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  1. Just because people bought the game doesn‘t mean they‘re playing. Assuming these stats are right, there‘s only 2 million players world wide. That‘s not a lot. Especially if you keep in mind that the playerbase is split in 3 Regions (EU, Asia, NA), split into 4 maps and split between 3 gamemodes (Solo, Duo, Squads).
  2. yeah thanks. I just found a thread regarding the skins. They said they won't be available because of contracts they have but it might change this year. So let's hope they get it done 😊
  3. Thanks just found the thread. It‘s due to contracts. So that might change. At least there‘s hope we get sth special once the game is fixed 🥳
  4. Legal reasons? I mean it‘s on PC too? Why would there be any issues with having them on consoles? Or are there exclusive contracts regarding streamer skins?
  5. Just a quick question. I‘d like to have some of the limited time skins which were available on PC. Really love the Choco Taco parachute for example. I know you‘ve got more important stuff to do right now, but is there a chance the Ps4 gets these skins in the future?
  6. I'm being honest. I don't think they would have made more money. Fortnite and others have a huge advantage over PUBG when it comes to performance and content. There's so much stuff to do it just never gets boring. All those games (H1Z1, Fortnite, Apex) run quite well while looking good. PUBG doesn't. At least on a standard PS4 it doesn't. I can't speak for the pro since i don't own it. If it was free a lot of the players would have quit already because of the lack of content and poor performance without spending any money on season passes or currency. By charging 30 bucks for the game they have a good amount of money and time to work on the game until it'll be playable in maybe one or two years. If PUBG PS4 is still a thing until then. Once they are comfortable with their game and think it's a finished product i assume they will put it on PS Plus monthly free games to boost the playerbase.
  7. it used to be online but it shut down shortly after it launched. There's just not enough people playing fpp... Sadly...
  8. Yes of course there's a lot to add to that list. But i think we should start with the important stuff that really breaks the game. At least it seems most important to me. The m&k users on Ps4 you mentioned are a real issue as well. You're right with that. But wasn't that sony's decision? I didn't get too much into the topic as there's no way i'll be playing with m&k on my PS4. And yes the cheaters on PC is still a thing. Luckily i don't come across too many of them. At least i think so maybe there are just a lot out there who are good in hiding their cheats. But there are a lot who seem fishy. I'm just wondering whether it's really that hard to change the game to a better. I really have no idea of developing a game and i really don't want to demand sth that's just impossible to achieve in a short amount of time. I mean Epic is doing great with delivering updates and new content but are now faced with criticism regarding their work conditions. I don't want anyone to be a slave just so i can play a good game. However nobody can tell me it's too much work to tell your players when new content will approximately be available. But since the developers will never read this let alone answer we will never find out....
  9. I've been playing PUBG since May 2017. I primarily play on PC but since some friends of mine do not own a PC i sometimes play PUBG on PS4. The first thing i realized there's no FPP in EU and it sometimes takes a hell lot of time to join a lobby compared to PC. My friends told me it's probably because of the low player count and a lot of people quitting the game. The more i played on PS4 the more i realized why people quit. The first mistake in my eyes was to charge ~30$ for the game while your competition (e.g. Fortnite, Apex) offers their game for free. I think you would've made more money (via survivor pass and cosmetics) and had way more players if it was free. At least i would've been willing to buy a season pass if i hadn't spent 30$ for the game itself already. But in the end it's pure speculation and i can see why you decided to charge 30 bucks. The second thing i'd like to adress is the way updates/content/survivor passes are handled. I understand your primary focus lies on PC players. I get that. But what makes me sick is the unclarity. When will new content come to consoles? When will there be a new update? When will the new survivor pass start? As i said. I understand consoles get the updates later than PC players. But hey, the vikendi pass ended almost one month ago and we still don't know when the wild card pass will launch on consoles? For almost one month there's nothing to do in the game besides jumping out the plane and either win or die. No ways of increasing in level, no achievements and most importantly no rewards besides a few BP. And if you do not want to/are not able to launch the next survivor pass a week after the last one ended why are there no achievements? Is it really that hard to implement an achievement system that's available at any given time (it's a serious question, i have no idea of programming)? That way players have something to do until the next survivor pass starts. E.g.: Kill 100 Players with the AK --> rewards you with an AK Skin Collect a lvl 2 Backpack in 50 matches --> rewards you with a lvl. 2 Backpack skin I guess you get what i mean Playing the game on PS4 right now feels unrewarding and like a waste of time to me. After just one month of playing maybe 3-4 hours a week i grew tired of PUBG. I want the console players to have the same experience that PC players have. At least when it comes to having fun while playing the game (ofc consoles can't keep up with the PC performance). Most of my PSN friends quit the game and so did i. I will no longer play on PS4 until the game is actually fun. If you have anything to add to the list leave a comment below and i will add it to the list.
  10. Date Seen:09/16/2017 Server: EU-Server (Live) Error Message: - Other Information: It appears with and without clothing. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 TI CPU: i5-4690K Ram: 16GB As you can see in the picture my own sholder appears on the screen when aiming down sights with the Tommy Gun. Doesn't matter whether i wear clothes or not.
  11. Date Seen:09/14/2017 Server: EU-Server Error Message: - Other Information: - Troubleshooting Attempted: - Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 CPU: i5-4490K Ram: 16GB As you can see the magazine doesn't really fit to the gun and sticks out of the barrel.
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