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  1. Vladplaya

    Winchester with Sights

    You are just very salty that you can't use that weapon. Its okay, just pick up an AR and keep playing.
  2. Vladplaya

    Adding extra features

    No, it wouldn't be awesome.
  3. Vladplaya

    Winchester with Sights

    But that's actually how the rifle is though? If they wanted a better weapon, they would have added different rifle that would have be better. They added this, specifically underpowered, lever action rifle, so people who like the challenge of using it, can do so. Like, the developers are perfectly aware that that weapon is shit, and that's okay because that was the intent. If you want a better rifle that is similar to the Winchester, just make a new topic with suggestion to add that specific rifle.
  4. Vladplaya

    Winchester with Sights

    People been asking for sights on all weapons that don't support sights, forever. Not going to happen, there is reason why those weapons are the way they are, not everything needs to be totally useful or awesome. Some weapons are just unique, fun or challenging for the sake of diversity. You are free to use them or not.
  5. A lot of insightful comments here, but it seems to me there are two main issues that cause the problem I mentioned in the OP. 1) I was under impression that the game will keep looking for people further and further away from the optimal region, just so it can put you in a game eventually, even if you will have terrible ping. Maybe it does work like that, but it just can't find enough people (95 people), in the whole world on Saturday night to make even a single Miramar game? That's pretty hard to believe imo. Or it doesn't work like that, and when there is not enough people in your region, you are just SOL, which seem to be the case, at least for me. 2) The second problem is that Quick Join function simply puts you in games that were created from people queuing for a specific map. So if nobody queues for certain map, it will never come up in the rotation. I realize that the intend of the Quick Join is to find you ANY game quickly, but why not make it even better? So what Quick Join should do, is to create it's own games and pick any map at random. In fact they should go one step further and monitor map rotation by % live, so no single map should dominate the quick join option. That way quick join is not only about joining the most played map quickly, but also about having a healthy variation in map diversity, AND it will also help single map queue in the long run, as the chance of Quick Join creating queue with the map you want should come up eventually, instead of never.
  6. Vladplaya

    idk where else to share this

  7. @sgt_gh0st Central US. Restarting lobby hasn't really worked for me in the past, so I kinda stopped doing it. But thanks for the suggestion, I will start restarting once in a while again, see if I can get lucky.
  8. Vladplaya

    5.56 and 7.62 subsonic ammo?

    While I won't have problem with adding subsonic rounds, I think in the long run this game is just not trying to be type where you have to worry about what type of rounds you are loading in your weapon. Its much easier and straight forward to have one type of ammo for each caliber, and just have players rely on suppressor and VSS if they really want to make less noise when shooting.
  9. That whole feature looks like it was done by an intern in 20 minutes on his lunch break, just to for the "check mark" on the feature list.
  10. Vladplaya

    Is ESP players back in play

    They never left. Some cheats eventually get added to the anti-cheat database so the cheaters do get caught and have to buy new copy and find undetected brand new undetected cheats, but I am pretty sure there are cheats out there that are been updated weekly just to stay ahead of the anti-cheat. That's why sometime people that I report get banned weeks later. Like its great they eventually get caught, but they do a lot of damage and frustration in the time they are able to play and cheat. Also there are plenty of cheaters who use nothing but ESP, the "good thing" about that type, is that even though they have huge upper hand on you, sometime you still can kill them if they suck at shooting. I think toggle aimbot is second most common cheat that I see once in while in final circles, used only for couple last kills, and its also annoying af because compared to obvious aimboters that you can track through the whole round via kill feed, toggle aimbot is pretty difficult to notice unless the situation is just right.
  11. What's wrong with 100 weapons per map? Its not like you gonna run in in a house and see 100 weapons laying around. Each map will still have its main weapons all over the place, but with proper spawn % balance, people will be able to find uncommon weapons here and there, which will only make the experience more enjoyable.
  12. Vladplaya

    Patch 25 building rendering

    Yeah, I could see buildings before this patch too. Are you implying just because you don't a problem nobody else can have a problem?
  13. Vladplaya

    Patch 25 building rendering

    @Rev0verDrive We didn't have that issue before patch, so it's not really how things work, it's what was changed to make them not work right.
  14. Vladplaya

    Patch 25 building rendering

    Noticed that problem also last night. I was so confused for a bit, kept thinking I was missing my marked landing spots because buildings weren't loading till you get really close. My view distance is set on Ultra.