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  1. Agreed. Nothing like jumping out of a truck and shooting a single M24 round. Or trying to zoom in on a target at 10m with an 8x scope. Thank goodness the 15x scope seems to have gone missing. XD
  2. been doing it a lot since the big patch, not that weird little one.
  3. They do.....with their mouse and keyboard…..that's the problem.
  4. No one starts with anything in their hand, and that's what Im talking about. Hit the ground to pick something, anything! up and start fighting with it....but instead of equipping to your hands, it goes straight to the reserve slot. aka, you back for main weapons, sides for side weapons, and backside for melee.....here, you can see I instantly land, pick up, and then am forced to equip a pan....It does not insta equip even though I do not have anything else. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76016262 Same goes for guns, but don't have a vid right off hand.
  5. Well, with the 45, that was a heck of a lucky headshot on the first dude, and same with the nade for the third, but as for that second guy, fair enough, but the guy never sunk a shot. As for the last guy, did he even shoot?
  6. I don't know of a craftier spy. XD
  7. I agree, not sure how shit worked out for that chicken, but yeah. Everything is crap again. You know its pretty bad when your fighting the game, more than the people.
  8. Not gonna lie, I kinda like this. It feels like a talent contest for the most crafty of spies.
  9. I honestly think it doesn't really matter, unless we start tugging down 60-120 frames per second. Then it might be worth while. And since project scarlet is due next year, well, it might be good to be ready for her. This way all you got to do is plug n play. But it might also be cheaper to wait......there is already a 65inch Samsung tv on the market now that's going to be capable of 120 FPS, at 4k. Or 8k at 30 FPS Which is pretty much what xbox said they are targeting as well.....maybe there was a bit of conversations between Samsung and Microsoft on what they need to make to compliment each other? 🤔
  10. Brendan Greene has left PUBG to Jang and crew, the reason is he wishes to pursue other games instead of tying himself down to just this one. Supposedly after a vacation, family time, and so forth, he is looking at creating new kinds of games with a different crew while leaveing PUBG to the Korean crew that has been in charge of the development for quite a bit longer than we may suspect. Hopefully Brendan cooks up something just as cool as pubg, but he has already announced that it will probably be nothing like PUBG.....maybe some sort of weird simulator, or perhaps another shooter type......either way, Im kinda excited to see some fresh blood in gaming development. I just hope we don't have to wait 8 years or something for something to come of it.
  11. Its happened to me so many times now, Im just half tempted to leave behind the snipers.....Jump out of car, and shoot the guy dead center of their chest with a sniper, then Im either stuck in the middle of a bolt action reload or weapon swap, when I get plastered. It especially happens whenever I switch from melee or pistol, back to main weapons. It goes straight to my slot 2 weapon. Not the slot 1 weapon.
  12. same here, I grab a gun off the ground. Welp I better get it off my back....pick up a pan, better get it off my butt.....oooh! a nade, welp I better equip it.... Insta fighting requires a loading screen now.
  13. I don't understand either, but I could tell he is bummed at something.....and yeah, Im a firm bealiver that all the SMG's got a ball busting nerf.....the UMP45 doesn't hit fast enough, and the vector is absolutely trash whenever against lvl 3 armor...the mp5 is more a VSS than anything, but its still kinda poopy against lvl 3 armor as well. Only weapons worth a pickup now shoots 5.56, 7.62, or .300 magnum. Period.
  14. Ok, got sometin good for you guys, but first things first... SERVER NEEDS RESET AGAIN! Its all back to blegh...First the hitching, then the rubber banding, the desync, the lag, game crashing......its all back to square one. And what the hell is with the red NA symbol next to the estimated time to load a lobby??? Clips to all above mentioned, and an extra special problem under those. This a recording of just before the game crashed, typical hitching. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76004697 And this just a bit before and kinda during the game crashing https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76004654 And of course, when I try to rejoin a match when fully loaded with lvl 3 gear, all I get is this error screen https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76004739 Next Im gonna jump outa the....wall? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76004607 And now for the piece de resistance.....me vs Harley Quinn...shes out of bullets, Im going for my backup, she.....still has the tommy gun in her hands? Why isn't she switching weapons? MAYBE SHE IS OUT OF ALL AMMO?!? EASY KIL...wait, her tommy gun just shot mutant bullets? and Im dead while suddenly she switches guns......in other words, the enemy animations and load out, even at point blank range, are a complete lie. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76004829 Also more of a whine than a problem, I thought nades pushed packages? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76004554 . Ok, with all the whining and bickering out of the way, I got me a chicky dinner with a laugh. Ill go ahead and post it at the funny part, but if you want to watch the whole run, Click this for the pop up https://www.twitch.tv/videos/438477765?t=00h36m06s But for the magic, enjoy!
  15. Comes with the territory. There will always be that one guy who gets hit in that one scenario and will bad mouth the crap outa grenades overall. But the majority of players may be more inclined to accept the new rule. Also I had mentioned maybe a new item or battle belt earlier on this post mentioning giving a player the ability to carry an extra 1 for each type of grenade. We got shell loops, why not nade loops. Might look bad ass as a clothing item.
  16. You pick up gun, then you pick up an attachment for said gun. It auto slaps onto said gun.
  17. I think your on track with them not agreeing. But I think its more of the usual BS....How can someone make the profit out of a cross play game, and if they can't. How can they hurt the other side. I think in the case of PUBG, sony is pissy cause xbox got the one year exclusivity deal and is now refusing cross play because of it.
  18. I agree. I don't want a stutter fest when I put on my summer jam jams.
  19. Oh hail no…..I don't think we should only be capped at one.....what happens if the game tweeks right when you get ready to throw!! Gotta have a do over...
  20. Ok, so the first thing I did before playing today is replace my old network cable from the xbox to the router....network speeds seem to be fair, but then I had to wait for the update. After it was all said and done, I decided to go for a run. So far, everything feels smooth enough. Not much desync {if any} was running twitch as well, and still no major hitching or freezeing up. If it wasn't for a guy with perfectly impossible recoil and dumb luck, I would have had me a chicky. But hey, thems the ropes. However a nice little hot drop at paradise resort and some guts, and I nabbed me a decent 4'th or 5'th finish with about 8 or 9 kills. 😼
  21. this.....this is my life......except for today....Replaced the cable from router to xbox as well as updated the whatever. Wasn't able to get to that update till today....seems stable... No opening a door, and a week later actually getting it to open. {or running in place for a month} XD
  22. I would say that after the 4'th blue circle, it gets "easier" But word to the wise. Never let the blue become your "safe" area from attacks. I have had countless amount of kills from the icy grips of the blue reaper.
  23. allways been random last of the last circles. Did the same as you for the win and just started slamming med kits to get my knock off din din once.
  24. Same here. I unno how or why, but without counting the slots, my brain picks up on how many times I got to push the up or down button to get to the things I want. Might be slower, but when you just want to slap on that comp, steal that nade, or possibly even take a gun, 6 down, 3 up, 4 down. Got em all, lets go
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