reported, and received a perm ban. Thanks to the PUBG team
  8. The_Ancient_One

    Cheating Discussion

    Was shot at a distance thru a wall by someone on Vikendi. Am wondering what kind of a loser needs to hack to beat a 60+ yr old player w/ dishabilles. Team mate is attempting to find the data needed now.
  9. The_Ancient_One

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    While I wish it could happen at another time, am all for weekly maintenance. Small burden for much improved stability and an overall game
  10. The_Ancient_One

    Couple of Clothing Ideas

    I am Techless, but are these ideas possible/ viable?
  11. The_Ancient_One

    Couple of Clothing Ideas

    Get all dressed up in my white gear for Snow camo; end up on a beach on Sanhok! Maybe I can hide amongst all those mannequins!
  12. The_Ancient_One

    Do we like the new Parachuting system?

    How can it be dumbed down if it has more options than before, plus the remaining choices to open early, rocking, etc and becomes more dangerous? nevermind; rhetorical...
  13. The_Ancient_One

    Do we like the new Parachuting system?

    I like it, though like most mechanics, it does take some practice.
  14. The_Ancient_One

    Couple of Clothing Ideas

    Nothing vital, or a priority, but it might be nice to have these notions examined: * Way for Players to be clothed in attire appropriately for the map they enter. Perhaps a way to lock costumes for each map, or a way to customize after the map is selected? * Skins for the Wookie Suits: It could be helpful for the player to be able to choose the proper color when they are able to obtain a Gilly (sp?) suit. So if the first color is undesirable for the player, a skin selected like chutes and weapons could be used to alter it? Thanks for the forums, and for the new Snow map; tis a Winter Wonderland!
  15. The_Ancient_One

    Vikendi Bug entering walls

    Honestly don't know. I am rather Techless, and do not use the replay and vid options of the game. I understand this is not as helpful as it should have been, but hope it keeps the QA folks on alert at least. Thanks for the kind reply