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  1. 🙄 May depend on the players, as I am getting a large amt of my wishes met (eg; M16 burst is being fixed). I still do not have breathing mechanics that fits a soldier, but still have my Red Zone, so it ain't all bad.
  2. Then count yourself as lucky, as I have been killed more often than this, and I also am aware of the precautions. But I do challenge these stats; seem fabricated more than factual.
  3. As with RL artillery, use hearing protection; in game, try reducing the volume. And artillery is designed to take out armor, personnel, etc. I was once killed in an attic on Erengel (guess I was too close to a window), and I was upset for a moment until I recalled this is what artillery is designed to do. Now as far as instant death, I might agree that placing a large amt of damage that could be reduced via armor might be an alternative, but I am still for the Red Zone being implemented.
  4. The Redzone is also one of the PvE elements of the game, so not everything has to be PvP. Almost everyone knows the dangers of the artillery, so it can be avoided, or the choice can be made to challenge it. Player choice; that is a key factor for me.
  5. The_Ancient_One

    Are there any bad players left in PUBG?

    I am a bad player that loves PUBG mainly because I play on teams that are willing to have me along for the ride.
  6. Artillery has been a factor in combat for quite a while now. May I recommend reducing the sound levels on indv systems if it is creating a problem.
  7. The_Ancient_One

    Who actually likes flare guns?

    Don't mind it, but have not used them either. As long as only a couple or few actually work per match, am good with them. However, perhaps the number of planes called should be reduced, as there is not an active Air Force supporting a bunch of survivalists; an idea to help with noise and confusion.
  8. The_Ancient_One

    too many flares

    While flares may be firing, it is my understanding only a few actually get drops, and these are after the 1st Blue Circle has finished. If there are more than a few, then this could be problematic, but will have to see it myself first.
  9. The_Ancient_One

    Prone Nerf; What Is the Reason?

    "Modified conditions to prone, to prevent going prone on very rugged terrain. While prone and moving into a position where the character shouldn’t be able to prone, the character will automatically change to crouched position." - Patch Notes
  10. I do not use prone as often as when I started, but it is the mechanic that drew my interest to play PUBG in the first place. May I ask why it is going to get nerfed? As far as RL, I can say from training in Basic that one may prone (and possibly sleep) on/ in almost any terrain. And this would seem to give another advantage to those already having one with Run & Gun skills. Thanks for the possible answers! P.S. Same kinda goes for the Swimming/ breathing nerfs. It was done because some were exploiting it in Tourneys. But rather than make the changes to custom settings, all players had to become asthmatics swimming in toxic waste. At least the snow map explains the higher damage and lesser breaths by possible hypothermia, but I miss being able to actually swim in the game.
  11. The_Ancient_One

    I loved this game at launch, now it sucks.

    Unplayable = 1 million concurrent players? 🤔
  12. The_Ancient_One

    Grenade spamming is a big unaddressed problem

    I am seeing more Moly's than before, and would not object to weight increases for all nades. But Pls continue to allow the Player the choice of how many and what; no set slots. If one takes numerous nades, that space is lost to something else, and this is the way it should be, imo. And pls do not mess with the spawn rates, if possible; am already saddened that some items are not appearing much any more.
  13. The_Ancient_One

    Can't Play Erangel Anymore!

    Our squads go there often; not having troubles getting any of the maps. Might be the time, zone, etc, but I am Techless.
  14. The_Ancient_One


    Guess I do not see a problem, as whether Duo's or Squads, we appear to see all the maps.
  15. The_Ancient_One

    Cheating Discussion

    Tis my choice not to use Tech that is not secure. But that said, also not purchasing additional Tech to play a game I already own. Thanks for playing 😘