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  1. So you just missed everything.... Of course I know it counts damage, read again. And fail again to understand that it is about swapping those. Move kills count to death statics, move damage to live statics. Your argument failed. Again your logic fails, as does your ad hominem. LOL You have no honor, no logic. So many false logic in that argument... So it looks like YOU are the salty one who is frustrated as you admit it. Don't accuse others what you feel in game. Oh boy how your accusations are just wrong....
  2. Check your S-radar operation, it is clearly malfunctioning....
  3. I would like to see the crouching animation extended, delayed far further the capability to respond or even turn. The roll animation should be there to speed up the dropping from altitude, as that is the point of it in parkour and why you can do those high droppings because you do not try to stop your mass energy on your feets, but you will roll and change the mass velocity direction that you use for fast movement to forward. Dropping from a second floor is not so easy task, especially with a 4kg weighting weapon in your hands and then be able to return fire. Even less that it takes less than a second to drop, where you really wouldn't be ready to fire at anyone as you are balancing for the landing. So what they really should do is to disable your capability fire when you are dropping short times (like sub 3-4 seconds, so really being able fire only when you drop from the bridge in Miramar to water) and when you land, it would be far harder to respond to controls and get back up. If you would initiate a roll animation, you would be again unable fire weapon, but you don't stop on landing spot but you will roll to direction you started the jump (so if you jump heading 150, you will roll to heading 150) and you can't turn in the air. Humans are not like cats that can rotate their body around in the air at so short distances as second or third floor, you need to have the control of the fall from the moment you jump. So if someone would drop from the second floor, smash on the ground and be there for couple seconds and then be able get up or turn their camera, that would be okay. Not able to shoot while dropping or jumping on the window etc. Then if they would time the roll, they would land on the ground, roll forward a couple meters and then run forward couple steps until they can stop and turn. Why in reality the military dive works and allows soldier to fire couple aimed snapshots toward enemy is because the soldier literally dives on the ground, throws the weapon forward toward the enemy and fires couple shots. With training you can do that in accuracy hitting a 100 cm target at 30 meter distance, land and perform quick side movement (you can't roll with a bag). That technique works because the mass is controlled and put toward something, It is not dropping out, falling suddenly or anything like that. And it wouldn't be a OP in the game as you would need to be sprinting toward the enemy for a few steps (vulnerable to fire), perform the leap and take the couple throw shots while in the air and then you are on the ground (vulnerable to fire again). You wouldn't do anything like the games allowed in the Battlefield 2! FOR THIS WARNING ABOUT LOUD MUSIC!
  4. Oh how I would like to see people to see a big flashing red grenade symbol on the screen to position where the grenade is, and even pointing direction where it is on the edge of screen etc.... It would be so much fun.... NOT.
  5. Yes you can. It was done decades ago, with far larger maps than PUBG has, with a far more players on the server, with far more complex physics calculations etc. The problem is that too many things are done on server instead client, and that doesn't work even if you have < 30ms ping to server with the target. What has really changed is the level of graphics and effects. About 20 years ago 128 players open world (infinite world with 3 km distance of visibility) server-client architecture instead P2P four levels in network packages: Non-guaranteed data guaranteed data "most recent" data guaranteed quickest data And the networking was implemented in different layers: Ghost manager | Move manager | Event Manager | Rest .... Stream manager Connection manager Pacet module This was utilized via unreliable protocol that required to control of latency, jitter, desync, reliability. And such design allowed players with various connectivity to play game without difference, did they have 28.8 Kbps modem that utilized then minimal 10 packets per second of 200 bytes per packet, so 2KB per second, or if you were behind T3 connection (50Mbits) you scaled up to 120 packets per second, or 24KB per second, that was typically limited by the stream manager to screen refresh rate, so common 75 Hz and so on 75 packets per second. The different managers handled the information that each client receives and sends, if the player was not visible (in scope) to the other player, all the animations etc were dropped and only essential position (velocity, trajectory, mass,) was delivered. If there became a special event like trajectory exploding near the enemy (firing a projectile over a hill and exploding near the enemy that was unseen) then data of the projectile type, velocity, trajectory and mass were included and calculated the effect on the player, that now responded with information about equipment (weapons, inventory, items etc) carried that gets effected as well as the enemy own model (velocity, trajectory, mass, health, armor, energy etc) that can be effected by even boosting them. A server could handle 128 players with each having a projectile weapons fired simultaneously, capable to fire 20 rounds per second with spread, each trajectory calculated correctly with their own physics values (velocity, trajectory, mass, energy, drag etc) but that really put a that time 3D cards under heavy load, as we are talking about 16MB (yeah, that is 16 Megabytes) VRAM available to run everything at 1280x1024 resolution. From hitscan to projectiles weapons in actual server-client architecture with desync corrections (no desync problems), lag compensation (very much playable up to 150-200 ms pings without any "behind the corner" problems as clients calculated hits and server confirmed the parity) and perfectly smooth animations (limited by only the framerate of the 3D card capable to draw effects and textures). Some games allowed client to adjust their lag compensation percentage to avoid "shooting around the corner" or "bullets flying through target" problems, but the result is that your input is lagged and your movement can feel like skating on ice or moving a delayed mouse cursor, but your visual output from objects in the world gets more accurate higher compensation you apply. And this can be extremely critical in the large open world map games where your projectile flight time can be 5-7 seconds on the target you are seeing at 700-1000 meter distance and traveling at high speed of ie. 250 kph in a curved route and you need to estimate the range, the impact time and the position and launch projectile so it intercepts the target with 2-3 meter precision in that 5-7 seconds delay or even longer. And the hitboxes were perfect, not problem at any distance because the correct method to calculate damages and impacts. What PUBG has, or UE4 has, is just joke compared what well polished and designed network games could do long long time ago and with far less resources.
  6. Like two full mags and it is down.... Or DP plate and one 5.56 mag and it is down. But key is you will hit every single bullet to it, very easy with DP-28 as you can just lay down and put extremey accurate firing at it from long distance, reload and then destroy the thing at close range.
  7. The game was in far better state in 2017 than it is today. You just needed a highend PC that time, that is today average to run it well. Back then it was possible to even do over 2km sniping kills as you could see all the way to 4km ranges.
  8. All updates can break the replay, do not rely to them at all anyways in any situation than observe where players were positioned in map.
  9. Addition: Want more intense firefights and combat, movement etc? Bring back the hit punch effect. Drop players from ADS when getting hit, throw their aim off by tens of degrees at larger damage instead just from few to ten degrees with minor hits. Getting hit to legs while sprinting make players to fall crawling, requiring to get up. The intense needs to be built up by taking risks, by taking decisions that can make your plan go totally wrong. To build intense situation, you need longer firefights, where each hit counts, where each bullet has change to make you easier target. Currently there is no fear, there is no risks, there is nothing that doesn't allow you really to just stand in the wide open area and shoot everything that moves around you, because no one is even looking at your direction because you are not behind a tree or rock, not in a building or some other obvious location. Just pop couple smokes now and then if someone would start to shoot at you and kill them to their cover. You can dominate the battlefield as you have no fear, no penalties to get hit, nothing that is requiring you to be careful. Your weapon is the best cover.
  10. The game has changed, but not so much that it is very different from the start. What now some new weapons has been added, some crate loot changes and some small differences to things like frag grenade damage radius etc. But what has really changed a lot, is the playerbase. There is far more players who knows all the small details in the common buildings, like the tiniest cracks from where to peak or the angles they get from to. And all that removes all the intense etc. When there is very subtle difference what attachments you use, what armors you use and even what weapons you use, all the intense disappears. There should be far greater difference between different attachments so you need to make hard choices what you take. Not just 5% difference but more like a 30% difference. The buildings should be made random. In every map, the most building locations should be set by the map designer by 2-3 different buildings, each building is customly positioned in a two directions and adjusted so it doesn't clip wrong way. And then have a random selector for each location that what building gets spawn there, and possibility if any at all! Now you have a map with random loot, random buildings, random locations and far greater difference with the weapons with unbalance for fitness for current situation.
  11. Lets just it make so that every player is visible on the maps, regardless are they in your team or not. But lets it keep little interesting to guess who is in what team by not having colors or numbers, just points showing that where everyone are.
  12. The game is broken as all the differences are very small ones really. Like difference between quick draw magazine and no magazine when reloading weapon. Or using any scope with fastest possible attachment for quick ADS vs no attachment. Creating larger difference between all things (attachments, scopes, bags, sound volumes etc) would help to make game more difficult to master and play by adding more variation. Now the games are like you jump out, focus to be first on the landing, grab a gun and kill two squads without armors and any attachments and then keep going with some armors and win the game without helmet or vests etc. The attachments etc are way overrated features in the game and even difference between armors is closer to one bullet than nothing.
  13. Crouch and then lean or walk and you are very silent until just few meters from your position (few meters behind the wall when other is inside the building can hear you). That removes lots of campers advantages, as you hear that other just went down on the floor above/below you or next door. That is huge problem as you are in the grass, someone sneaks just around you, and you can't raise up as they hear you and kill you. Well, there should be more of the sounds from weapons and other things, but not such stomping to raise up. You can't really silently switch weapons in the configuration you have, and aiming now is just stupidly loud. Like the hollywood sound effect that just before firing you would cock the weapon or every time you swing pistol around it is like some metal parts are loose inside the weapon... Well, you are eventually placing them to your backpack or to your pouch in the vest (with velcro etc). So you are suppose to make some sound. They just boosted those boost item sounds, idea is that in gameplay you will hear when other is vulnerable while healing and you can use the few seconds as element of surprise. Would help a lot if lots of sounds would be limited to the floors of the building, like opening a door, picking up something etc. It is possible, you can sneak around people, but you don't have any advantage to do so as they can just as quickly swing weapon around to you even when you open fire first and get 2 AR shots in in auto and they just get 4 SMG bullets you before your AR gets the third bullet out.... The game doesn't really support sneak gameplay where you have advantage when you surprise other player, where you open fire to them first, you hit them first and hit pinch is non-existing, no penalty from getting hit first etc.
  14. It should be very slow to open, so it is not quickly open and close silently. But it takes like 2 seconds to open/close silently. That way if you sneak, you do not have advantage to just surprise someone once they run past the door you just camp. And then you don't create huge visual signal to someone in room to see in corner of eye when door just slams open, but being slow it is far more difficult to spot.
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