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  1. While I do not believe it should be re-set all the way, I do believe Players should get another 10-15 seconds of added time. Currently, I believe it may be 12 sec before damage occurs, and this is far too short a time for the same toons that can run across a map. And I agree that stealth is a viable tactic to cross rivers, and more time could be useful in avoiding Bridge and Beach campers.
  2. Personally, my dream is that on Sanhok, on Halloween, when the fog sets in, all the mannequins start to move, but ONLY when out of LOS
  3. Personally, I prefer the loot to be theoretically balanced (as there is truly no real balance) for all maps, and let RNG deal the cards. The new buff to this map seems to help towards that goal rather than RNG playing a heavier, less desirable role with fewer, lesser cards dealt.
  4. If one requires the other player to be at a distinct disadvantage to score a win, this may not the real problem. Loot for everyone seems to be better, so expect and prepare for such finales to be fewer. Use tactics, strategy, and practice; not ask for a nerf to cool the sandbox.
  5. Seems the opportunity to explain how wrong cheating really is passed, and the more experienced gamer QQ without helping the new, younger one. Hope this is incorrect, but doubt it is. Instead, the experienced gamer comes into the forums, tells the sad tale, and waves farewell. Have fun playing the next MP game without such problems.... Oh! wait....
  6. There will always be cheaters, but one does not have to invite them. Winning a match is enough; do not require any special incentive for myself, and certainly do not wish to give cheaters more of a reason to be here.
  7. Quick question: Do cheaters that are banned lose the skins they purchased? Thx
  8. I like the greater loot, though at times I wish others did not have the same access to it as moi. Sorry; being selfish....
  9. The Red Zone does serve a purpose; adds another PvE element besides swimming, vehicles, etc. And artillery is loud; lower the sound, esp the players playing Daredevil.
  10. Hard to reward winners with an incentive when it also benefits cheaters at the same time. Simply take a screen shot, post it for your team, and move to the next.
  11. Thing is, with every new 'lock', new 'keys' will appear. That is the way things have been in MP games for some time. But PUBG has indeed made strides in catching cheaters, esp those that are reported.
  12. I am a bad player; have been, and expect will always be. But with time, practice, and experience, I have improved. And I also do not play the game their way; the same way as most skilled players. I cannot jump around, Loot Dance, make amazing reflex based shots; thus I use stealth, hide, use a nest, and maybe even camp a little if the situation appears. PUBG allows for this, which makes it one of two games I have found in this genre. I also found patient friends with which to play in duos and squads. Have a blast most of the time, and is more fun than the increased drama of solo play. I am not any better, but my style can come in handy occasionally, and is good for laughs on occasion. And we take much glee in catching cheaters; those that have to use hacks or means to defeat a disabled older Tater for a win. 😏
  13. Beryl is not my fave, but I still prefer it over the Mutant, some SMG's, and a few other weapons. I shall save my Survivor Vote for something else.
  14. Recommend to build a gaming rig around the GPU and CPU you wish to use. Tom's Hardware and CPU Benchmark are a couple of sites with useful info, imo.
  15. This was changed in the last patch; #27, I believe
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