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  1. I honestly had no clue where to post this but it has been the most infuriating thing that has ever come to this earth. my pc should be more than capable of running this game I can run damn near any other game no problem amd fx 8320 nvidia gtx 1060 6gb vram 16 gb ram. when ever I launch the game it seems like no problem I can navigate menus without a single bit of anything I mean that's not very impressive but at this point I'm surprised this horridly optimised game can even do that. when I get into game all the buildings look like play dough which that's fine I've been playing with it like that no issue for a while it only lasts like 30 seconds after I've landed but about a week or 2 after me having it it got to the point where the game lagged it completely stopped my pc from working like my cursor moves but with like a 3 minute delay it takes 30 mins for me to even be able to turn off the game another 30 mins to even open the task manager so please explain to me how to fix this or whats wrong cause I've seen people with 10x worse computers than me play it with no issue. if this is how the game is optimized I could make a better-optimized game by slapping my dick across the popes head than they could with a team of 100000 people. and dont say get a new harddrive cause i know i need a new one but a bad harddrive should only cause the playdough thing not this
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